16 Best Traveling Jobs Around The World

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Do you want to get paid, to travel the world? People like you are enjoying their jobs traveling the world, every day! Here are some of the best traveling jobs out there.If you have always wanted to explore the world but just cannot find the time or funds, you’re not alone! Making arrangements to travel the world doesn’t come easily to everyone.

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However there are an assortment of jobs that will allow you to travel, and some will even pay you to do so! Here are some of the best traveling jobs that you can find around the world.

Best Traveling Jobs

When you suffer from wanderlust, it can be hard to be truly happy. However one of the best ways for these kind of people to find happiness, is to look for it in a new job. A new job, in particular, that allows them to travel abroad.

If you are exploring new job options, look no further! These are some of the best traveling jobs for someone who doesn’t like to sit still.

#1. Travel Photography

If you have a love of photography, why not put that love to use, and become a travel photographer? Travel photographers are generally freelance, and work when they want to. Doesn’t this already sound like a nomad’s dream?

One of the great things about photography is that the sky’s the limit! As a photographer you have the ability to photograph just about anything you desire, virtually anywhere you want to!

Your best option is to have about 5-8 clients with smaller tasks. The reason being that it is a small enough number to be able to handle, while traveling, yet large enough that you will not be hurting financially, should one of them no longer need your services.

Being a traveling photography should give you plenty of downtime to explore to your heart’s content.

#2. Scuba Instructor

For those who have a love for exploring the deep waters, this is the perfect job for you!

Scuba diver instructors can find jobs in nearly all over the world.

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Even training for the job can bring you joy, as many of the training sites are to be found in beautiful destinations, like Honduras, and Thailand. Training includes being certified as an open water diver for at least 6 months, logging over 100 open water dives, taking CPR classes, and completing the instructor development course.

Though it is a bit of a lengthy process, it will be well worth it in the end!

#3. Teach English abroad

Have you always wanted to travel abroad? Do you have a knack for helping others? If so, teaching English as a foreign language is the perfect job for you!

Teachers who teach the English language abroad have the ability to visit numerous different countries. This will give you the ability to finally visit just about any country you have ever dreamed of seeing.

Not only will you be helping others learn to speak English, but when you aren’t teaching, the rest of your time is yours, to do with as you please. Explore, explore, and explore some more!

Visit Language Corp to get started today!

#4. Au Pair for little ones

Do you have a desire to visit Europe? Are you great with kiddos? If not, why not consider becoming an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are basically nannies, who work about 20-40 hours per week, with families in Europe. As an Au Pair you will be in charge of caring for kiddos, all while receiving free room and board, as well as a new cultural experience, and even payment, sometimes.

Check out AuPairWorld if you are interested in learning more about becoming an Au Pair.

#5. Seasonal Ski Resort

If you aren’t afraid of a little cold, and a little adventure, you may find it exciting to get seasonal jobs at ski resorts.

Since ski resorts are often only open during particular parts of the year, they are frequently looking to hire seasonal help. This is great news for a traveler like you!

Not only will you be able to travel to a ski resort, but you will likely also get in some free time on the slopes! Check out Cool Works for some current job openings.

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#6. WWOOFing

By signing up at WWOOF you can be matched with a host farmer in the country of your choice, who is looking for help on their land. Jobs vary, as do locations, so it is up to you where you wish to travel to.

WOOFing may not pay, however in exchange for helping on the farm, you will be granted free room and board!

Once your work is done for the day, you can spend the rest of your time exploring the city! How great is that?

Get Paid to Travel

Who hasn’t previously dreamt of getting paid to travel? Well, you are in luck. The following are some of the best traveling jobs that just about anyone can do, and they even pay!

#7. Flight Attendant

If you aren’t afraid of flying, becoming a flight attendant is a great way to get paid, to travel!

Flight attendants can make a pretty decent living, especially considering that you aren’t home a lot. As a flight attendant, you will simply help care for the passengers onboard airplanes.

Additional training is required, but once completed, you will be in the air in no time!

Your destinations can vary, pending the airline in which you work for.

The length of time in one destination will also vary, however, becoming a flight attendant can take to you to all sorts of places.

#8. Over the road trucker

It’s a no brainer that if you want to be a traveler, becoming a truck driver will certainly help you tackle that desire.

While driving a semi truck will require you to get a CDL, and long hours of driving experience, you have a couple of different options. Of course, there are plenty of businesses that hire for cross country truck driving, but you can also be self-employed.

If you become a self-employed truck driver, you will put bids in for your own jobs, which is fantastic for a number of reasons. First of all, you can choose where you want to drive to. Second of all, you can line up your loads so that you have as much downtime as necessary, before bringing a new load somewhere else.

#9. Work on a Cruise Ship

The great thing about getting a job on a cruise ship is that you have lots of options. Cruise ships are huge! The jobs are plentiful, and there are numerous different types available.

For example, cruise ships have restaurants that need chefs, waiters, and cleaning staff. There are bartenders onboard, casino workers, housekeeping, hairdressers, clergy and entertainment directors. There are even retail stores in the ships that need clerks to keep the racks stocked, and assist the cruise ship customers. There are thousands of crew members and staff needed to help run a cruise ship, so the list goes on and on!

If you think you may enjoy getting paid to work on a cruise ship check out CruiseShipJob for a list of numerous job opportunities, as well as extra information on a variety of cruise ship jobs.

#10. Vehicle Transporter

Do you have an impeccable driver’s license? Do you love the thought of traveling cross country, to random destinations? If you answered yes to both of these, your perfect traveling job is waiting for you!

There are numerous businesses all around the world who hire people to transport vehicles to other destinations.

Perhaps there is a rental car company who has an abundance of cars dropped off at one destination. Or maybe a car dealership needs a single car transported to another dealership, for a customer.

You may even be able to land yourself a job driving a car across country for someone who has purchased a one-way flight, and needs their car transported to them.

When working as a car transporter you will often be given a reasonable amount of time and miles to make it to the car’s destination. While this means no joyriding to sightseeing areas, it will give you the opportunity to travel to various places, and when the job is complete, it is up to you how long you spend there, before moving onto another vehicle to move.

Auto DriveAway is a great resource for helping you become a vehicle transporters. That’s right, it’s not just cars that you can transport. They also transport RVs and commercial trucks.

#11. Peace Corps Volunteer

Becoming a Peace Corps volunteer is one of the best ways to travel, while helping people around the world.

There are a variety of different assignments that you can be tasked for, including those in youth development, community economic development, education, health, agriculture, and environment.

As a Peace Corps volunteer you will be given a monthly stipend to cover your living expense, while away. At the end of your service, you will also be given an allowance of over $8,000.

The best thing about being a Peace Corps volunteer is that they allow you to travel with your significant other, should they choose to volunteer with you, and qualify for the same project!

#12. Work on the Railroad

Railroad jobs can take you all across the country, and there are various different jobs that you can find while working for the Association of American Railroads.

While not all of the jobs are traveling jobs, there are a few that will keep you from being situated in the same place every day. Many of the jobs even offer great pay, as well as benefits.

#13. Seasonal Firefighter

Though a college degree may not be required to become a seasonal firefighter, you are typically required to have a high school degree or equivalent. You will also be required to pass strenuous physical testing, as well as written tests.

As a seasonal firefighter, you will generally be working from May to September, tackling forest fires in the wild, where needed.

The US Forest Service is just one place that you can apply, to become a seasonal firefighter.

Traveling Jobs Requiring Degrees

If you have spent countless hours, and thousands upon thousands of dollars toward a degree, to further your education, don’t let it hold you down. Instead, why not put that degree into further use, by using it to explore the world? These are some of the best jobs that will allow you to use your degree, while traveling the world.

#14. Traveling Nurse

Nursing is a job in which there will always be a need for. To become a nurse, it requires a lot of schooling and training, but once you have completed all of the prerequisites, you can find a job just about anywhere.

Many nurses wishing to travel use Traveling Nurses. Here you can apply to become a traveling nurse, where most of your assignments will last anywhere from 8-26 weeks.

If you are currently an RN, apply now, and you can be contracted for your first assignment, and well on your way to elsewhere, within just a few weeks!

#15. Geoscientist

With a bachelor’s degree in science, you become a geoscientist, studying all of the aspects of Earth, and learning about it’s past, present and future!

Geoscientist does a variety of work that has them working both indoors, and outdoors, and even traveling to remote destinations to continue their fieldwork.

American Geosciences Institute is a great site to check out what you need to know about becoming a geoscientist.

#16. Airline Pilot

As an airline pilot, you will be required to have a bachelor’s degree. Fortunately, your major can be in just about anything!

Being an airline pilot requires a bit of extra training, before one can just hop in a plane, and take off into the sky. However being a pilot will certainly give you the opportunity for travel.

What makes an airline pilot a great job, for those who desire to travel, is the fact that pilots often stick around in cities for a few days, until they are required to fly back home. This gives small bits of time to do some minor exploring.

Another great fact about being a pilot is that you can frequent some of the same cities over and over again. Obviously, you will not get to experience an entire city after just one flight, so you will likely have the opportunity to come back, and see some of the things you previously missed.

As you can see, there are plenty of jobs for those who have a strong desire to travel. Now the choice is up to you!

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