30+ Freelance Online Writing Jobs for Beginners With No Experience

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Are you looking for freelance online writing jobs for beginners with no experience? You are in luck! I have found the best freelance writing jobs online and you don’t even need experience.I have been working as a freelance writer for over 8 years now. I started when my second child was a baby, and from there we had a total of four children.

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Freelance writing has always been a great way for me to make money from home. In the start of my career, I had zero experience.

In fact, I have a teaching degree, which makes being a freelance writer even more interesting.

Writing is so great for anyone who wants to work from home but needs a flexible schedule.

With raising little ones, I can start and stop what I’m doing. I can bring my computer with me and work wherever I need to.

I can work around my schedule and my kids’ schedule. I can say being a freelance writer is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Check out these freelance online writing jobs for beginners with no experience.

Try Out the Freelance Marketplaces First

Let’s be honest, these freelance marketplaces are great for anyone with no experience. Although you will compete with people with a lot more experience, you’re more likely to find jobs with these platforms.

#1. Upwork is one of the most famous freelance platforms. Many people find freelance writing jobs here with little to no experience.

#2. Freelancer is also a popular platform for finding freelance writing work without a lot of experience.

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#3. When I first started writing, Guru was one of my favorite platforms to look for freelance online writing jobs for beginners with no experience.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more marketplace options out there, but these 3 will give you a good start.

Check Out the Freelance Job Boards

There are websites out there that dedicate themselves to posting freelance writing jobs. Of course, you’ll have to determine if they’re looking for someone with no experience.

What I have noticed is that companies will tell you if they’re looking for someone with experience or not.

#4. For those looking for a job board to find various freelance writing jobs, you’ll want to check out the ProBlogger Job Board.

#5. Look at varying towns on Craigslist under Writing and Editing jobs for freelance writing gigs. This is where I was able to find a lot of jobs when I first started freelancing.

#6. When you’re looking for beginner freelance writing jobs, you can check out Loft.

#7. Work at Home Mom was a favorite of mine when I first started looking for freelance writing jobs.

#8. MediaBistro is another well-known freelance writing job board in which you can hunt for jobs on.

Platforms to Sell Your Writing On

Sometimes you just don’t want to be told what to write. You want to write on your own free will and hope that someone buys your stuff.

There are a few platforms out there in which you can sell your own writing on. These are known as writing platforms.

Check out some of my favorite writing platforms and try your hand at writing for them!

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#9. Fiverr is a place that almost everyone has heard about. You can sell your writing services on here, even if you’re a beginner.

#10. Constant Content allows you to post your articles for sale, and then you sell them. Pretty straightforward and easy, even for the beginner writer.

#11. Hubpages is a very popular site in which freelance writers sell their work. You do make ad revenue based off of what you post.

#12. Get quick payouts (min of $10) with Dot Writer. You actually get paid 80% of what your articles sell for, which is awesome!

#13. Articlesale is actually a free website, so you post your content for sale and then hope for the best. You don’t need to have certain experience to sell your articles here.

How to Become a Freelance Writer with Content Mills

One of the first ways I got started with freelance writing was with content mills.

I remember signing up with Textbroker. I was hooked! It was hard to believe that I could write something and then someone else would pay me.

It’s important to note that content mills don’t always pay a lot of money. However, you do get a lot of experience, which is great for beginners with no experience.

Freelance Online Writing Jobs for Beginners with No Experience

#14. A content mill that I personally grew with was Texbroker. They have all kinds of work available, although it does vary.

#15. I know a lot of people who have gotten freelance writing experience with Writer Access.

#16. StudioD is what used to be Demand Studios, but rumor has it that they have freelance writing work available from time to time. It looks like jobs are only available with FlexJobs.

#17. Great Content is not one I’m familiar with, but a few of my freelance writing friends have recommended it.

#18. Scripted was around when I started writing 8 years ago. It’s cool to see that they are still around. If you’re a pro in a subject, but new to writing, you may be able to land a gig still.

#19. The Content Authority is literally the content authority in the writing world. Apply and see if this is a place fit for you!

#20. Contently is a great freelance writing place to get into and explore making a freelance writing income with.

#21. Want to get in with Skyword? They hire freelance writers! You may find that you enjoy working and writing with this company.

Dive Into Blogging as a Beginner Freelance Writer

There are a ton of courses out there that helped me learn how to blog. Really, there are free resources out there too.

Most people who blog consider it their job because it takes so much time and energy.

Keep in mind that there are real people out there who make money blogging. You just have to dive into it and treat it like it’s your job.

Here’s how to start as a freelance writing with blogging:

  • Pick out a domain – What will your blog be called? You might want to write down a few ideas and then brainstorm on those ideas.
  • Buy the domain – You can get super cheap domains from GoDaddy. Seriously, I have bought domains for as little as $15. You can also pay GoDaddy to host your domain, which can be paid monthly.
  • Download WordPress – Once you’re able to get into your GoDaddy account, you can download WordPress.
  • Pick out a theme – Once you’ve downloaded WordPress, you’re ready to use this as a platform for your blogging.
  • From there, you’ll want to start blogging. Don’t worry there are TONS of tutorials out there that can help you figure this all out along the way.

Blogging does take a lot of work, and you do have to be serious, but it can earn you money!

Websites That Will Pay You To Write

So, there are some websites out there that accept submissions. This means if your submission is accepted, you get paid a certain amount.

Sometimes blogs have this listed on their website. You can submit a guest blog post, and from there, they will pay you if they accepted it.

Magazines also have this option.

#22. Cracked will pay a person $250 if their article is up to par with their submission guidelines. Keep in mind that you submit first and they decide if they want to keep it, then you get paid.

#23. Polygon is a website that will public stories on a variety of niches. We’re talking fans, culture, and video game artists. They pay up to $125 for a 500-word article.

#24. The Penny Hoarder is a well-known money saving websites that accepts submissions. If you are good with this type of writing, you could make up to $75 for around seven hundred to nine hundred words.

#25. MoneyPantry is probably a website you have stumbled across while trying to save money. They have a wide range of pay for articles submitted on their website. Make sure you give them a try!

#26. Sitepoint isn’t your traditional website that accepts submissions. If you are good at writing content for web professionals, then this writing gig may be for you.

#27. Mommyish is a great place for moms and dads who are writers to submit their writing. You can apply to be a regular blogger for them.

#28. Take Lessons is a website that focuses on education. If you’re a teacher, then you may want to apply to write for them!

#29. Make a Living Writing is a website I’ve known about forever. You can apply to do a guest post with them, and they pay $50 for each post.

#30. Funny Times is for those of you with a great sense of humor. You can get paid to tell your stories. Of course, the pay is around $60, so not too bad for a beginner writer starting out.

As you can see, there are writing opportunities out there for everyone. Whether you’re funny, serious, or a little bit in between – you can finding a writing job for you!

Learn How to Market Your Own Freelance Writing

Part of being a freelance writer is knowing how to market your own skills! There are so many ways you can market your freelance writing.

I heard advice in the past that you should never stop marketing! Marketing is such an important part of your business.

Here are some ideas.

  • Start a website with your services. You can show this to people who want to hire you! Make sure you put writing samples on there, so they can see what you’re capable of.
  • Start a Facebook page! Another great way to market your services is to start a Facebook page dedicated to your writing.
  • Sign up on LinkedIn. There are so many writing jobs available on LinkedIn! Market your business on here.
  • Sign up for Twitter and use Hashtags! One of the best ways to market your writing is to use Twitter. Hashtags help people find you. Hashtags like #freelancewriterforhire #writerforhire

Remember that you do have to put a lot into being a writer. While it does come naturally to a lot of people, it’s important to do your best with every article and submission.

I did want to tell you about a few tools I’ve found helpful as a beginner writer.

Grammarly is your best friend when it comes to finding writing and grammar mistakes!

Plus, if you’re on a budget and can’t afford Word Docs, then sign up for Google Docs. You can use Google Docs to send Word Documents, plus you have a free way to store all of your old content.

Oh, and one more thing! I wanted to tell you guys about this course I took a while back!

Are you still curious about how to become a freelance writer?

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