27 Remote-Friendly Jobs That Will Send You a Computer to Work from Home

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Want to work from home but don’t have a computer that will keep up with the demand of your work? Don’t worry – these legitimate companies will not only allow you to work from your home office, but they’ll also send you a free computer to complete your work with.Working from home is a perk in itself!

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More and more companies are beginning to see the benefits of allowing employees to work from home.

Lots of research has shown that workers feel more productive, get more done, and enjoy the flexibility of being in their home and near their families while they work at home.

But what if you could receive a free computer to work from home with?

It’s a possibility!

Several companies are not only allowing remote work, but they’ll also send you the computer and other equipment you need to get your job done efficiently.

Awesome, right?

What are the Work from Home Companies That Send You a Computer?

The companies below will all send you a computer – or, at least, a stipend to purchase a computer – when you become an employee or contractor with the company.

That means that you get the benefit of working in your home office without needing to pay for the computer that’s required to do your job!

1. AAA

According to reports from others who have worked from home with AAA, the company’s call center positions can not only be remote, but they’ll also offer company-furnished equipment you need for the job.

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That can include not just a computer, but also a headset or phone to contact customers with.

Search AAA jobs here.

2. Amazon

When you hop on the Amazon Jobs site, search for “Customer service associate.”

These jobs are offered all over the world for remote workers, but you’ll need to work from an Amazon approved work from home location.

Usually, that just means you’ll need a specific office setup that’s quiet and free from distractions so that you can provide customer service to customers.

These jobs send you a laptop, phone, and a headset so that you have everything you need to work from your home office.

Search Amazon jobs here.

3. American Express

Some customer care jobs for American Express are remote-friendly, so you can do them from your home office.

These jobs, when on-site or off-site, come with a host of perks, like a retirement fund and health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

On-site workers get the benefit of using company-furnished equipment in their offices, so remote workers can also get that benefit after the company ships one to you.

Search American Express jobs here.

4. Apple

Apple has long been one of the most popular places for finding at-home jobs, not just because it’s a prestigious company to work for, but also because it offers a lot of perks for employees.

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In addition to paid time off, career growth opportunities, and Apple product discounts, you can also get a free Apple computer sent to your home to set up in your home office and complete your work – all for free.

Search Apple jobs here.

5. Articulate

Articulate creates e-learning software and apps.

The team is remote, so working from home is no problem!

In addition to getting all the equipment you need to set up your home office, you’ll also get a wellness benefit, healthcare benefits, paid time off, and various other perks.

Search Articulate jobs here.

6. Aspira

Aspire helps people make reservations at campgrounds and state parks by providing its customer support services to those places.

You can work remotely as a customer service representative to get hands-on training, paid time off, insurance benefits, and more.

Reportedly, you’ll also be given the equipment you need for the job.

Search Aspira jobs here.

7. Automattic

Automattic is THE maker of WordPress!

It also creates various other things, like Jetpack, Tumblr, Happy Tools, and Gravatar.

As if it’s not enough just being a member of this fantastic team, the company also allows you to work from home.

In fact, everyone at the company works from wherever they want.

You’ll get your home office setup taken care of as well as a coworking stipend to take advantage of coworking spaces.

You also are allowed sabbaticals, life insurance, paid time off, and more.

Search Automattic jobs here.

8. Buffer

Buffer is consistently named one of the most remote-friendly places to work in the world, mostly because it encourages remote work and a positive working atmosphere.

In addition to benefits like health insurance, family leave, at least three vacation weeks a year, and company retreats, you can get a free laptop plus $500 in cash to help you get everything you need for your home office.

Search Buffer jobs here.

9. Collage

Collage offers custom products you can make with your favorite photos.

Work remotely with this company and you’ll get paid travel, home internet reimbursement, a flexible schedule that works around your family, and paid-for home office equipment.

Search Collage jobs here.

10. Cro Metrics

Cro Metrics is a remote company that offers growth strategies for businesses.

Reportedly, the company will give you what you need to set up your home office and begin working.

Search Cro Metrics jobs here.

11. Customer.io

Customer.io helps companies grow their customer support department with automated emails, chats, and other strategies that help them connect with their customer base.

The company offers retreats for employees, health benefits, parental leave, flexible scheduling, and a home office allowance that’ll help you buy the computer you need for work – and maybe even some other home office equipment.

Search Customer.io jobs here.

12. Dozuki

Dozuki is a system that helps businesses train and track employees.

The company has a generous benefits package in place that includes parental leave, skill growth, paid lunches, and a dedicated workplace budget that can go toward everything you need in your home office, like your computer or a desk chair.

Search Dozuki jobs here.

13. Files

Files is a cloud storage solution for teams that work remotely.

Reportedly, you can get your home office equipment paid for when you work here, in addition to other great benefits like a 401(k) plan, paid travel for meetings, and competitive pay with a potential sign-on bonus.

Search Files jobs here.

14. Ghost

Ghost is an open-source publishing platform that helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow their presence online and cater to their customers.

As an employee, you’ll be part of a fully remote team.

You can get regular pay raises, twice-annual international team retreats, unlimited paid vacation, every Friday off, and all the equipment and software you need for the job.

Search Ghost jobs here.

15. GitLab

GitLab is a comprehensive software solution for remote teams to work together collaboratively.

And it should know how to do this well, since the team is fully remote itself!

You can work on any schedule you want as long as you get your work done, plus be eligible to get whatever you need to do your job well, like an ergonomic keyboard or a stand-up desk.

And a computer, too, of course.

Search GitLab jobs here.

16. Jobbatical

Jobbatical helps businesses find the perfect team members for their jobs and helps those team members with their relocation.

Much of the team is remote and the benefits are big.

This company offers stuff like a self-care allowance, about a month of paid vacation each year, mental health days, and the computer, headset, and other equipment you’ll need for work.

Search Jobbatical jobs here.

17. Kopa

Kops helps people find rental housing and housemates for temporary living situations.

And it comes with a ton of perks for employees!

You’ll get stuff like a monthly wellness allowance, six months of paid parental leave, a co-working or home office allowance, and the equipment you need to set up your home office.

Search Kopa jobs here.

18. LaCalle Group

LaCalle Group has some awesome benefits for all of its employees, even those who work remotely.

In addition to paying for your office supplies and internet you need for the job, you’ll also get a wellness stipend, 401(k) with 3% company matching, paid time off every year, flexible spending accounts, and more.

Search LaCalle Group jobs here.

19. Progressive

The insurance giant Progressive has some remote opportunities for workers, including customer service representatives and sales representatives.

Reportedly, the company will pay remote employees for the office equipment they’ll need to contact customers, including a computer and headset.

Search Progressive jobs here.

20. StickerMule

StickerMule makes custom stickers, labels, and other products.

When you work remotely, you can not only ask the company for a standing desk if you want one, but you can also get an ergonomic chair, a computer, and all of the software you’ll need to work from home.

There’s also flexible hours and a signing bonus to take advantage of.

Search StickerMule jobs here.

21. TaxJar

TaxJar caters to its remote employees being that most of the team works all over the world.

It has one of the most comprehensive benefits packages you can imagine!

Some of the perks you’ll get from this company in addition to whatever technology you need to do your job include:

  • Free Amazon Prime membership
  • Mandatory birthdays as holidays
  • Company swag
  • A home office stipend
  • Parental leave
  • Monthly gym reimbursement
  • Paid company retreats
  • Free Spotify Premium account

Search TaxJar jobs here.

22. Wayfair

Wayfair is an online furniture and home store that offers remote jobs.

The company will reportedly pay customer service representatives and people in other positions for the computer and other equipment they’ll need to contact customers.

Search Wayfair jobs here.

23. Wellbox

This company offers chronic care management solutions to healthcare providers and their patients.

Become an employee who works from home and you can reportedly get your computer paid for.

Search Wellbox jobs here.

24. West Marine

West Marine sells products like boat repair parts, kayaks, and water safety equipment.

It sometimes offers remote customer service positions that reportedly get their computers and other equipment or software paid for.

Search West Marine jobs here.

25. World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings is the parent company of places like Cruises.com and Vacation Outlet.

When you choose to work from home with the remote-friendly company, you’ll get a stipend that you can spend on a computer and other necessary equipment, plus paid internet and other office supplies.

Search World Travel Holdings jobs here.

26. WP Buffs

Looking for a tech-forward company to work for that allows you to work from home?

Try WP Buffs, which gives website owners tools they’ll need to keep their sites running smoothly and securely.

The team is remote, so you’ll gain benefits given to all employees, like a travel budget, professional development, unlimited vacation, a coworking stipend, and all the tech and furniture you’ll need to make your home office work for you.

Search WP Buffs jobs here.

27. Zapier

The Zapier team works across the world in various countries from wherever they feel like setting up their desks.

You can apply for various positions, any of which will give you the computer and software setup you’ll need to succeed.

Other benefits include unlimited vacation, profit sharing, and up to 14 weeks of paid leave for new parents.

Search Zapier jobs here.

Conclusion: Work from Home Computer Jobs That Send You a Computer

Hopefully, at least a few of these work from home jobs sound perfect for you!

Just a quick reminder, though: Not all jobs that I mention in this post will be available at all times.

However, most of the jobs I added are ones that seem to hire frequently, so you can usually depend on them having at least a few positions open that give computers.

If a job you wanted isn’t currently available, you can usually sign up for alerts from companies to know when it does start hiring again.

Browse the Careers or Jobs page for the site to see if you can set an alert for your email.

Best of luck to you in your work from home journey!

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