25 of the Best Translation Jobs From Home, Just for You!

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Are you fluent in multiple languages, and looking to work from home? If so, check out this amazing list of the best translation jobs from home.Being fluent in multiple languages can come in handy, for a variety of reasons.

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One great thing about speaking more than one language is that it is a plus when you are hunting for jobs. Not only does it look and sound good, but it is something that not everyone can offer. It is somewhat of a rarity, and it can open up a whole new world of job opportunities.

Being knowledgeable in different languages can surely help you land certain jobs. But did you know there are numerous jobs that are specifically created for bilingual folks like yourself? In fact, a lot of these jobs are even able to be done in the comfort of your very own home.

Work from Home as a Translator

Translation jobs are a great example of a work from home job for someone who knows at least two languages.

Translators are people who take the written word from one language, and translate it into another language. To become a translator, not only must you be fluent in different languages, but you should also have other skills, such as cultural intelligence, good listening skills, writing skills, computer skills, and the ability to manage your time wisely.

If this sounds like you, check out these great sites to help you land a job as a translator.

#1. WorldLingo

When applying at WorldLingo, note that they are hiring two different kinds of translators. General translators, and Specialist translators.

Both require at least two years of previous, continuous translation experience, as well as a university degree.

You will only be used for projects that are targeted for the country in which you currently reside, and you will be translating into your native tongue.

#2. Verbal ink

Previously known as Esriptionist, Verbal ink hires transcriptionists who reside in the U.S.

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When applying be sure to include a cover letter with your resume, or you will have no chance at getting hired. Also, they are looking for experienced help, so if you are new to transcribing you may want to save this link until further on down the road.

As a general transcriptionist, your job will simply be transcribing audio clips, videos, and voice-overs for Verbal ink.

This is one of my favorite sites to work through, however, I should note that they do slow down during certain times of the year, so I wouldn’t bank on it being your only source of income.

#3. Andovar

One of the great things about Andovar is that the businesses that they work with generally have large workloads. And not only that, but they are frequently getting repeat business. This is great if you are looking for a steady source of income.

Andovar requires you to have translating experience and knowledge in your particular area of expertise.

They also are looking for people who are familiar with, and own a CAT tool, to aid in the translation process.

#4. Rev

Rev is a great place for English speaking, freelance translators to find work from home.

When translating for Rev, you will find it especially pleasing to be able to choose from an assortment of projects. You can also pick and choose when you want to work, and how much work you want to do!

You can expect to earn about 5-7 cents per word, as you translate from one language to another. Payments are sent out on a weekly basis, through PayPal.

#5. Gengo

Gengo offers smaller translation services for 14 different languages, including Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese, to name just a few.

Some of the projects offered include translating written work, such as blog posts, emails, social media posts, and minor articles.

Unfortunately, if you are bilingual in Spanish and English, this may not be the best money making gig for you. The reason being that there is already an abundance of Spanish/English translators that snatch up the projects.

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Also, they only pay bi-monthly, so unless this is just a side gig of yours, for a little extra cash, you definitely need to know how to manage your money wisely.

Remembering to request your payout is a must, or chances are, you’ll have to wait an additional two weeks to get paid.

#6. Verbalizeit

One of my favorite aspects about verbalizeit is that you can get notifications through your phone.

I may not always be next to my laptop, so it is easy to miss out on work. However, my phone is something that I am rarely without. So anytime work is available, I get a notification. If I am currently busy, I ignore it. But when I have the time, I simply accept the request, do the translation, and wait for approval.

Verbalizeit translators get paid twice a month, through PayPal. The more credits you earn, for completing translation tasks, the more pay you can earn.

Best Translation Jobs from Home

There are so many different places to have the opportunity to work from home as a translator. The following are some of the best remote translation jobs that are out there.

#7. Transperfect

Freelance translators, check this out!

Transperfect hires freelance translators who are looking to work remotely from their home.

The application process is super easy. Just be sure to be as detailed as possible when filling out, to have the best chance at getting hired.

#8. American Journal Experts

As with many of these work from home jobs, American Journal Experts allow their translators to determine their own workload, as well as create their own schedule.

American Journal Experts is open to hiring entry level independent contractors, however, it is preferred that there be some sort of previous experience in a foreign language setting.

The languages to be interpreted include Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.

#9. Verilogue

Translators who work for Verilogue have an expertise in healthcare. In fact, it is necessary to have previous experience as a medical transcriptionist, before even being considered for hire.

I love that my previous years as a medical transcriptionist is really paying off. My deep love of language is now getting the attention it deserves, all while helping others, by translating through Verilogue.

#10. Transparent Languages

Transparent Languages hires remote translators who are fluent in 64 different languages! This means that your odds of getting in are looking pretty good.

If you are good at paying attention to detail, and have at least 1-2 years of previous translating experience, this may be a good fit for you.

It is also important that you have basic PC skills, including those in Microsoft Office, as well as an experience in translation memory systems.

#11. Airbnb

Airbnb is becoming ever so popular in the lives of people who travel. Instead of staying in hotels or motels, people all around the world are renting rooms, and entire homes for various amounts of time.

Sometimes, though, when you travel elsewhere, there can be language barriers. This is when a translator comes in handy.

Airbnb has remote translators that are fluent in a number of different languages. Unfortunately, they are not always hiring, so I suggest that you come back to check the webpage, frequently, as the translating jobs tend to get nabbed quickly!

Work as an interpreter from home

Translation jobs are not the only way to use your bilingual skills, to work from home. Interpreters are also widely known to be able to work from home, in order to earn a living, or even just a little side cash.

Interpreters are similar to translators, in that they are knowledgeable in multiple languages. The main difference is that instead of translating text, interpreters translate orally.

It is also important for an interpreter to have a deep familiarity with the cultures of each of their languages, as well as an extensive vocabulary in all of their languages.

Here is a list of interpreter jobs you can do from home.

#12. Cyracom

Cyrcaom has thousands of interpreters, so there must be something pretty special about this language service provider!

They understand the challenge in interpretation, so they even created a practice “playground,” in which you can do practice exercises, pertaining to everything interpretation.

What I really love about being an independent contractor for Cyracom is the variety in the work. You never know what kind of phone interpretation you will be doing until you accept the task.

#13. Language Line

Do you remember those three-way calls you would make with a friend, as a kid? Well, now you can get paid to make three-way calls!

Language line is an interpretation service in which you will be involved in three-way calls to help aid in language barriers.

As an interpreter for Language Line, you wait for the calls to come to you. Then you relay messages from another language, in English, to the other caller. It’s quite simple, and you will love making a difference in someone else’s day!

#14.  Interpbridge

Are you familiar with the translating positions at Lionbridge? Interpbridge is Lionbridge’s interpretation service!

If you already have an account with Lionbridge, there no need to create a new one. Simply log in with your old account, and fill out an application on the Interpbridge page.

#15. Certified Languages

If you have at least one year’s worth of interpreting experiences you qualify to apply for a position with Certified Languages

You must also have a landline telephone to be able to complete your work.

#16. Telelanguage

Checkout Telelanguage’s website, often, for a list of current interpretation positions.

Telelanguage frequently lists jobs for people that are looking to interpret from the comfort of their very own homes.

Jobs for both interpreters and translators

If you enjoy both translating and interpreting, many places hire people to do both tasks. The following sites hire both translators and interpreters.

#17. Capita

To be considered as a translator for Capita, experience is required. You must have had at least 3 years worth of translation experience, or a minimum of 100,000 professionally translated words, under your belt.

Interpreters, on the other hand, can be considered with various levels of expertise. When interpreting through their remote service, LiveLINK, you can use both video and a telephone from your own home, to complete your tasks.

Pay can vary, pending where you reside, as well as your specialties.

#18. Interpreters and Translators inc.

Entry level interpreters, this site is just for you! Finding entry-level jobs can be quite a feat, however Interpreters and Translators inc. hires newcomers, just like you!

That being said, there is some criteria that can help you land an interpreting job. For example. A degree in linguistics, or similar, is high on the list. Also, particular college degrees, in your field of expertise are an added bonus.

#19. Multilingual Connections

Translation, transcription, and interpretation. You can find it all at Multilingual Connections.

Though freelancers working through Multilingual Connections do have deadlines to meet, there is no set time in which they must work. Business hours are when you want them to be.

Complete a little bit of work first thing in the morning, with a cup of coffee. Sneak in a translation while waiting on the kiddos to get home from school. Or feel free to work right before bed, if that is when you have the most time.

#20. Language Service Associates

It’s not always easy to find work in American Sign Language, however, if ASL is your specialty, then Language Service Associates has just the job for you!

Check out their website to find out more information about the role, as well as what other kinds of translating and interpreting jobs are available.

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Additional Language Service Providers

Here are a handful more of job opportunities, waiting for you to pounce on them.

There is no such thing is filling out too many applications. The more you fill out, the better your chances at landing work at home jobs that, suit your needs.

So what are you waiting for?

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