6 Best Opportunities to Help You Become a Beta Tester and Get Paid

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Have you always wondered how people get paid to test new products or services? Become a beta tester and get paid today, with these great tips, and real beta testing job opportunities.These days you can find a job doing nearly anything. Even testing out products before they are released.

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How cool would it be to have the opportunity to be one of those people who gets to try something out, firsthand, before the rest of the world?

Well, now you can! This job actually exists, and it even has a real title. Beta tester.

If you have always had a strong desire to be a tester, but just never knew how, you are in luck. Today you can read all about what beta testers do, and how to find beta testing jobs, some of which you can even get paid for!

Why have beta testers?

You may be wondering why beta testers exist. Can’t the creators of a product simply test their goods and services themselves? Absolutely! They can, and they do. However, some products need to be fully tested, in the real world, in order for certain issues and bugs to arise.

So as a beta tester, you will be one of the first people to get to try out a new product.

While you may think this sounds amazing, don’t forget, you are testing a brand new product. You will likely find things that you don’t like about it, or just simply don’t work well.

When you find issues or get frustrated with the product, that’s actually a good thing. This is the time to be true with your findings, and report them back, so that the creator(s) can then solve the issue.

Keep in mind that you are not getting paid to leave good reviews, or feedback, necessarily. Be completely honest, even if you have some negative things to mention.

This will allow them to make it better, before releasing it to the world. After all, they want their product to be successful. If they release it before it’s ready, it would be a horrible first impression, and they would most certainly lose future sales.

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How to become a beta tester and get paid

So now that you know a little more about what beta testing entails, how can you go about finding these dream jobs?

Simple! Keep reading.

I have come up with a list of 6 great websites for you to check out that may give you the opportunity to finally become a beta tester, and even get paid for doing it.

In addition to the websites, you will see a little further down, there are also a few other ways to come across some pretty great beta testing jobs.

Online Forums

At one point or another, you have probably belonged to some sort of online forum. Perhaps it was a parenting forum, or maybe even a forum that your college created for their students.

There are forums out there for nearly anything you can think of. Beta testing included.

If you are truly interested in becoming a beta tester, find some forums that are full of other beta testers, and beta tester wannabes, like yourself. You will be able to find an assortment of resources to help you make this dream job a reality.

Social Media

Where would we be today, without social media?

Most people cannot seem to survive without checking their social media accounts, multiple times each day.

Social media is a great way for people to stay connected, and up to date on things.

Even businesses frequently post on their pages, to keep their customers satisfied, and current on all of their happenings.

So if you have some favorite brands that you would someday like to beta test for, I recommend that you like and follow their social media pages.

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You never know when they may someday sneak out a bit of information about upcoming beta testing opportunities!

Beta testing jobs at home

So as I mentioned before, there are some pretty great sites that are always on the lookout for new beta testers. To make life a little bit easier for you I have gathered a list of four of them.

Be sure to check them all out, and sign up with each one.

Just because you sign up doesn’t mean that you will get accepted, and if you do, it doesn’t always mean you will be given a lot of opportunities to test products.

Increase your odds of getting chosen by signing up for each of them. You never know what kind of person each company is looking for. It may be you!

#1. Betabound

There are over 270 brands that use beta testers, through Betabound!

Surely you are familiar with brands like Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Cricut, Hewlett Packard, Lg, and Mattel, right? Those are just a few of the big-name companies that partner with Betabound.

What I love about Betabound is that they have a very diverse group of beta testers. They accept pretty much anyone over the age of 18, so there are plenty of opportunities for everyone, no matter what your background, or your age!

When searching for tests through Betabound there are a couple of different ways you will be able to find them.

Their homepage lists all sorts of testing opportunities, including a mix of unaffiliated tests, partner betas, and exclusive tests. But there will be select tests that will not show up there.

Those tests can often be found in your email! So be sure to check your email on a daily basis, so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

One thing I do want to mention is that Betabound will not pay you for being one of their testers.

Instead, you will be rewarded through either gift cards, or products.

I would still consider it a win-win, though, because gift cards are basically like money anyway, and who wouldn’t want free products?

#2. BetaFamily

If having physical products in your hand, to test, isn’t really your thing, you will probably love BetaFamily.

Instead of testing various brand name products, and services, BetaFamily is full of opportunities to test brand new apps, that people have developed.

Basically, all you will need is a device of some sort, whether it be a cell phone or a tablet.

What I love about this site is that it is very cut and clear, and easy to navigate.

Each app that is available for testing will list all the compatible devices that the app is intended for. You won’t have to search and search just to find out that a particular app isn’t meant for your Android or iPad.

It is also important to note that while there are plenty of testing opportunities, they are not all paid.

To find out whether or not you will get paid for a particular app, simply look in the top right-hand corner of each app on the list. If it is paid you will see a purple tag on it that says something similar to, “$5 reward.” Also, all paid apps will generally be at the of the list, and pay between $5-$20 each.

When you are ready to cash out, simply click the request payout button. Payments are received through PayPal, and you must have a minimum of $50 in your account before you can cash out.

#3. App Coiner

Do you still like the idea of testing apps, for money? If so, App Coiner is a great app for you to download.

After signing up, simply choose an app to test, check it out, and then write an honest and meaningful review on it.

While I have not actually signed up yet, I have heard that this site always has a variety of apps to choose from, and they are always looking for new testers.

Why not give it a go, what can it hurt? All you need to get started is a smartphone or tablet, and an internet connection!

#4. Erli Bird

One of the first beta testing sites I have ever signed up with is Erli Bird.

Their whole process is pretty simple. First, create your free account on the website. Once you have been accepted, then you just wait for emails to come in. It really is that easy!

While there have been many months that I haven’t received a single invite, there was one month that I received 5 separate invites!  

Erli Birds beta tests are invited only, as you must meet certain criteria for each test. Businesses will only connect with you if your demographics, devices, and interests match up with their product.

If you get an invite, simply respond back with your application, and wait for further communication.

For each beta test you complete, you will receive $10. Payment is done through my favorite, PayPal. I have always received my earnings about 7 days after completing my test.

If you are at least 18 years old, and can fluently speak and write in English, don’t hesitate, and sign up for Erli Bird’s beta testing website.

#5. 99 Tests

If you are interested in testing out new software, you should definitely take a look at 99 Tests. No previous experience is necessary.

When testing software and mobile apps you will be on the lookout for any bugs that need to be fixed.

In fact, your pay will be determined by this. That’s right, you don’t get paid hourly by 99 Tests. You are paid by the amount of bugs you find, as well as the complexity of the bugs.

Though payments vary, you are sure to get paid twice a month, so long as you request your payment, via Paypal, before the 15th and the last day of every month.

This well-known testing site currently works with over 35,000 testers, and partners with over 280 different companies, so it must be worth looking into!

#6. VMC’s Global Beta Test Network

Calling all gamers! If you have always wanted to beta test games for money, this site is meant for you! Your dream may finally be coming true!

VMC’s Global Beta Test Network has nothing but AAA multiplayer console and PC games for testing!

Some of the world’s best video game developers are looking for people, perhaps even you, to test out their video games, before they get released.

If you are already drooling at the mouth, head on over to their site, and sign up today.

Should you be one of the lucky ones to get chosen as a beta tester (be patient, as it may take up to two weeks before you get a response), you will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Unfortunately, that means no dishing out details to all of your gaming buddies!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering about pay. You will be paid hourly, with rates varying by the region in which you reside. You will receive your payment, through PayPal, about 45 days after you complete your project. Forty Five days may seem like a long time, but does that really matter, when you get to be one of the first people to play a brand new game? I think not!

Wrap Up

To wrap this up, you can see that there is plenty of potentials to become a beta tester, for a variety of products and services.

Many tests pay cash, whereas others pay you in the form of free, or discounted products, and sometimes you will even find beta tests that are just a way to help you pass the time.

If you really want to become a beta tester, don’t sell yourself short.

Most, if not all legitimate beta testing companies will be looking for a variety of people from different demographics, who have particular interests. Just because you don’t get accepted for a test right away doesn’t mean that it will not happen.

Be patient, and keep all of your information up to date.

Do you have any tips for others who are looking to become beta testers?

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