32 Best Work at Home Online Chat and Email Support Jobs

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Do you need a little extra cash to get you through, or are you looking to get rid of your 9-5? Look no further because these work at home online chat and email support jobs are the perfect place to start! Work at home online chat and email support jobs are some of the most popular jobs for those working from home.

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These jobs are flexible, and you don’t have to have the house completely silent to do them. This works out great for those with kids living at home.

However, since these jobs are in such high demand among those working from home, you have to keep on top of your applications.

With that being said, there are a ton of companies that offer email or chat agent positions, so you may be able to snag an online chat or email support job if you keep checking back for openings.

Here are some of the Best work at home online chat and email support jobs

When it comes to working at home with online chat and email support jobs, sometimes there are a little more tasks that come into play.

What I love about these chat and email jobs is that there are different avenues to make a steady stream of income and they are all great to add to your basket.

Here are some of the best work at home online chat, email support, and task jobs available:

#1 Live Sales Staff offers work at home positions to help clients with customer service or sales positions. You will be an independent contractor, so you will only work when work is available.

Many agents from Live Sales Staff make up to $500 per month. Although this isn’t a full-time gig, it is a great egg to put in your basket.

If you are interested in applying to any of their jobs, you will need to send a Resume’ to their HR department: [email protected].

#2 When it comes to finding work at home jobs that fit your lifestyle, Arise has it all on one platform. Search for the job you want and apply, today.

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Although most of their positions require some phone customer service, you can work for various companies providing customer service, chat, and email support.

#3 Paperless Pipeline is a great company to check for work at home positions. They help real estate businesses go paperless by scanning and storing all their paperwork.

Paperless, sometimes hires chat and email representatives to assist current customers with questions about their process and software.

Currently, there are no job openings, but their page says to check their Facebook and Twitter daily for new positions. Good Luck!

#4 What I love about Sedgewick CMS is how much they care about their employees and their customers.

As a newcomer, you can file claims, provide excellent customer service, and get started with a career with Sedgewick, today. All they require is that you care as much as they do.

Another great opportunity is the military spouse employment partnership. If your spouse is in the military, Sedgewick will help you find remote jobs that you can do while he/she is stationed anywhere in the world.

Look into the military spouse employment partnership >>>>Here!

#6 Like most chat/support companies, Site5 is not always hiring; however, they accept applications and resumes even if they aren’t hiring.

The company provides phone, chat, and email support to a variety of clients, so you may become a jack of all trades.

Pay is typically around $13 to $15 per hour which is great! You must be able to work 15-20 hours a week.  If you are looking for a position, don’t be afraid to shoot them an email!

#7 At Support.com, you support the people who support technology. In a world of digital natives, it is important for companies to be on their A-game.

Although they do not always have chat positions available, there are other work from home positions that may fit your lifestyle.

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Check out their career site to see what works for you!

#8 Instead of chatting via messages, with Talk2Rep, you will provide customer service through a call center.

This may not be the ideal position for those with children at home, loud dogs in the background, or those who don’t have a home office.

However, upon looking at their website, they also outsource a fair number of tasks for clients which include:

  • Live Chat Services
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Responsibility
  • Email Management
  • Call Center Reps

So, if you are looking to delve into a little bit of everything, this might be the perfect company for you!

#9 As a member support specialist at Ginger.io, you will provide friendly, thoughtful, and professional service to members through chat, email, and phone.

Ginger.io also offers other positions such as therapists, psychiatrists, and marketing managers. If you don’t see the job you want, keep checking back.

For questions or concerns, you can email: [email protected].

#10 With Fancy Hands, you will have the opportunity to do various tasks which may include chat and email support.

Because they offer virtual assistants to their clients, the needs of each client may be different. You will be paid per task you complete rather than hourly. Tasks are $3-$7.

Here are some of the responsibilities you may have with Fancy Hands depending on the tasks you choose:

  • Making phone calls on behalf of clients such as canceling their cable bill.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Tracking the best prices.
  • Data entry.
  • Finding hotels that meet specific criteria
  • Chatting with customers.
  • Providing email support.

#11 If you want to get paid for each task you complete, hop on over to Fancy Hands and get started, today!

If you are on social media all the time, you are going to love working for LiveWorld! You get to spend your days moderating social media platforms.

Respond to customer feedback, answer questions, and provide customer support through LiveWorld.

Companies need people who can be available to their social media clientele on an almost immediate basis.

#12 If you are into programming, Prestoexperts is a great opportunity to help other businesses figure out their programming needs.

When you sign up, you will create a profile featuring all your expertise in the field. Then, you will connect with people that need education and tutoring skills.

Connecting with clients is done through email, online chat, and over the phone. Take your programming skills to the next level!

#13 Although Televated offers more of a customer service based job, it is a great company to work for. You can find live chat options as well.

Check out their career page and send resumes to [email protected].

#14 According to their site, Meet Edgar is always looking for amazing people. They work at help companies manage their social media platforms.

Currently, there are no jobs posted, but you can still apply and let Meet Edgar know what you are looking for.

Work at Home Chat Jobs

If you are looking just to help answer inquiries that come in on certain websites, a chat-based position may be perfect for you.

Although there are not a lot of positions that only offer the text chat positions, there are a few that make this career choice a great option.

Check out these work at home chat jobs to get your career started online, today!

#15 Live Person makes life easier by transforming how people chat with brands. Currently, they do not have any open chat positions on their career page, but you can send a resume to [email protected].

There isn’t a lot of information on the Live Person website, but it is always worth checking into when starting your career at home.

#16 If you are looking for a great side gig to add some extra income to your household, Needle is a great option.

They no longer offer hourly rates; however, you can help shoppers find what they are looking for and earn points to get free VISA gift cards.

#17 SiteStaff is always accepting applications to be a part of their team even if they don’t have any active openings. So, it doesn’t hurt to apply!

As a chat host, you will engage visitors, provide empathy, and generate powerful chat to those with inquiries. Here are a few of their qualifications:

  • Type 65-75 words per minute with perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Have the ability to multitask as you will be carrying 3-4 conversations at any given time.
  • Be able to problem solve quickly.
  • Have exceptional work ethic.
  • You will need to be self-disciplined. As you work from home, it is important chat hosts can do their job without someone looking over them.

If you think a chat host would suit your lifestyle, you can apply at any time!

#18 If you are looking to just chat online, The Chat Shop is a great gig to start up with. They offer training and resources to make sure you are successful at what you do.

To apply, you must upload a resume, take a typing test in which you must type 65 words per minute, and perform an internet speed test.

Don’t forget to put your best foot forward and let The Chat Shop know exactly why you would be a great part of their team. There is no such thing as being too ambitious.

Work at Home Email Support and Customer Service Jobs

Who has time to sift through millions of emails every day? Seriously, we don’t even want to go through our own emails, and neither do the big dogs in corporate companies.

However, if you have a love for helping people and the free time to sift through and respond to emails, these companies may be the perfect fit for you!

Check them out, today!

#19 OkCupid is a dating app that maybe some of your friends have found dates on 🙂 Or, possibly yourself.

They occasionally hire email support staff to help with issues customers may have. Keeping OkCupid on your radar is definitely a must.

#20 With Automattic, you get to choose your own adventure. They spread out across 50 countries, so finding a job that fits your needs is right at your fingertips.

#21 If you want to help everyone be more happier at work, Zapier is the place to be. Check out their career platform for email support positions.

#22 Working remote is not a perk of Knack; it is how they have built their company. If you have a “knack” for the online world, check their open positions, today!

#23 Ted is looking for warm, creative collaborators to join their team. In fact, you can get paid just to do research for them. Check out their job listings and see what you can do.

#24 Working at Buffer is more than just a job to them. It is a ride through life. The great thing about Buffer is that they are a fully remote team.

Check out their listings, and apply to be a part of the Buffer team, today.

Temporary Jobs

Sometimes, companies will hire temporary chat or email support positions depending on their needs. If you like to hop from one job to the next, here are a few places that hire temps:

#25 Amazon

#26 Sutherland

#27 Sykes

Other Avenues

Become a Virtual Assistant and make your own hours. You can work for established companies, or you can start your own business!

#28 Become an Entrepreneur. It isn’t always easy to become an entrepreneur, but if you have skills to offer the world that fit a certain Niche, you can make a great living being your own boss.

#29 Always check out Indeed for open positions. Simply do a search for chat agents, email support, or remote work at home jobs to find a plethora of positions available to you!

#30 If you are looking for work from home jobs specifically, FlexJobs is a great platform that offers numerous work from home opportunities.

#31 TeleTech is a fabulous platform in which you can find various work at home jobs. Take some time to sift through their job listings.

For chat and email support positions, simply type in chat in the job search. You won’t be disappointed.

#32 Check out Github Jobs for new listings of work at home online chat and email support jobs!

Did we miss anything? Do you work as a chat or email support agent?

Is your company hiring? Share your resources in the comments below!

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