Top 25 Work From Home Medical Jobs in 2020

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If you have always wanted to work from home, but also enjoy helping people, these jobs are just for you. Check out these work from home medical jobs, today!If you have a strong desire to work from home, but an even stronger desire to help others, you are in luck! There are plenty of opportunities to allow you to do both. The following are some of the best work from home medical jobs, for people just like you!

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Work From Home Medical Jobs, Doing Triage

There are various different career opportunities in the medical field. In fact, some of them don’t even required you having to step foot inside of a hospital or doctor’s office.

Telephone Triage just so happens to be one of those jobs. This skilled job does require you to be a registered nurse, in order to apply. You must also have the ability to think quickly on your feet, and work independently. So put those years of hard, college work to use, and check out these triage jobs you can do from home.

#1. triage 4 pediatrics

Do you live in Texas? If so this job is for you. Triage 4 pediatrics has positions for telephone triage nurses.

In order to apply there are a few requirements. As previously stated, you must have an RN license in the state of Texas. It is also necessary to have a minimum of 5 years experience in pediatrics. Also, any candidates must be willing, and able to pass a drug test, as well as a background check.

If you are a caring person, and fit the requirements, get your resume ready, open up the door to a new possibility.

#2. Nemours Children’s Health Systems

Nemours has a variety of healthcare positions available. They deal in the care and well being of pediatrics, and their families.

Telephone triage is just one of the jobs they hire for. Unfortunately, they may not always be in need of telephone triage nurses, so I recommend that you check back frequently, if you think this may be the place for you!

#3. Carenet

Carenet has a different name for their telephone triage nurses. When searching through their list of open career opportunities, you will want to be on the lookout for “care advisors.”

What I love about Carenet is that they have a variety of different positions open at all times. It isn’t just listings for nights and weekends. You will find various job openings for all hours of the day, as well as different days of the week. This is great, for those that don’t want to get stuck taking calls on nights and weekends, only.

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#4. Fonemed

Are you looking for benefits, as a work from home triage nurse? If so, you don’t want to skip over this one! Fonemed is just the place you have been searching for, as employees who work at least 24 hours each week are eligible for Fonemed’s company health insurance.

If you get hired to work for Fonemed, you can expect to get great training, and support from your coworkers and managers, and at least one work-free weekend per month.

#5. PFL Biotech

If you happen to have a background in neurology, be sure to check out the night nurse jobs, that are sometimes available at PFL Biotech. This background may get your foot in the door.

You must also have at least a 2-year degree in the medical field, as well as an active nurse license.

#6. United Health Group

United Health Group is another great website to check out, frequently, for the ever-changing medical job opportunities.

Simply do a quick search for a triage nurse, to see what is currently available. However, note that not all of the jobs that pop up will be remote. Take notice of any postings that happen to mention “telecommute,” which will allow you to work comfortably from home.

Work From Home Healthcare Jobs

If working in the medical field is something that you have a strong passion for, but you don’t have a license in Registered Nursing, not to worry. There are other options that you can do from the comfort of your own home! The following are jobs in the field of medical billing and coding.

#7. Maxim Health Information

Check out Maxim Health Information for a huge list of current job openings in the medical field.

Maxim can help you find a number of different jobs around the country, including medical coding. Some of them even allow you to work remotely, from home!

If you have a minimum of 3 years experience as a previous medical coder, you shouldn’t delay looking into Maxim’s plenty of career opportunities.

#8. iMedx

Imedx offers flexible schedules, to help you work around your busy lifestyle.

As a remote medical coder for iMedx, you will also be eligible for a 401k and insurance plans.

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Now get ready for the best parts. Should you decide to further your education, iMedx may reimburse some of your educational costs. And there is even opportunity for advancement, with the company!

#9. Aviacode

As with many of the medical coding jobs, it is necessary to have at least three years of previous coding experience to get a job through Aviacode. Not quite there yet? Just bookmark this page, and come back when you have a little more experience under your belt!

#10. Conifer Health Solutions

Do you want to find the perfect medical coding job? Look no further! Conifer Health Solutions makes it easy to find work from home jobs. Simply include the term, “telecommute,” in your search, to narrow down all of the jobs that allow you to work anywhere with high-speed internet access!

#11. The Coding Network

What I absolutely love about The Coding Network is that they accept resumes, even when they are not actively looking to hire anyone! So whether you are currently looking for a medical coding job, or perhaps would like one in the future, be sure to submit your resume, whenever you get a moment.

You can pick up to three different specialty coding jobs, when sending your resume.

Though this isn’t an entry-level position, as you must have three years of prior coding, as well as certification, before applying.

#12. Lexicode

Are you close to having three years of medical coding experience, but not quite there yet? No worries. Lexicode lets you apply with only 2 years of previous experience.

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Work From Home Careers In Case Management

Are you highly organized, and ready to commit to coordinating medical cases? If so, becoming a case manager may be right up your alley. There are numerous different companies that are looking to hire case managers, with your qualities. Here are just a handful of them, to get you started.

#13. American International Group

AIG currently has hundreds and hundreds of positions available online. Though they are not all case management positions, so you will have to do some refining to narrow down your choices.

Also, it is important to note that many of the jobs will require you to begin your career traveling to an actual facility, so you will want to make sure you find something local. After a while you may then request to work from home.

#14. The Hartford

Are you an RN looking to work from your home office, in case management? If so, The Hartford should be one of the first places you check out. There often are hundreds of jobs, located all over the country. Be sure to type, “remote,” into the search bar, to find work from home positions.

#15. Aetna

As with many of these job websites, you definitely want to narrow down the large amount of search results, by including, “work from home,” in your search. Aetna is no different. There are hundreds of available jobs to skim through.

While many of the jobs are remote jobs, some of them do require a small amount of travel mixed in with your telework. And sometimes you are even required to reside in, or at least near the city in which you are hired.

#16. Cigna

If you have previous work experience in the health field, chances are you are already familiar with Cigna, as they are the largest health organization in the world.

Cigna is frequently looking for people like you, who have the best interest of others in their heart.

It is no secret as to why over 39,000 people have chosen to work at Cigna. Along with having passion for their customers, they also offer many benefits, including, but not limited to basic life insurance, paid time off and tuition reimbursement.

#17. Healthfirst

If you can demonstrate critical thinking, and manage large caseloads, consider looking into a case management career at Healthfirst.

This New York-based company often has openings for telecommuter case management. What could be better than using your nursing skills to help others, without even having to leave the house?

Additional Healthcare Jobs of Interest

If the previous sites didn’t quite suit your needs, why not check out some of these other sites that have a variety of online medical jobs available. Surely there is an opportunity lurking in them that suits your fancy.

#18. ARO

Calling all RNs and LPNs. ARO is a fine organization devoted to call center work.

While doing telehealth for ARO you will be making and receiving both outgoing, and incoming phone calls, so it is an absolute requirement to have access to a landline. Use of cell phones will not be permitted.

#19. nthrive

Nthrive is a wonderful place to search for work from home jobs, in the healthcare field. Simply use the drop-down menu to find your particular career path you wish to embark on.

Medical billing and coding, as well as medical transcription jobs,  are just a few of the jobs that you may be able to do from your humble abode. Check them out today, to get a jump start on your new career!

#20. Skip the drive

Skip the drive has a small assortment of medical jobs that will allow you to work from your own home-based office! Check back often to see what kind of new job opportunities arise.

#21. Anthem

Anthem has a variety of different medical jobs available, including claims resolutions analysts, and provider network management directors. Many of them can even be done remotely, from your own home office. The best way to find a work from home job through Anthem, is to check their website frequently, as new jobs are posted daily. Just make sure to type in “work from home” to see what is available at the time.

#22. Covance

Use your skill and take your career path into a unique direction with Covance. Covance hires people from all over the world, so make sure to check each job listing carefully, to find one suitable for your needs.

One of the best home based positions they offer is a clinical research associate.

You will love the opportunity to expand your knowledge with Covance, so what are you waiting for?

#23. SimplyHired

If you aren’t quite sure where you want your medical knowledge to take you, SimplyHired is definitely a site you want to check out. They have a wide assortment of medical jobs, from coders and case managers to patient advocates and triage work. Many of which you can do from home.

Simply use the search bar, and type in, “work from home medical.” You will be surprised at how many different options you have, and many of the jobs are entry-level jobs. This is great news for those of you that wish to take your career into a different direction.

#24. Virtual Vocations

No matter what your specialties and skills are, you are sure to find the perfect telecommuting healthcare job at Virtual Vocations.

The best part about this website is that it has features that allow you filter through particular shifts you wish to work, as well as how much experience is needed per job. This will make your job search a breeze!

#25. Aerotek

This last site is sure to help you land a work from home medical job. Aerotek also makes it super easy to search for remote jobs that will meet or exceed your needs.

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As you can see, it really isn’t that hard finding remote medical jobs online. The hardest part is simply deciding how you wish to exercise your passion, in helping others, and which career choice will best fit with your schedule.

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