Calling all Beauty Gurus: 22 Websites That Give You Free Makeup

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Looking to get free makeup? You will want to check out these 22 websites on how to get free makeup products to review. Do you spend so much money on makeup and other beauty products? Is your significant other getting on your case about it?

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Well, we have a great solution to your problem. For those people, who love beauty products and makeup, you can now get these products for free by becoming a product tester.

There over a dozen beauty and cosmetic companies that offer product testing, where they will send you free products in the mail to test out.

Why are Companies Giving Out Free Products?

You are probably wondering how you get paid to test makeup and why do companies conduct makeup consumer testing.

In short, companies sent out free products to get public opinions. What do they like about it? What do they not like about it? Is the formula good? What can they improve on?

Ultimately, you are not just getting a free product, but you are helping the company improve upon themselves. This is essentially just like you are getting paid to take a survey and share what you think about things.

How to Become a Beauty Product Tester and Get Free Makeup for Reviews

Out of the entire process, this is the easy part.

There are many sites and companies that you can be a part of the product testing. ALL sites will require you to fill out your profile, which typically asks you questions about beauty and lifestyle along with some various demographic questions.

These questions will gauge what products you will be allowed to test and what products do not fit your demographics.

If you fit the demographics, the company will send you products. After a few weeks of you having the product and trying it on the company will send you a follow-up survey. This survey is what you will want to answer with honesty. The company is looking for real raw feedback, they don’t want to hear that their product is great when it could be improved upon.

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Beauty Consumer Panels

We would hate for you to do the hard work and find these beauty consumer panels, so that is why we’ve brought to you 22 of the best beauty consumer panels out there.

Vogue Influencer Network

For Vogue Influencer Network, you will need to answer numerous questions along with giving them your Pinterest name.

If you get approved, you will receive special offers along with being up to date on the fashion trends.

Oprah Magazine DevOtee Panel

If you are an Oprah fan, you will love Oprah Magazine DevOtee Panel. You can be sent free products along with answering surveys.

L’Oréal Consumer Testing

L’Oréal Consumer Testing is all about beauty products. While L’Oréal has a few onsite opportunities in Illinois, Ohio, and New Jersey, they will also send out products through the mail as well.

Condé Nast Style Society

To get into Conde Nast Style Society, you will need to fill out five minutes’ worth of questions to see if you will be a match for their company.

Allure Beauty Enthusiast

Allure Beauty Enthusiast only dabbles in beauty products as well. But you can sometimes get access to VIP events, product surveys, and exclusive offers.

People Style Watch Style Hunters

With People Style Watch Style Hunters you will be in the know about the latest beauty and fashion trends along with receive product samples.

Elle Inner Circle

When joining Elle Inner Circle you will have access to prizes, content, online chatting with special guests, and member-only discussions.

Mary Claire Velvet Rope Club

Mary Claire Velvet Rope Club is a place for women to express their views on the beauty community along with prizes and various special offers.

Good Housekeeping Advisory Panel

With Good Housekeeping Advisory Panel, you can expect to receive a few surveys every year with a chance to test new products.

Team Redbook

With Team Redbook, when you sign up to become a member, you will have the opportunity to win prizes, test out products, and share your opinion.

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When joining the Influenster, you will have many benefits this includes contests and samples.


With Vocalpoint, you will have a platform where you can voice your opinions about various brands to help them improve. You will also get samples as well.


With Glamspotters, you will have a platform where you can win prizes and state your opinions on various brands.


BzzAgent is not only in the beauty department, but you can also receive all sorts of goodies from them. All you need to do is fill out a simple survey to get started.


When signing up to SheSpeaks, you will want to be a regular contributor. This heightens your chances of getting free products.


With Smiley360, you can answer surveys and share your opinions on products.


Every few weeks PinchMe sends out products. This is a great site to get on with. You will need to answer a survey when signing up to join as a member.

House Party

House Party is not only a beauty panel. They have a wide range of products including beer.

You will host a party and you will be sent products in what they call a party pack. These parties are sponsored and all you need to do is send in some photographs.


If you homeschool your children, this one’s for you. It’s a great resource for homeschool parents. You can receive products that you can test for homeschool items.


With Swaggable, you will tell them the types of products you are most interested in and they will in return send you those products. However, you will have to review them on Amazon after receiving them.

The Pink Panel

In order to get on with The Pink Panel, you will need to fill out the form that is located on their Facebook page. Once you get accepted, you will receive beauty and cosmetic products for free.

InStyle Trendsetter

When you join the InStyle Trendsetter, you will have the opportunity to join in surveys and become a product tester.

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Final Thoughts on How to Get Free Makeup Products to Review

You will want to keep in mind when signing up for these sites, is that you will not be getting free products at your door every week. You will typically have free products here and there.

Most companies will have strict demographics, so you may not be accepted, or you may not receive as many free products as you would with another company.

It is smart to sign up with multiple brand panels to maximize how many products you receive. Just remember that the companies want honest feedback as well.

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