Top 11 Websites that Pay You Cash to Test iOS & Android Apps

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Looking for more ways to make money? You’ll want to check out these 11 websites that pay you cash to test iOS and Android apps.

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Wouldn’t be great if you could make money right from your smartphone instead of having to head into an office?

There are a ton of apps that allow people like you to test them without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Every month there are hundreds of thousands of new apps hitting the market. With that many apps, it’s hard to find out what apps have any money-making potentials. Well, that was until Elusive Stars came about.

How to Get Paid to Test Apps

When it comes to building a website, video game, or even an app, it takes a lot of tweaking. This is where you come into play. The app developers choose people like you to use their app to ensure it is user-friendly and ready for their ‘official’ launch.

Where Does Elusive Stars come in?

Elusive Stars is the middle man. They are only around for apps to approach when they are ready to see if people really like the concept of their app or not.

Many app developers will not spend all their energy in an app that the general public do not like. That’s why they will have you to test out the app while it’s still in beta.

Plus, while it’s still in beta, you will be able to help locate all the bugs that they might have not caught yet.

Then through Elusive Stars, you will be permitted to write back feedback on how you liked the app, what could be improved, and what bugs you may have encountered.

Am I Only Allowed to Write Glowing Reviews?

Absolutely not.

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You are not only permitted to writing glowing reviews. The app developers don’t want you to kiss their behinds. They want to know if this is something you will use.

If you are having issues with the app, they want to know it. If you find the content boring, let them know.

They are making an app for you to enjoy. They would want people to download it and have a good time.

If you do not enjoy it, or you come across bugs while using it, it’s perfectly fine to leave a negative review. You will want to only leave truthful reviews to them.

How Much Money Can I Make?

In short, every test pays a different amount. There will be time one test is not as extensive as another test.

The pay varies because the app developers either may be paying a higher or a lower rate to the app testing companies.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a variety of payouts for the same company.

How will I Get Paid?

Most sites like Elusive Stars will pay you through PayPal. Some sites have a threshold in place too. Elusive Stars requires you to earn $10 before they will transfer the money into your PayPal account.

More Review Android Apps for Money

So far, we’ve discussed Elusive Stars, but that’s not the only way to rate apps for cash. There are many other places you can too.

Here they are!


With 99tests, you will be looking for bugs. You will need to keep a log of everything that you find, so you can report back to them.

The pay with 99tests ultimately will depend on how extensive and how long the project really is.

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There are times that developers want a more complex log file, which in return, will end up paying you more.

The good thing with 99tests is that once you finish the task at hand and it’s approved, you will receive your payment.


AppCoiner is available to anyone. It is a place where people like you can test apps and provide feedback on said apps.

You will need to download the app AppCointer to start. Once you complete the download process, you will be able to browse the database of apps that are looking for feedback.

You will then be able to download these apps, try them out, and then give them a review.

You can then go and rate another app. There are no caps. You are free to go through the entire list.

As for payment, you will only make money, IF someone decides to download the app based on your review.


Ferpection is another great place you can use to test out some apps. It’s like the other app testing companies, where they want you to write an honest feedback.

Ferpection is in France and the United Kingdom. They pay out in Euros.

However, as you move through the process with Ferpection, they do request that you take screenshots of things that you may like or things that you don’t, or bugs that you may experience.

You will have the option to add comments to your screenshots to let the app developer know what each photo is.

Each test or review will pay around 10 euros, which is equivalent to $12 USD. They pay through PayPal.

Tester Work

Tester Work is another company that allows you to rate apps on both Android and iOS. However, this company works closely with many Huge App developers, such as Evernote and Facebook.

In the onboarding process, you will be required to fill out an assessment. This will test your ability to follow instructions and the basic knowledge of app testing.

After you complete a test, you will get your payment within 12 to 14 days after it is approved, or the test cycle is finished.

You will either be getting paid through PayPal or you will be getting paid through an Upwork contract.

Try My UI

Try My UI is one of the best website testing companies out there. However, they also do have some app testing tasks too.

Each task is about 20 minutes. What’s neat about Try My UI is that you will always get paid a flat rate of $10. So, you know exactly what type of money you will be making every time.

The company pays out every Friday. They pay using PayPal. You will be paid for any task that was completed and already approved.

You should know it may take around 3 business days for the payment to official clear.


Ubertesters is a company that will pay to test out apps on your tablet or your smartphone.

Before you can start rating, you will need to complete the application. Once completed, you will then have to wait for one of the company’s managers to contact you to finish your certification.

The certification is only a small assessment that will make sure the company knows that you know what your ‘job’ is and that you can do it properly.

What’s really cool about Ubertesters is that you will get paid for the time you spend on each task. It’s not liked the rest where you only get paid a certain amount no matter how fast or how short you spend on it.


UserTesting is like Try My UI. You can get paid to test out websites, but they also pay you to test out apps too.

With UserTesting, you will be compensated $10 for every 20-minute test. However, they will want to ask you to download and install a screen recorder, so the app developer can see what you are seeing. You will be speaking your thoughts as you are going along with the process.

UserTesting pays through PayPal. They will pay about a week after your test is completed and approved by the client.


Userzoom is under the IntelliZoom panel. You will be rating apps and sites. Most of these tests will take anywhere from 10 minutes to about 20 minutes. You will get an average pay of $10 per test.

Tests typically are approved within 3 to 5 business days after you submit them. After the tests are approved, you will receive your payment through PayPal.

What’s different with Userzoom is that after you do a test, you will get a quality rating. Your quality rating is important. This is the factor of how many more invites you will receive in the future. You will want to take your time with these to ensure you have a good quality rating.

Test Birds

Test Birds is another great place to test mobile apps.

What’s different about them is that their pay varies depending on how complex the task is at hand. Which, in return will work in your favor.

For a basic task, you will earn about 20 euros, which is equivalent to $23.48. The more complex tasks go up from there.

In their FAQ section, they state that on average people earn around 10 euros, or in USD $12 per hour while completing these tasks.

Test Birds will either direct deposit your money in your bank, or they can PayPal you the money.

Pro-Tip: If you can locate HUGE technical bugs, while testing these apps, you can earn even more cash.


TestFairy is another company that allows you to test mobile apps on your Android and iOS smartphones.

With TestFairy, you will get invites sent to your email when a test comes in that matches your demographics and your interests.

You will then download the app, complete the tasks, and head over to your tester dashboard to report any technical difficulties you may have come across.

TestFairy pays differently in all their tasks, but you will notice that they do put the compensation rate in their invitation email.

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Closing Thoughts

App testing is a great way to make some extra money. As you can tell, there are many sites out there that you can get started on.

While you won’t get rich, you will make some decent money that you can either save or spend on bills.

Always remember it pays to be honest. They are using those services to get honest feedback.

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