30 Best Online Jobs that Don’t Require a Background Check

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Is there something on your background check that you don’t want others to see? Maybe it's small, or maybe it’s big. Either way, things on your background check can make it hard to get a job. If you need a job, check out these online jobs that don’t require a background check!Do you have something on your background check that makes getting a job tough? Maybe you just don’t want to go through explaining the same thing over and over.

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No matter what your reasoning, if you are looking for online jobs without a background check, it is possible to find them!

The key is to find online jobs that do not hire you as an employee. Instead, you want to be an independent contractor.

The jobs that don’t require a background check may involve blogging, freelance writing, graphic design, website testing, or other types of freelance work just to name a few.

So, I have put together a list of online jobs that don’t require a background check. Check them out, now!

Freelance Writing Jobs

Do you have knack for writing? Maybe you do, and you just don’t know it yet. I certainly had no clue how much I would enjoy writing until it was a necessity.

If you are a fluent English speaker, can use word documents, and find that words form from your fingertips, freelance writing jobs may be the perfect source of income for you.

Here are my favorite places to write for:

#1 Deliver quick quality content for Copify. This platform allows you to write copy for both the US and the UK.

#2 When I first started out, I used Textbroker. You will have to do a writing sample to determine how much you get paid per word. Then, take work as you can.

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One thing to keep in mind when it comes to Textbroker is that writing tasks get taken quickly, so make sure you are an early bird if you want to grab work for the day.

#3 If you consider yourself an experienced writer, you can write for Scripted. You will write website copy, blog copy, Social Media, or email copy.

With Scripted, writers make $20-$35 per article they complete. Pass a simple writing test, create a profile and apply for jobs!

#4 Write compelling content that gets page views and traffic with Dotdash. As a freelancer for Dotdash, you get paid a minimum for the number of articles you write.

You are compensated according to page growth. So, you want your content to be astounding.

#5 Work as a freelance writer for Verblio. With Verblio, you write content and customers choose what they want to purchase.

If you want to make a good amount with this gig, you need to make sure your content stands out compared to everyone else. Think of great titles.

#6 Get paid monthly with ConstantConetent. All you have to do is create a profile, apply for projects, connect with brands, and start making money.

The great thing about this gig is that you can set your own price. This means you can make as much or as little as you want depending on your level of experience.

#7 If you like the idea of getting paid for what you are worth, London Brokers is the company for you. They guaranteed to never run out of work.

After completing the sign-up process, you can start working right away. Just log in and pick work from the board. You won’t be disappointed.

#8 Look for contract writing jobs on Contena. This platform has some of the highest paying writing gigs you can find.

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#9 I like coming up with top lists for Listverse. They great thing about them is that they pay $100 per list if your article gets approved. This is a great way to build up your income.

#10 Working for LovetoKnow is a flexible job structure that allows social media writers and other professionals to work from home with a flexible schedule.

Website Testing Jobs from Home

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand when I go to a website and can’t find what I am looking for.

Being a website tester is a job that gives you the best of both worlds. You get paid to tell other people what you don’t like about their website and how to improve it.

Here are some website/user testing jobs that don’t require a background check.

#11 The first user testing site I tried was UserTesting. The pay is pretty decent as you get paid $10 per test you do.

To work for UserTesting, all you need is a webcam and the ability to articulate what you are looking at and what needs to be changed.

#12 Get paid to test and evaluate websites with WhatUsersDo. You won’t need a background check, and you can work when it is convenient for you.

Each test for WhatUsersDo takes about 15-20 minutes. You are paid $8 per test which means you can make about $24 per hour with this gig.

#13 Get paid with Appen to evaluate the entire web. Instead of telling websites how they can improve their website, you tell Google how to improve search result quality.

With Appen, there is no background check, and you get paid $13-$15 per hour to work from home.

#14 Mechanical Turk is an Amazon job platform where you can snatch up small tasks and get paid for it. You can test websites, do data entry, or any task that need done.

#15 Get paid to test website usability with TryMyUI. This company pays you $10 per 15-20 minute test. This means you can make up to $30 per hour testing websites.

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Work from Home Transcription Jobs

Can you listen exceptionally well and type at lightning speeds. If so, transcription work may be for you.

I can’t lie, this is not my fortay, but I do know many transcriptionists that make good money listening to audio or video files and transcribing them into written words.

The downside to transcription jobs is that there are many that require you to become an employee and get paid an hourly wage.

However, I have found a few that require no background check, and you can take on work as it suits you right from your bed if you want.

#16 AccuTran Global contracts freelancers to work from home transcribing audio. There is no background check, but you will be required to pass a test.

If you can type at lightning speeds, you may qualify to transcribe live audio. This means you are transcribing while someone is speaking live. And, you get more money to do this as well.

#17 If you are looking for an entry-level transcription gig, check out Ai Media. They offer various captioning and transcription audio and video for you to choose from.

You will be required to take a few short tests in order to work for them. So, you want to type fast, but also have at least 99% accuracy.

#18 Only 10% of applicants get into Rev. This is because Rev wants the best of the best transcribers out there.

Pay is really good, however, and you can make $1 per audio or video minute. If you are quick, you can make up to $15 an hour.

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Mail Decoy and Sorting Jobs

I have to be honest here, I didn’t even know these jobs existed until I did a little research and some digging.

In fact, you can get work from home mail jobs for voicemails, calls, mail, and email.

If you like staying organized and making things flow nicely, check out these mail decoy sorting jobs you can do from home!

#19 Companies all over the world need human call reviewers to listen to and sort calls. You can be their human sorter just by registering with Humanatic.

#20 Become a decoy for Hausernet. You can get paid 25 cents per piece of mail you sort and store by date entered on their website.

Basically, this is a way for companies to track how long it takes their customers to get marketing material. So, you are just a decoy before the real stuff gets mailed out.

#21 Another company that wants you to be a decoy is US Monitor. Spend an hour or less each day processing mail online. You get 25 cents for each piece of mail processed.

Online Task Jobs and Surveys

Another great way to make money online without a background check is to pick up online tasks and sign up for survey sites.

There are many people who are making a killing just take surveys in their free time from home.

I personally like to take them while I am sitting with the kids watching the same movie we have seen for the 100th time.

#22 Get paid to test new products before they hit the shelves, take surveys, or give your opinion to the world with Toluna.

#23 Back in the day, I used to use Slice the Pie. You get paid to listen and review music.

So, this is a great gig to do while you are doing other jobs like writing. I find writing goes much faster with a little background music anyways.

#24 You can post anything you are willing to do for $5 bucks on Fiverr! If you follow through on tasks quickly, that $5 adds up.

#25 Share opinions of legal disputes with Darwin’s Data. They will pay you $25 for each survey you take. It is seriously that easy! And, no background check.

#26 If you are like me and don’t like doing mundane things day after day, ClickNwork is a great gig that gives you some variety in your life.

They offer tasks such as research, writing, data entry, consultants, translations, and various other online tasks you can do from your computer.

#27 Get weekly pay to complete tasks in writing, proofreading, editing, and more with Clickworker.

#28 Get paid to type in data from home with Cass Info. The only bad thing is you have to do onsite training before you can transition to a home base.

#29 Microworkers is a great platform that provides micro tasks such as surveys, and transcription work.

#30 Get paid $3-$7 per task you do for Fancy Hands. When you sign up, you will take a short test. And, by short I mean these tasks only take you 5-minutes.

I don’t know about you, but making $3 every 5-minutes sounds like a dream job to me.

#31 Get paid daily with OneSpace. All approved work that you do gets paid the very next day via Paypal. So, no more waiting around until payday to get paid.

#32 If you don’t see a job here that you like, you can create a profile on Upwork and search various projects for the gig that fits your lifestyle.

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Final Thoughts

Working from home is totally doable, and you can make a living by signing up for gigs and doing them in your free time.

Not only can you make great money from your couch, but you don’t have to worry about a background check.

Keep checking back for new job opportunities. Good Luck!

Did I miss anything?

Let us know if there are any other jobs we should add to the list by leaving a comment below!

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