130 Best Companies Hiring Agents for Virtual Call Center Jobs

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Are you searching for a real job that you can do for home? If you want hourly pay, benefits, and the ability to collect on retirement, agents for virtual call center jobs are the perfect balance between working and being at home.Working from home is a very real possibility in this day and age. Most work from home jobs mean you are a self-employed contractor.

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However, work from home agents for virtual call center jobs are hitting the net with a vengeance.

If you are looking for a legitimate way to work from home while still making a paycheck every week, a virtual call center job may be just what you need.

What is a Virtual Call Center Job?

Virtual call center jobs offer a mix of flexibility and good pay. However, as a virtual call center agent, you are typically an employee to the company.

Though you can work at home and choose your own hours, you will still have a boss, an hourly pay rate, and a real job.

As a virtual call center agent, you will have different responsibilities depending on the job you take. However, the basis is providing customer service via phone.

Instead of companies hiring full-time staff in office, you will take the calls, help clients, and point them in the right direction.

What Do You Need to Be a Call Center Agent?

So, what do you need to be a work from home virtual call center agent? Most call center agents need the following before getting started:

  • A home office that is free of noise and distractions
  • High speed internet and virus protection
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • A landline phone for work purposes only
  • A corded telephone headset with a microphone
  • Skype for conferences
  • All in one printer
  • A work only email

Each company is different and has their own set of requirements, but these are the basic requirements most call center agents will have to have in order to get started.

What Types of Virtual Call Center Jobs Are There?

When it comes straight down to it; you can find call center jobs everywhere for everything! Think about it; there are a ton of companies that need someone to answer the phones for them.

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However, with that being said, most virtual call center jobs fall into the following categories:

  • Customer service
  • Reservations
  • Tech Support
  • Telemarketing and Sales
  • Miscellaneous

Check out our full and complete list of companies hiring agents for virtual call center jobs below!

Customer Service Virtual Call Center Jobs

As a customer service virtual call center agent, you will take customer service calls such as problems with a product or service, information, and inquiries.

Your job will vary depending on the company you work for.

#1 People need flowers for many occasions. As a call center agent for 1-800-Flowers, you can meet those needs.

#2 Contact Acanac to help people with their digital home phone and internet service in Canada.

#3 Accolade is looking for both customer service agents and outbound sales telemarketers to join their team.

#4 There are no upfront fees to join ACD Direct and you can get a military discount on a background check.

#5 Afni sometimes allows their customer service representatives to work from the comfort of their own home.

#6 Not only does Alorica offer customer service jobs from home, but they offer other work from home positions as well.

#7 You won’t get rich working for Amazon, but they are a legitimate company offering real work from home jobs.

#8 For me, the perks of working for American Airlines would outweigh any other jobs.

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#9 American Express hires virtual call center agents from time to time. Keep checking back.

#10 With Answer First, you will be tasked with handling inbound calls and assisting in customer service issues.

#11 If you are looking for a platform to find and apply to various customer service jobs, Arise is a great place to find customer service jobs.

#12 If you are looking to advance your career at home, Athletic Greens hires remote agents for various tasks.

#13 Get a career with Concentrix working from home.

#14 Work from home taking calls for companies all over the world with Contract World.

#15 There are over 20 Customer service positions available through Cox Communications.

#16 Send your resume to Cruise via email: [email protected] to help make traveling a great experience for others.

#17 You will make and receive customer service calls when working with Direct Interactions.

#18 AMBS Call Center is a career with a family atmosphere and the ability to move your career to the next level.

#19 Work from home as a customer service representative for Enterprise where helping people is what you do.

#20 You can find work from home call center jobs at Esurance from time to time. Send an email to [email protected] for questions.

#21 As Gemvara continues to grow, they are asking career seekers to send an email to [email protected] for open positions.

#22 All good things come with customer support and even Groupon needs customer and merchant support agents to help them out.

#23 You don’t have to just clean rooms to work at the Hilton. Work from your home office as customer service rep.

#24 Get a career not just a job when you work for InfoCision.

#25 Take Pizza hut, dine in and carry out orders with Intuitive Solutions. Get paid up to $10.50 per hour.

#26 If you find beauty in Jewelry, you can be a customer care agent for Jewelry Television. Of course, there are other work from home positions you should check out.

#27 LiveOps is the leader in virtual call center agent jobs. Apply now to work with them.

#28 Lorium Virtual Staffing is a staffing company specifically for those looking for careers from home.

#29 If you are looking for a little more in depth customer support, RiseSmart has various resume writing positions that you can do at home.

#30 Sitel is currently looking for work from home call agents to receive inbound calls.

#31 At Sutherland remote engagement specialists match professionals with the right job to fit their lifestyle.

#32 A spirit of service is woven into every career at Sykes. If you are looking for a meaningful way to do customer service, this is for you.

#33 It is that time of year for politics. If you love it then a career with Synergy Solutions may be perfect for you.

#34 U-Haul is all over the world, and with that comes jobs all over the world especially work from home call center jobs.

#35 Do you have medical terminology knowledge? If so, you could score a great work from home career with UCare.

#36 Call people to take surveys for you by being a call center agent for Ver-A-Fast.

#37 Put your two languages to work with Wizards Corporate. They are looking for bilingual staff.

#38 Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time position, Womb Sauna has openings for either. If your passion is in the womb you will want to check them out.

#39 Get the education and training you need before you start working for Working Solutions.

#40 Don’t worry if you don’t have a computer or phone, World Travel Holdings provides that for you with a $250 deposit which is spread out over 5 payroll deductions. Plus travel perks!

Reservation Virtual Call Center Jobs

Customer service call center jobs may not be for everyone. It can be tough to deal with cranky customers, but as a reservation virtual call center agent, you just deal with reservations.

You may occasionally get a cranky caller, but it is mostly due to their being no rooms left not because of anything you could change.

Here are some of the best work at home reservation call center jobs:

#41 Along with customer service positions, Hilton is also looking for work from home reservation agents.

#42 If you like the perks of World Travel Holdings, you can also become a reservation virtual call center agent.

#43 Make car reservations for Enterprise and get others on the road quicker.

#44 Provide great support to customers of Asurion. You can make $11 per hour working for them.

#45 If you love travel and helping people make their travel arrangements, Winston-Salem is the perfect place for you.

#46 Vantage Deluxe World Travel claims you can make up to 6-figures working for them booking reservations and making upsales.

#47 Get people on the right flight while working with Alaska Airlines.

#48 Book reservations for Wyndham Destinations clients. Get paid $11 per hour to work from home.

#49 Support top executive travelers with the best of the best when you work for Travel Leaders Group.

#50 When you work for Pleasant Holidays, you can make 45k to 75k per year booking reservations from home.

#51 Make $11 per hour working for Apple Leisure Group as a reservation agent.

#52 Delta occasionally hires at home agents to book reservations. Keep your eyes peeled.

#53 To work for Jetblue as a reservation agent, you will be required to work onsite for a short period of time.

#54 AAA provides travel services to its customers which means they need reservation agents from time to time.

#55 Help plan someones next vacation with Carnival Cruise Line. Book their adventure for them.

#56 You will take inbound calls to book cruises with Holland America Line.

#57 Norwegian Cruise Line is another travel company that need work at home agents to book cruises.

#58 Every princess deserves a magical getaway, and you can help fulfill that dream when you work for Princess Cruises.

#59 As a reservation agent for Active Network, you will help them make reservations to sporting events as well as provide customer support.

#60 Work at the Marriot making reservations for happy guests.

Tech Support Virtual Call Center Jobs

With Tech jobs, you have to be tech savvy. These jobs are in a category all to themselves. However, if you have the skills, here are some companies hiring tech call center agents:

#61 2U is currently looking for part-time technical support specialists to work from home.

#62 To work with Endurance, you need to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and some experience.

#63 Just because Apple has great phones, doesn’t mean there aren’t any tech issues. Get on board with this great company today.

#64 Because Arise is a platform of work from home call center jobs, they also have technical support jobs available, too.

#65 Like Arise, Direct Interactions can get you a position in customer service or tech support. Click apply to continue.

#66 Search jobs on Teleperformance to find the perfect tech agent job for you.

#67 VenU eLearning Solutions is looking for tech support to resolve customer support issues.

#68 If you want a nice egg to add to your basket, AdviseTech is looking for agents to work 2-6 hours per week.

#69 Computer Assistant is an outsourcing company that provides tech support to other companies.

#70 Become part of the Geek Squad through Best Buy. Search various openings on their platform.

#71 Working with PlumChoice, you will offer a variety of technical service to clients.

#72 Another way to offer tech support is through cloud based support. You can do this with Support.com.

#73 If you can diagnose and solve technical issues teleNetwork many virtual inbound call center jobs.

#74 At Transcom, you will be a customer service representative, but you may have to deal with technical issues as well.

#75 Along with customer service positions, Accolade also offers virtual call center jobs to tech agents.

Telemarketing and Sales Virtual Call Center Jobs

My husband can sell anything, so if you have a knack for selling, you can make even more money by being a telemarketing and sales virtual call center agent.

Here are a few great companies to work for if you want can do the whole sales call thing:

#76 Do you excel at cold calls? Then, A Better Call is looking for you to help them with their sales and lead generation clients.

#77 Accu Conference is actively looking for a business to business sales representative. You receive 100% commissions.

#78 If you live in Maryland or California, you can score a sales job with The Nava Center.

#79 Every member of Blue Zebra Appointment Setting works from home. Whether you want sales, customer service, or another work from home job, you should check them out.

#80 Brighten Communications wants those with experience in cold calling and sales to add to their company.

#81 If you have at least two years of cold calling experience, CityTwist is a great place to build your career.

#82 Whether you want to book reservations or sell cruises, you can find either job at Cruise.com.

#83 Can you help guide people back to college? If that sounds like you, EduTrek is always looking for skilled individuals to add to their team.

#84 If you believe in getting kids tutors, you can become a sales agent for etutorworld.

#85 If you are ready to grind in sales, Gridstone is looking for business to business telemarketers.

#86 Happiness Group is always looking for creative, excited, and motivated individuals. Send your resume to [email protected].

#87 Search for virtual or work from home on the careers page of Humana to find call center jobs from home.

#88 With I Dial You, you can earn anywhere from $300-$1,000 per week calling warm leads.

#89 Get 26 days off per year working with Intelliverse and work from home the other days!

#90 If you love sales, apply with Lunar Cow, today.

#91 Become a sales agent with MarketLinc and help the 10-15% who need more than just digital support in order to convert them into sales.

#92 NexRep is currently seeking people who can do as seen on TV infomercial sales, inbound calls, outbound calls, and customer care calls.

#93 At Next Level Solutions agents are in charge of outbound customers, making sales calls from home, using a computer, telephone, and broadband access connection.

#94 If you are an experienced sales agent, you can work for Oasis Marketing Solutions.

#95 If you are looking for a call center that lets you do a variety of different tasks, Paragon Planners is a great opportunity.

#96 When looking for virtual call center jobs, it is always good to check out fully virtual businesses such as Pathable.

#97 To work with outbound calling, Phone Force would like you to send your resume to [email protected].

#98 SalesFish is always looking for great virtual sales agents to add to their team. You must work a minimum of 25 hours per week.

#99 Become a sales agent with SalesChasers by filling out their form and uploading a resume.

#100 From lead generation and sales to appointment setting, you can find it all with SalesRoads.

#101 Get $14.50 per hour plus call bonus when you work for SynergySolutions.

#102 You can also check out TeleReach and find the career that fits with your lifestyle.

#103 Make outbound sales calls and lead generations working with Televated.

#104 Sometimes making a sale is all about the follow up and appointment setting. With The Appointment Biz, you can be a part of the sale by setting appointments for clients.

#105 If you live in Fl, TN, AL, SC, you can become a sales agent for Think Direct regarding their magazine subscriptions.

#106 Ver-a-Fast is also both a customer service company and a sales generating company. So, you can pick which works best for you.

#107 Market and sell products to local businesses and connect new movers to local businesses at the Welcome Wagon.

Miscellaneous Virtual Call Center Job

Of course, not all jobs fit into a category, and you can find work from home call center jobs on any job platform.

So, here are a few miscellaneous companies and other ways to find virtual call center jobs in your area!

#108 Active Network has only been in business since 2016, but they are growing. From sales and marketing to development, you can find a little of everything.

#109 Have you ever heard of a telephone research interviewer? Advanis is hiring for telephone research interviewers to work from home.

#110 As the company continues to grow, Apptical is seeking ambitious, bilingual, individuals to accept challenging telephone interviews.

#111 You can work with BSG as a phone bill customer service rep, voice log customer service rep, or a product information specialist.

#112 Instead of going into a store to be a mystery shopper, you can stay home and be a mystery shopper with Call Center QA.

#113 Work from home with Causeworx by sending a resume to [email protected].

#114 Connect clients to prospects when you work for Connect and sell. You can send a resume to [email protected] to apply.

#115 If you want a part-time call center job that allows you to work 3-6 hours per day, you can find that CSR.

#116 Working with Ipsos allows you to help conduct market research and collect data.

#117 See how satisfied customers are by conducting surveys with MaritzCX.

#118 Become an independent contractor with Nextwave. Talk to people across the county and identify interview supporters.

#119 If you like selling, but want a paycheck whether you sell or not, you will love On Point which pays you an hourly rate.

#120 Take your phone career to the next level with Parameds. You must be a medical professional.

#121 Call and help people get into a good routine with their medications by working with Pleio.

#122 Find a career with Sedgwick and get awesome benefits.

#123 Become a phone interviewer with an opportunity to move up in the company with SSRS.

#124 Get people to take surveys over the phone with Telcare.

#125 Vocalabs is looking for reliable people to be survey administrators.

#126 Join the Westat Family and find a work at home career that fits you.

Platforms to Find Virtual Call Center Jobs

Did we miss anything? What other companies have you worked for as a virtual call center representative?

Share your experiences in the comments below!

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