Get Paid to Write Reviews Online: Check Out These 27 Sites That Pay!

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If you want to get paid to write reviews online, look no further! 27 of the top paid review writing websites are just a click away. Take a look, and see for yourself!Do you scour reviews before making any purchases, big or small? If so, you likely know just what to look for in a review. That can be a good trait to have, as there are tons and tons of companies that will pay for your honest opinions.

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If you have ever wanted to make money writing reviews, you are in the right place! I have compiled a list of 27 review writing sites, that are waiting for you! Take a look. You know you want to! Plus, who couldn’t use a little easy money these days?

Get paid to write reviews online

When it comes to writing reviews, there are various reasons to do so. Sometimes, you despise a product so much, you simply want to prevent others from making the same purchase mistake that you did.

Other times, you are so in love with a product, that you want to tell the world how it has made your life easier.

And then there are those times when you are simply just looking for ways to earn some extra cash. That’s when you turn to the upcoming list of sites.

While paid reviews are often paid in the form of straight cash, there are also other forms of “payment,” to be expected. Sometimes you will be reimbursed in the form of cashback rebates (sometimes they can even be turned into gift cards!), whereas other times, you will simply get paid by receiving freebies. Sure, extra dollar signs in your bank account are nice, but hey, who doesn’t like a freebie every now and then? I’ll gladly take as many as I stumble upon.

Top review sites

There are various different sites to visit, when you want to write a review.

These first few are some of the more popular (and my absolute favorite) review platforms

#1. Vindale Research

I love Vindale Research because they have a lot of different survey opportunities.

While many of the surveys are just the average ol’ surveys one would expect, you can also opt to do particular surveys in which you are required to purchase a product, through their site. After you purchase and receive the product, you will then have a survey to fill out, pertaining to your purchase.

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Another awesome thing about Vindale Research is that they partner with big names, like Amazon, Disney, and even Netflix!

It is free to sign up with Vindale, however, be sure to fill in your profile completely. The personal information in your profile is key in landing your paid survey and review gigs.

Once you begin doing surveys you will have to rack up $50, in order to cash out your earnings.

#2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a favorite among many. You don’t even have to have a computer to create an account. Simply head over to the app store on your phone, and download it there. In fact, even teenagers as young as 13 can create an account, for free!

This platform has various different tasks that you can do to help you earn a little extra money, so it isn’t just about surveys and reviews of products you have purchased. Once you sign up you will also have the opportunity to make money by watching videos, searching the internet and even earn cash back from certain purchases.

With each task that you perform through Swagbucks, you will earn Swagbucks points. Each point you earn is equivalent to 1% cash back!

When you are ready to withdraw your points you will have the option to either cash out your earnings through PayPal, or turn them into gift cards. There are plenty of gift card retailers to choose from, like Target, Amazon, and Kohl’s, among thousands of others!

#3. Crowdtap

It is both super easy, and free to create an account with Crowdtap.

This marvelous platform allows you to give detailed feedback and reviews on different products and/or services, and in return, earn points. You can also earn rewards by taking and posting a photo of a brand’s product (they call these “photo missions”), as well as answering multiple choice polls.

I have been chosen to review products a couple of times, and it was super easy. The first time I received a coupon to purchase coffee in store. However, this last time I was actually mailed a small sample of facial cleanser right to my doorstep!

Once you accumulate 1,000 points, you can then cash them out in the form of a gift card. I absolutely love turning my points into Amazon gift cards!

Sites that pay money for writing reviews

If you prefer cold, hard cash over freebies, look no further. There are plenty of sites that will pay you money for writing reviews. Check these out.

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#4. Slice the Pie

Music lovers, in particular, may enjoy writing reviews for Slice the Pie.

You can even download the app on your smartphone, and begin doing reviews on the app.

A majority of the reviews you will be doing will be for up and coming musicians who want a little feedback. Though from time to time you may also be able to review commercials.

Don’t expect to get rich from Slice the Pie, as most reviews pay between 1-14 cents. I also want to mention that you have to accumulate $10 before cashing out through PayPal.

#5. Review Stream

Review Stream has a variety of different products and services available to review. Think baby items, furniture, rentals, and airlines. They seem to have a little bit of everything!

There are a few different ways you can earn money from Review Stream.

First, you can get paid for your review, obviously. Second, you can get paid 10 additional cents each time another member likes, and casts a vote for your review. And lastly, you can also get paid in referrals!

#6. Software Judge

If you consider yourself a techie, you may enjoy reviewing various software and apps for Software Judge.

Everyone that writes reviews will have the potential to earn up to $50 per review. However, if you want the big bucks, you must be able to provide spectacular feedback. All other reviews will receive $1.

Cash payouts can only be done once you have reached $200. Though if you are getting antsy, or don’t think you will write enough reviews to earn $200 you can request to have software or games purchased for you, but only once you have met the $20 threshold.

#7. User Testing

User Testing is another site where you can get paid to review apps or websites.

As a website tester, you will be required to spend a short amount of time, usually about 10-20 minutes, thoroughly testing all aspects of various websites. You will note things like how easy was to navigate, whether or not the search bar function worked properly, and if all of the links took you to the correct pages.

You can test sites from your smartphone, or from a computer, however, you will need a microphone to do so. This is because you will actually be recording your thoughts, outloud, as you navigate the website!

Expect to earn $10 a pop. You will see the money in your PayPal account 7 days after completing a website review.

#8. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another popular site, similar to Swagbucks. You can get paid to shop online, refer friends, play games, as well as watch and review videos.

Payments are sent out in the form of a check, when you are ready to cash out.

#9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great place for nearly anyone to sign up.

You can get paid to review a number of products from various brands.

Once you have earned at least $10 you will have the opportunity to transfer the funds to your PayPal account, or turn them into a gift card to a number of retailers or restaurants.

Freebies in return for your opinion

If you get excited over free things, the following sites are going to make you ecstatic! Instead of getting paid in cash for your thoughts, you will actually be able to receive freebies!

Review sites for bloggers

Do you have your own blog, with many faithful followers? If so,I have quite the list of review sites that are meant just for you. They are geared towards folks who are frequent bloggers. Check them out!

#16. Influence Central

Storytellers, influencers, bloggers: no matter what you call yourself, if you have your own blog, and would love to review products or services for your followers, Influence Central is just the site for you!

Once signing up, Influence Central does their part in helping you connect with brands to review.

While your earnings vary greatly, pending on the brand you are paired with, you can expect to get paid through PayPal.

#17. Cooperatize

Pending on how much traffic your site receives, the budget for the brand you are paired with, and your social media reach, you can possibly earn some big bucks with Cooperatize.

Most bloggers can expect to earn $150 for their sponsored content, though some are able to earn as much as $800 per brand!

#18. Get Reviewed

Get Reviewed is another site that will help you find brands to review on your blog.

It is free for bloggers to join, however it can take up to 14 days for payments to show up in your PayPal account, once you have finished a review. On the plus side, there is no limit as to how many reviews you are able to complete.


There are currently over 560 paid sponsorships waiting over at FAMEBIT.

These paid sponsorships are for bloggers who have over 5,000 followers on their social media page, or YouTube channel.

If you fit the requirements, you can take a gander at the sponsorships, and then submit a proposal (including your own rate).

Should you get hired, 90% of the money you earn from the sponsor will be pocketed into your own account, via check or PayPal. The other 10% goes to FAMEBIT, for their services.

#20. Socialix

Socialix is another platform that is great for YouTubers or Instagrammers with at least 5,000 followers.

Instead of searching for your own sponsors, Socialix has their very own team that will help you connect with sponsors. Simply fill out your profile, and wait. Once Socialix has found a compatible sponsor, you will then be able to start creating content, and get paid through PayPal or ACH.

#21. Best Buy

Did you know that you can be an influencer for Best Buy? That’s right. There are Best Buy Influencers!

There are thousands of folks who are already partnering with big companies through Best Buy. Why not join them, if you already happen to have a group of followers who love your writing?

#22. Modern Mom

Who doesn’t love sharing their mommy tips and stories?

As a blogging mom, you may fancy the review site, Modern Mom. It has tons of information for moms of all types. It even has an influencer program to help you connect your own blog with brands. Click on the link to see what kind of opportunities you may be able to find!

#23. Blogvertise

You may have known Blogvertise to help connect you with sponsored posts, however these days they will connect you with sponsored ads.

The amount you earn varies, as it mostly depends on how many followers you have, in combination with the size of the ad.

#24. Izea

Izea works with bloggers who have their own YouTube channels and Instagram followers, as well as personal blogs.

They strive to connect bloggers with compatible brands, which in turn, will help your PayPal account grow.

#25. Sponsored Tweets

If you are a fan of Twitter, you will love earning money through Sponsored Tweets. Sponsored Tweets is actually operated by Izea, and will help you earn money from some of your tweets!

#26. ValuedVoice

There is no fee for review bloggers to get started at ValuedVoice.

They work with numerous channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and even blogs. This is great news, for those who utilize multiple channels.

ValuedVoice pays their reviewers once a month, however, you must have $100 in your account before you are able to request payout.

#27. Link From Blog

It is free to sign up to do reviews from Link From Blog.

As with many of the other review sites for bloggers, you can set your own rates. But what sets Link From Blog apart from the rest is the simple fact that they accept bloggers who have built their blog on a free blogging site!

Expect to earn anywhere from $5-$75 per review, pending the advertiser.

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