Want to Know How to Make Free PayPal Money Online? Check Out These 75 Ways!

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Would you like a little extra money to find its way into your PayPal account? Check out these 75 ways to earn money, for free. You won’t regret it!It’s rare these days to find someone who doesn’t use PayPal.

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PayPal is a great, and safe way to pay for online purchases, as well as a fast way to get paid for your services.

If you want to learn how to make money, for free, and have it magically appear in your PayPal account, you are in luck. I have 75 different ways to make money, that all pay via PayPal!

What’s so great about PayPal?

I think a majority of you probably already know what makes PayPal so great, but for the few of you who are still used to getting checks in the mail, let me fill you in a bit on PayPal.

Using PayPal is a very fast, easy and secure way to deal with payments, whether earning money, or paying for purchases.

Their website is incredibly easy to navigate. And when you are ready to transfer your money from your PayPal account to bank card or bank account, it’s a pretty quick process.

Simply sign onto your account, choose where you want to transfer your funds, how much you want to transfer, and voila! Within a matter of minutes (or about 24 hours, pending the payment method you choose), your money will magically appear right where you want it to be.

How to make free PayPal money online

So now that you are familiar with a few different ways you can use PayPal, let’s get to the exciting business. Getting paid money, via PayPal!

There are hundreds of ways to get paid through PayPal.

Some of these ways are pretty easy, in which you simply watch videos and ads, or earn rebates through shopping apps. Other times you can earn money by having a side gig.

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If you are looking to earn more than just a few bucks here and there, skim through the following websites, that will allow you to get paid a decent amount for working a real gig.

Become a translator

Are you fluent in multiple languages? If so, why not get paid to for your skill? The following all pay you through PayPal, for your translating services.

#1. Unbabel will pay you as soon as you complete your translation tasks. What I love about this site is that you can do it from basically anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection, and a phone or laptop!

#2. At Translate.com you can decide when and where you want to translate. So if you want to earn a few bucks while waiting on a doctor’s appointment, simply log in and start translating. They pay by the word, and you can cash out whenever you want to.

#3. When translating for Tethras you will strictly be translating mobile apps into another language.

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Become a proofreader

Do you have a knack for spotting grammatical errors and misspelled words? Get paid to become a proofreader!

#4, #5, #6. Find freelance proofreading work through these platforms: Upwork, Flexjobs, Freelancer.

#7. Do you have a college degree? Why not check out Scribendi for their latest proofreading jobs.

#8. When proofreading for EditFast you will have to submit your own invoices, to get paid once a month.

#9. Get paid weekly, after becoming a proofreader for Domainite.

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Become a website tester

Get paid to test how easy a website is to navigate, as well as note any broken links or other funky things that may appear on a website. The following sites will pay you to test out websites, and sometimes apps.

#10. There are a variety of projects to test at userlytics. Some of them can even pay up to $90!

#11. Want to make a quick $3? Check out Userbrain where you will receive new websites to test, weekly! Each test will pay $3.

#12. It’s not just websites you will be testing at User Testing. You will also be testing the usability of various apps!

13#. Ordinary folks, this one’s for you! UserCrowd will pay you in credits (10 cents per credit), which you can then cash out, once you reach 100 credits ($1).

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Teach another language

Obviously, you’re fluent in English. Why not put what comes so natural to you, to work? Get paid to teach English as a second language to others.

#14. Your earning potential with iTalki is totally up to you. You will set your own prices to teach English. Work anywhere you have a computer, internet connection, and a headset!

#15. Get paid to Skype! That’s right, you can teach right through Skype, and get paid immediately by your students. You can set your own rate here at Verbalplanet, too!

#16. Make your own hours, and get paid every Monday with Cambly.

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Sell your knowledge

Okay, so that sounds a little weird, but what I mean is, educate others in what you are passionate about. Create a teaching course!

There are numerous places where you can create a course on a variety of different subjects. So if there is something that you are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about, why not teach others about it?

#17. Teach beginners how to knit on SkillShare. If knitting isn’t your thing, no worries. You can teach a course on just about anything here.

#18. Create your very own “school” with Teachable.

#19. Do you want to have your own branded website to sell your course? Check out Thinkific.

#20. Coggno is another great place to sell your own courses, and get paid via PayPal.

#21. You can create your very own website to sell your course on. For a small fee, Bluehost will host your website, as well as help you register your domain.

#22. Udemy has some great resources when it comes to teaching others your skills.

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Become a freelance writer

Freelance writing is a great way to work from home, and oftentimes you can get paid through Paypal. There are numerous different tasks you can take on as a freelance writer. Check out the following sites, and start bidding on job opportunities today!

#23. Textbroker

#24. Boost Media

#25. Freelancer

#26. Writersdomain.net

#27. Verblio

#28. Writer Access

#29. BKA Content

#30. FlexJobs

#31. Indeed

#32. Upwork

#33. Monster

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Transcription Jobs

Another way to make some fairly easy cash is to become a transcriptionist. Basically, as a transcriptionist you will be converting various audio files into text files. Check out these sites that hire transcriptionists, and pay them through PayPal.

#34. TranscribeMe is one of the more popular transcription sites that people often work through.

#35. Each transcription task for Scribie can be done within about 6 minutes or so, and you will be paid by the audio hour.

#36. Quicktate offers a variety of transcription projects, from medical files, to recorded phone calls.

#37. If you are looking to make quick cash, CastingWords will allow you to cash out your earnings once you have made $1.

#38. Transcribe.com is another popular website that people visit, when searching for various transcription tasks

#39. Get paid on a weekly basis as a medical or legal transcriptionist for Athreon

#40. 1-888TypeItUp doesn’t sound like a legitimate site, but it is! In fact, they will pay you twice a month, for your transcription services. Once on the 15th, as well as on the last day of every month.

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Free PayPal Cash

If you are looking to make a little cash, but not really wanting to make a side job out of it, check out these super simple ways to earn PayPal cash for free!

Sell your old things

We all have things lying around that we no longer use. That doesn’t mean that others won’t use them. The following are places that will help you sell your stuff, and get paid for it all, with PayPal.

#41. Do you have a closet full of designer good that you no longer use? If so, you will definitely want to take a peek at Yoogi’s Closet, to offload your goodies.

#42. When you are ready to ditch your old designer handbags, to make room for new ones, check out Bag Borrow or Steal. You can use this site to sell or consign your gently used bags.

#43. Gazelle accepts particular brands of laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Earn some money by selling your old ones, when it is time for an upgrade.

#44. NextWorth will give you a free quote, and free shipping label for your used Smartphones and other electronics. Before long your payment will show up in your PayPal account.

#45. Swappa is known to pay you for your used electronics from virtual reality gear and cameras,

to laptops and cell phones.

#46. Gizmogul is just one more site that accepts a variety of used electronic devices, and will then send you money, via PayPal

#47. Not sure what to do with your old textbooks? Sell them at Cash4books!

#48. If you’re ready to clear off your dusty old bookshelf, be sure to head over to Powell’s Books. Please note, they don’t buy outdated textbooks or encyclopedia sets.

#49. Are you looking to declutter? Simply check out Decluttr, where you will be able to sell a variety of goods, even your old DVDs and CDs.

#50. OfferUp is a great way to get rid of just about anything in your home, and get paid for it. Buyers can pay through PayPal for a variety of items like bicycles, baby goods, and electronics.

#51. Sell your used items through LetGo. However, make sure you receive your payment, before sending you item. Scams are more likely to happen, otherwise.

Get paid to watch videos

Search your phone or tablet to find these easy, money making apps, and start watching videos today.

#51. Whether you have an Android or iOS device that you watch your streaming television on, you can get paid to watch your shows! Just download the Viggle app, and earn Perk points that you can transfer over to PayPal, just for doing what you do every day, anyway!

#52. Download the Perk TV app for either your Android or iOS device, to start earning points, that you can turn into PayPal cash. Simply watch various videos through the app, like movie trailers and trailers for different apps, and start earning points today!

#53. Do you love watching popular videos, and seeing new gifs? You may as well get paid to watch them! Rewardable TV is an app that as available for androids only. Download the app, and start earning points today, then transfer them to PayPal when you’re ready.

#54. Watch2Earn is another app that is available for androids. Here you can watch their videos and earn points that you can use to redeem for your choice of various gift cards, or PayPal cash.

Clean out your wallet

Oddly enough, you can earn money just from cleaning out your wallet. If you have gift cards that you don’t intend to use, why not sell them?

Here are some places that will buy your gift cards from you, and send your money through PayPal.

#55. Gift Card Granny

#56. CardCash

#57. Raise

#58. CardKangaroo.com

#59. eBay

Survey Sites

Have you always wanted to get paid to answer surveys? Well, now you can. Check it out.

#60. You can download the iPoll app on both Android and iOS devices. iPoll will allow you to give your opinion on a variety of good and services that you use every day.

#61. With Qmee you can download the app, or download their desktop extension from their website, to take a number of surveys. There is no minimum to cash out, so you can transfer your money right away!

#62. Download the Zap Surveys app that guarantees a $6 payment for your first survey. There are a variety of payout options, however, I, of course, suggest PayPal!

#63. Registering for an account with Toluna is completely free. Simply register in order to partake in a variety of surveys. Later you will be able to transfer your earned points into PayPal cash.

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Get paid to shop

Finally, my all-time favorite way to get paid through PayPal is to use these amazing apps on my phone. It’s like getting paid to shop! Most of these are rebate apps. Check them out today, and download them before your next shopping trip!

#64. Shopmium

#65. SwagBucks

#66. Receipt Hog

#67. iBotta

#68. SavingStar

#69. Mr. Rebates

#70. Ebates

#71. TopCashBack

#72. Paribus

#73. Acorns

#74. Checkout 51

#75 Dosh


Earning cash for free, via PayPal is incredibly easy.

If you have time for a side gig, you can earn a pretty good amount of cash. But if you just want to earn a few dollars here and there, you have plenty of options to go that route, as well.

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