The 17 Best Websites to Sell Handmade Jewelry (Plus 5 Offline Options)

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Looking into how to sell your handmade jewelry? You will want to check out these 17 best websites to sell handmade jewelry online, plus our 5 offline options too. Creating any handmade jewelry pieces is amazing. I won’t lie. Taking time to sit there and create a masterpiece takes a lot of patience. Then sitting down and trying to sell them is just a whole other ball field.

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If you are an artist, I commend you for the work you do. I really do. There is so many people that scour for homemade jewelry and it’s a great field to get into, if you know how to do it.

Of course, you’ve probably heard of Etsy to buy and sell your handmade items, but is there more sites just like that? We have the full scoop.

How to Make Money Selling Handmade Jewelry

Making money selling handmade jewelry seems to be easier for some people and harder for others.

However, it will boil down to what kind of jewelry you are making. If you are making jewelry that is hot right now on the market, you’ll make more money than someone that is going against the grain.

If you are making beautiful pieces, but you are selling them for more money than they are worth, you will be getting less sales than someone selling them for the right price.

This doesn’t mean you should be undervaluing yourself either because there are people that will shy away from people who are priced too low in fear of low-quality items.

You should do some research to see what people are looking for and try and base your pieces around that to make the most profit. Yes, it may take a bit of research, but this research is vital into making money.

eBay Completed Listings

A great tool that you may not even think of is heading on over to eBay and check out their completed listings. This is where you will be able to find out what items like yours have sold for.

This is the best research you can possibly do. This will allow you to figure out realistically what you can get for your pieces before listing them.

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This will not only save you a lot of your precious time, but it will also save you a lot of listing fees too, which we will detail below.

Platform Fees

Before we get into all the places you can sell your handmade jewelry on, we want to make a point that if you have your own website, you’ll certainly want to work on that and list your items on there.

You may even want to have a combo of sites to list on alongside your very own website because, in the end, there will be less fees when you are in control of selling rather than using other platforms.

Now, if you are not ready to take that plunge, or don’t want the headache of having your own website, you will be happy to know there are many platforms that you can sell on.

However, you will want to keep in mind that you will dealing with the platform fees and possibly processing fees too. So, there’s pros and cons to using them too.

Most platforms have the following fees:

  • Listing fees
  • Renewal fees
  • Monthly fees
  • Promotion fees
  • Processing fees

This doesn’t mean all of them have all these fees rolled into one either. You will find that some have this or that when it comes to fees, while others may have a laundry list of fees.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for the best list of online jewelry stores that you can sell on.

Best Websites to Sell Handmade Jewelry

Keep in mind as I previously stated that there will be fees that are associated with each of these platforms. You will want to investigate it before you sign up and start listing your products.


Etsy is probably one of the better-known platforms out of the list. Etsy has more than 875,000 shops that sell a variety of handmade goods.

When people ask where to sell their handmade jewelry, you will always hear people recommending Etsy.


What many people don’t know about Bonanza is that you can sell your handmade jewelry here. Yes, Bonanza is more focused on higher-end fashion and clothing, but you are still more than welcomed to sell your handmade jewelry.

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Keep in mind, if you sell jewelry that can go along with the high-fashion clothing, you’ll be in good standing.


Dawanda is based out of Germany. It is one of the largest marketplaces over in that section fo the world. It is a great place to sell all sorts of handmade goodies especially jewelry.


Zibbet is another great site. What’s more appealing about Zibbet is that you pay no listing or closing fees for up to 50 listings. Now, that is amazing. This will save you a lot of money.


ArtFire is a well-known indie marketplace. This is where you can sell just about any handmade goodies even jewelry.


Don’t forget the good old trust eBay. You can always sell your handmade jewelry over there too. There’s a market for it right on eBay. You can check out the completed listings to see what’s ‘trending’.


iCraftGifts is operated out of Canada. It is slowly becoming a real favorite among the customers. There are many unique, yet very stunning pieces that are found in this marketplace.

However, there is a twenty-five Canadian dollar registration fee to open shop on iCraftGifts.

Amazon Handmade

Amazon Handmade is another well-known site to sell your handmade goodies on. However, there is a 15% referral fee that all sellers will have to pay for using their platform.


Aftcra is only open to those residing in the United States. This will limit your competition down just a little bit, which is great news.

What’s even cooler about Aftcra is that you can import the same listings you have on Etsy to Aftcra.


ShopHandMade is the best site on here when it comes to fees. There is NO fees whatsoever on ShopHandMade. You get to use their platform for FREE and you get to keep all the money you’ve earned. Nothing beats this.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is another amazing place to sell your handmade jewelry. Big Cartel has the best marketplace design in the game. It’s very inviting to potential customers.

With the easy to use marketplace design and all the membership levels to choose from, it’s one of the better places to sell your items.

Just be prepared for buyer after buyer!


Storenvy is a little bit different than the other platforms on there. Storenvy is a great combination of a social media site and a marketplace all rolled into one.

Storenvy allows customers do the promoting. Customers can ‘watch’ your store. The more ‘watchers’ you have, the more exposure your store receives.

It is your job to then take professional photos, have a good detailed description, and overall have great pieces in your shop to gain the best exposure possible.


When people branch out and want their own site, they go to Shopify. Shopify is a bit different than the other platforms on the list.

Shopify will allow you to have your own space to list your jewelry without being on the same site as other shops. It’s going to be your very own site but operated and managed by Shopify. It’s the first out of many steps you may want to take if you are looking to have your very own website.

Shopify offers many easy to use templates. They even have pre-made designs you can use, so designing your website will be extremely easy.


If you’ve been in the game for some time and you are finding some great success, you will want to try out Squarespace.

Squarespace is like Shopify, but a little bit more professional in a sense. Squarespace will provide you with one great professional looking website within a few easy steps.

This platform will be for those that are looking to make their handmade jewelry hobby into a business that will pay the bills at home.

Rebels Market

Is your handmade jewelry pieces goth chokers or steampunk jewelry? If so, Rebels Market is calling your name.

Rebels Market is for people who are selling goth chokers and steampunk jewelry. The clientele is also looking for these pieces too. You will find a lot of major success using this platform since it is a narrow niche.


Folksy is based in the United Kingdom. Folksy is strictly for UK sellers only. If you reside in the UK you are going to love this site, since it will cut down nearly most of your competition right out of the gate.

Scott’s Marketplace

Scott’s Marketplace is very different, yet it’s very useful. What’s so different about Scott’s Marketplace is that it will help you get into your local area.

It’s based on selling and buying locally. You will be able to find your customers before you even set up shop at the craft fair.

This platform is vital to sellers that are looking to break into doing craft fairs. We highly recommend trying this out to make the most out of the fairs.


Of course, you can always sell your handmade jewelry on Facebook. There are many people that scour the Facebook Marketplace looking for all sorts of items. With over one billion people active on Facebook, you are bound to make sales locally and long distance too.

Not to mention, using Facebook is completely free, so why wouldn’t you try?

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Where to Sell Offline?

Even though, selling on the internet just seems that much easier, it doesn’t mean that’s the only way to sell your beautiful creations.

It may be surprising to find out, but not all customers do their shopping online. There are some customers who still go out to stores and do a good portion of it offline.

There are many women, I’ve met in my life that rather buy their jewelry pieces in person to see them up close and personal and to feel them to ensure they are made from good quality.

If you are looking to broaden your consumer reach, you’ll want to check out these offline selling options.

Local Malls

You know those kiosks that you probably run from in your local mall? Yeah, those places that are always trying to sell you item after item.

That is a perfect spot to sell your jewelry. You will have to rent out the space, but if you have amazing work, people are bound to drop by.

Pro-Tip: Make sure you always have business cards ready. You can hand them out to potential customers and put them in the bags of purchasing customers.

Fair & Craft Shows

You’ve probably already heard of this suggestion, but I will say it again. Start looking out for your local fair and craft shows.

People coming to these shows are looking for items to purchase. They will be purchasing customers.

Granted you will again have to rent out a table, but in the end, it may be well worth it. You will also want to have a stack of business cards where people can find you online too, if they are not ready to make a purchase that day or if they are looking to purchase more from you later down the line.

Pro-Tip: To find local craft and fair shows, you will want to utilize ArtFairCalendar, Festivalnet and contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Home Parties

You don’t need a reason to have a party! But a great reason to throw a party is to sell your jewelry!

Of course, the best parties have food, drinks, and some fun too!

You can try and mock the big direct sale companies’ parties, where you give out free jewelry to game winners.

Make it fun. It’s shown that if you pressure people into buying, even if it is your family and friends that you won’t make as many sales as you would, if you just had fun with little to no pressure on them purchasing items from you.

Pro-Tip: Don’t make it every weekend thing to have home parties. Your friends and family may get tired of it and NOT want anything to do with your business after a while. Don’t push your support system into buying your items because they feel obligated too.

Gift Shops

This one is a great idea and a great way for you sell items even when you are not around. Granted, you will have a little bit tougher time pitching to gift shops, but the reward is worth it.

It’s best to find local stores and see if they are willing to display and sell your products. It’s even better if you find stores local to you that sells another people’s work. Those seem to be a little bit easier to get into than other stores.

If you can put yourself out there in a few different stores, your possibility of earning a lot can easily double or even triple. And all you did was pitch to the store why they should sell your jewelry.

Pro-Tip: Have a proposal ready to go when you enter the gift shops. Mom and Pop shops are the best to try out first. Especially when you are starting out.

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Final Thoughts

Selling handmade jewelry online is a great market to get in. There are many people looking for fashionable accessories for any occasion.

You will want to know what platform you will be selling on. You will want to know their fees, so you can price accordingly, and you will want to know what’s trending.

With this knowledge, you will have nothing, but major success in the handmade jewelry selling business.

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