13 Best Jobs For Organizing Personalities, Just For You!

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If you spend your life craving order, and always trying to outdo yourself, you likely have a Type A personality. Structure is a necessary part of your life, work life included. Here are the 13 best jobs for organizers personalities, that are meant for people like you!Do you crave organization in each aspect of your life? Are you always trying to do your absolute best, in a competitive manner? Are you incredibly impatient, as you constantly watch the clock, while trying to get things done?

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If so, you are not alone. This is what is considered as having a Type A personality. It’s actually quite common.

People who have a Type A personality are much more successful with certain jobs over others. You know, the kinds of jobs that require things like organization, consistency, accuracy, and the ability to manage time wisely.

If you are already feeling like you can relate, and are wondering, “What jobs are good for me?” you are in luck. The following are the 13 best jobs for people who need to satisfy their Type A personalities.

Best Jobs for Organizing Personalities

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong desire for organization. In fact, there are plenty of jobs that are meant for people with an organizer’s personality.

The following are all jobs that can help you feed your need for organization, while getting paid, to do so!

#1. Professional Organizer

I bet you didn’t even know this is an actual job, did you?

Fortunately, for you, not everyone possesses the same skill of organization that you do.

For many, it is even a struggle. The thought of tidying up their home in an organized manner can be more than they want to have to deal with.

Some people truly have no idea how to organize, and this is where you come in!

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Becoming a professional organizer is a great job choice for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is freelance work. You can come up with your own schedule (with the help of your clients, of course), and work when it is convenient for you! You can take on as much, or as little work as you wish to do.

Second, it is incredibly satisfying. You may find yourself wondering what you have gotten yourself into, when you begin the job, however, once it is complete, you will find yourself overly satisfied.

If you think this may be something you want to look into, create an account with Profitable Organizer to get access to all sorts of tips.

#2. Library Clerk

Can you think of anywhere more organized than a library?

Libraries have a few different jobs, that are more than ideal for Type A-ers.

Simply head on out to your local library, and ask if they, or any of the other associated branches, are hiring.

Don’t feel like leaving the house? Check out library jobs posted on governmentjobs.com. Though not all jobs are listed, you may be able to find something local, every so often.

Most libraries even have their own websites where you can search their catalog, reserve materials, and even find job opportunities.

#3. Grocery Store Stocker

When you go shopping, do you find yourself pulling the boxes and cans forward, after grabbing an item off the shelf?

It’s a typical Type A habit.

Why not consider a job working at your local grocery store, as a stocker?

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You don’t even have to make a career out of it, if you don’t want to. It is something you can do, part-time.

Stocking the shelves, and making the aisles look nice and full can be quite relaxing. And as an added bonus, many stores give their employees discounts, whether it be a free membership, or simply 10% off of their purchases.

#4. Housekeeper

When you get out of bed in the morning do you immediately fix your sheets and blanket, and fluff your pillow?

Do you get stressed at the site of dishes in the sink, and animal hair on the carpet?

If so, you may want to consider a housekeeping job.

There are a variety of different ways to find housekeeping jobs.

Most people ask around at local hotels, to find out if they are hiring. Others use job search sites, like Monster and Indeed. You can even create an account on Care.com, which has job listings for the upkeep of personal homes.

If you want to add a little adventure to your life, while being a housekeeper, you can even search for jobs on cruise ships or exotic resorts.

Coolworks.com frequently has job listings for resorts, ranches, and parks in various, beautiful places across the US.

#5. Grocery Store Bagger

While you may think bagging groceries is a job for teenagers in high school or older folks who are retired and need a little something to keep them busy, it is also a great job choice for people with Type A personalities.

Bagging groceries is certainly not the best paying job there, but if you are in need of a job that relaxes your brain, you’ve now found it! Nearly anyone can get hired as a bagger, you just need to have a friendly personality.

If you think you may find a little enjoyment out of sorting grocery items into bags (you know, produce with produce, meat with meat, and chips on top), stop into a grocery store near you, and pick up an application.

Type A Personality Careers

If you are looking for a more permanent job to fit your Type A personality, there a plenty of great options. Here are just a few jobs that you can make a career out of.

#6. Travel Consultant

If you are incredibly detail oriented and able to multitask, becoming a travel consultant may be a great career choice for you.

Travel consultants are responsible for making travel plans for numerous people, at one time.

Booking flights and tickets, making reservations, organizing out of town transportation, and creating itineraries are just a few of the things that you will be responsible for.

The best way to find travel consultant jobs, that are suitable for you, is to utilize job search sites. ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor are just a couple more sites that can help you locate the perfect job.

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#7. Interior Designer

Have you ever walked into someone else’s home, and thought to yourself, “Wow! This place is absolutely gorgeous!”

Type A personalities generally have a knack for organization and design. They strive for perfection. These skills are necessary to have if you want to be an interior designer.

As a Type A, it can be hard to believe that some people simply cannot decorate. But there are many people who struggle in that department.

Interior design isn’t just about decorating though. You must also have the ability to organize. You can slap a painting here, and add a vase there, but to really design a room, it must be well organized.

If you want to work in interior design, you can take courses that will help you land the bigger jobs, however, if it is something that you just want to do here and there, chatting with your friends, and word of mouth can go a long way.

#8. Event Planner

If you have a strong desire to help others, yet, need to settle the Type A monster inside of you, why not consider a career in event planning?

Event planners are also highly detail oriented, with a knack for organization. Events they plan can vary from something as simple as a child’s birthday party to bigger events like weddings, and even massive shindigs for large companies.

You can make it hobby, by doing smaller events for friends, But if you want to become a big-time event planner, you will likely need a college education, as this will help you get in with event planning companies.

Having a degree in hospitality, tourism, or meeting and event planning will certainly help you land a job at local business.

#9. Lawyer

Type A personalities make for great lawyers.

As with many of these jobs listed, it is highly important to have a knack for organization and to pay attention to detail. Each case a lawyer takes depends on it.

Though you cannot just decide to become a lawyer one day and find a job the next, it is never too late to go back to school.

If you have the means and the time to go back to school and are ready for a career change, get started on classes towards a degree in law. It will be a lot of hard work, but it may help satisfy your desire for order.

Work from Home Type A Jobs

Who doesn’t dream of the freedom to work from their very own home? Flexible schedules, no dress code, zero boring, mandatory staff meetings to attend. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

There are many jobs that are suitable for those with personalities that crave order, that don’t even require you to leave home.

These next jobs are all jobs that require your undivided attention, but will allow you to work remotely, out of your home office, or anywhere with a wireless internet connection.

#10. Proofreader

Proofreading is an excellent job choice for those who are detail oriented. You can earn pretty decent amount if you are able to manage your time well, and stay focused. Or you can do it just as a side gig, when you are in need of a little extra cash.

Proofreading can be a freelance job, which will allow you to work as much as you want to. Wherever you want to. Whenever you want to.

You can even choose what kind of content you wish to proofread.

If you’ve been out of school for a while, and are feeling a bit rusty, take this free, introductory proofreading course at Proofread Anywhere.

When you are ready to begin your job search, check out Freelancer, or Upwork.

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#11. Transcriptionist

Transcription is another job that you can do from home.

There are tons and tons of job opportunities out there, for the freelancer in you.

The only equipment required is a computer, and a stable internet connection. Though if you really want to get into it, a nice pair of headphones, and a foot pedal, to help you back up, and hear the file again, would make longer transcription jobs quite a bit easier.

As a transcriptionist, you will basically be converting audio files into text files.

There are various different specialties when it comes to transcription, such as medical, legal, and just general transcribing.

TranscribeMe is a great site, strictly created for transcription work. Simply register, take an entrance exam, and wait for a response, if you’ve passed the exam. If not, don’t worry. It can be taken multiple times.

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#12. Virtual Assistant

You may be qualified to be someone’s virtual assistant if you have the ability to strategize while planning. You also must be able to prioritize, and have superb communication skills. But not to worry, as a Type A, you certainly already possess these skills.

Virtual assistants can do a variety of different tasks. You may be in charge of mundane tasks, like taking phone calls and monitoring emails. You may even be asked to do personal things, such as schedule haircuts, and make dinner reservations.

Some tasks, however, can be more difficult and time-consuming, such as researching and finding event space. It all just depends on who hires you.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try your hand out, take a look at VAnetworking.com for all sorts of resources.

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#13. Data Entry Clerk

Data entry jobs, also known as keylogging, can be found through local businesses, however, you can also find plenty of them that don’t require you to ever leave your home.

These jobs require organization, accuracy, consistency, and good communication skills. Skills that you likely already have!

As a data entry clerk, you will basically be entering information into a computer, with a word processor or data processing software. Sometimes you may be transcribing audio files, and other times you may be transferring written information.

Entry level jobs are fairly easy to come by. Head over to Clickworker to help you get started as a data entry clerk today.

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Type A-ers are a special kind of people. Their hearts and brains crave order. They crave perfection. They are often competitive, and achievement oriented. These jobs are meant for people, just like you, with this special kind of personality!

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