16 Work From Home Jobs That Pay 16 Dollars an Hour or More

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Looking for 16 dollars an hour or more jobs? Look no further! I have the best list of companies that pay $16 or more an hour to work from home.When you work from home, you still need to make a living. You can’t make pennies working from home, you need to make a decent amount of money.

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Sixteen dollars an hour is a decent amount to make per hour. Making even a little more than this is money in your pocket.

I do have to say that it’s not as easy to find work from home companies that are willing to pay this amount per hour. A few reasons are that they are hiring work from home professionals to save money down the road.

The good news is that the really good companies that pay well are also going to be the most consistent. Having a consistent work from home job is awesome and not something you should take for granted.

$16 An Hour Jobs That are Hiring

If you’re looking for a work from home job, then consider these $16 an hour jobs that are hiring. When I went to these websites, they all had jobs listed, which is awesome.

Keep in mind that some of these are jobs making $18 an hour. Of course, some of them are $16 an hour jobs and $17 an hour jobs. You just can’t NOT apply for these jobs, they’re too awesome to pass up!

Transcription $16 An Hour Jobs

Working from home and making $16 an hour has to start somewhere. One of the most popular ways to make $16 an hour or more from home is with transcription. Check out these transcription companies that will pay you this amount of money!

The first stop with companies that you $16 or more an hour is with 3 Play Media. This company hires work from home professionals to do audio transcription. You can easily make a good amount of money per hour without much thought!

Time Etc is another work from home company that around $16 an hour. With this transcription company, you will be work as a virtual assistant. Many people work from home as a virtual assistant doing transcription and other tasks.

Are you still looking for a transcription company? You may find joy in working for Rev. While you have to take a qualification test, you can earn anywhere from $24 to $39 per audio file, which is unheard of for transcription.

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Another fabulous transcription company that you can work for making more than $16 an hour is TranscribeMe. You will find that this company pays up to $20 for an hour.

One of my favorite transcription companies is SpectraMedi pays more than $16 an hour. If you’re a medical biller or transcriptionist, this is the perfect job for you!

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Search Engine Evaluator $16 an Hour Jobs

Want to work from home, but don’t want to be a transcriptionist or writer? If so, it’s time to get on the search engine evaluator train. With this job, you can make more than $16 an hour and work in your pajamas. I’d say that’s a win-win.

One of the most popular search engine evaluator companies to work for is Appen Butler Hill. Rumor has it that you start out at $13, but can work your way up to $16 in no time.

Another search engine evaluator job to consider is LionBridge. One of the oldest work from home positions that I know about is with this company. It may be worth checking out to help you earn an honest living with over $16 an hour.

Phone Work $16 An Hour Jobs and $17 An Hour Jobs

If I’m being honest with you, then you should know that phone work pays the most. Since you will most be working customer service, you can easily expect to make $16 or more an hour. Stay tuned to keep reading which companies are this generous in their pay per hour.

Blue Zebra Appointment is one of the best work at home companies out there, in which you can do customer service and make over $16 an hour. While it does involve cold calling, you can make over $20 an hour.

Another company that offers work from home customer service jobs is Neiman Marcus. The only downfall is that you have to live in the Dallas area, in order to be hired. The upside is that you can get paid $16 an hour.

NexRep is a company I have mentioned a few times for working from home and making decent money. The pay is commision, but you can easily make over $16 an hour. You will be responsible for making outbound and inbound phone calls.

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ContractWorld works with some of the world’s most favored restaurants. We’re talking KFC and Pizza Hut. They also work with other companies. Anyways, imagine yourself working as a CSR for this company and you could make more than $16 an hour!

One company that you may not have heard of is Pleio. This job is one in which you will call patients to remind them to take their medication. You can expect to make good money from this job, anywhere from $15 to $25.

Last but not least is ACD Direct. If you desire to work from home and be a customer service rep, this is a good start. You get paid per minute, which can result to quite a bit of money per hour.

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Online Tutoring and Teaching Jobs Making $18 An Hour

Want to tutor kids who are learning English? It may be time to check out VIPKid. Rumor has it that you can make anywhere from $14 to $25 an hour and that’s a lot of money when working from home. You do need to have a degree to work for this company.

With Magoosh, you can help others test prep. They help with just about every type of important test out there, so why not give it a try? You can make up to $20 an hour working this type of job.

Verdant isn’t as well known, but it’s still a company you can make good money from doing tutoring.

Sadly, not every tutoring or teaching company wants to pay you what you’re worth! Make sure you ask how much they pay before you get hired on. It’s not a rude question, it’s an important one.

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Random Jobs Work From Home Jobs

Perhaps one of the best reasons for working at home is the ability to work whatever job you want. If you have no desire to work in customer service, then a random job may be perfect for you. Some of these jobs may not be steady, but they do pay a decent amount of money per hour.

  • Snuggle Buddies – Hey if snuggling is your thing, you can actually get paid to do it. This job also pays well per hour.
  • Stitch Fix – Become a fashionista and help others look great by helping to pick out their clothes.
  • Crowdsource – One of my favorite work from home options. This job requires a person to do random tasks, anything from marketing to editing.
  • User Testing – If you can complete a test on time and within the allotted time frame, you can earn a decent amount of money per hour here.
  • Testing Time – If you’re looking to share your opinion and earn money, then this is the best way to do it. Check it out and see if it’s a good opportunity for you!
  • Work for Buffer.com as a web designer or engineer, plus there are other work opportunities available from home.
  • For those of you who are fluent in more than the English language, you’re going to love making around $17 an hour if you get hired through Rosetta Stone.
  • Show Mojo has different work from home opportunities available, make sure you check it out.
  • Get a virtual assistant job through Virtual Office Temps, you can make a good amount of money per hour.

Tips for Landing a High Paying Work From Home Job

Landing one of these jobs is a big deal. There are thousands of people in the job pool, and you need to figure out a way to stand out. If you’d like to know how you can land one of these high paying work from home jobs, follow these tips.

#1. Have a good resume on hand

Your work at home resume should be just as awesome as your work outside of the home resume. You need to make sure it represents you well and that there are NO spelling or grammar issues.

#2. Speak well

Just because you aren’t having a face to face interview with your potential employer, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak your best. Some of these companies request that you do a video interview. Speak loudly, speak clearly, and speak intelligently. Some of these jobs are phone jobs, and you will need a great customer service voice.

#3. Apply for several of these jobs

It could take anywhere from a month to a year for you to land a high paying work from home job. My advice to you is to apply for as many of these jobs that you possibly can. Don’t be shy about applying for these jobs as they could end up being your dream job.

#4. Know your worth

Just like you would for a work outside of the home job, you should know your worth. You can say no to a job if you don’t think they’re paying enough. There is always a better paying job on the horizon!

Final Thoughts

Working from home can change your life in a great way. However, you can’t work for nothing, you need to make money to be able to pay your bills.

For those of you who are looking for a work from home job, I hope these recommendations help you land something great.

All of these work from home jobs are perfect opportunities to better your situation. Working from home allows you to have a more flexible schedule, learn more, and make more money. As you work for these companies, you’re subjected to higher pay and more benefits.

There is only one thing left to do now, and that’s to go apply for these jobs and find one that you love and that you can see yourself working at for many more years to come.

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