(Unique Gig Alert!) Tattoo Advertising for Money: Is It Legit?

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When you want different ways to make extra money without taking surveys or driving people around in your car, you’re probably open to unique ideas. Tattoo advertising is one of the oddest ways to earn cash, but it totally works – just ask one guy who made $37k doing it. Here’s how it works.Are you a tattoo lover?

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Did you know that your body art could pay you some decent money without you needing to do anything but walk around as your usual self?

Well, not necessarily the tattoos that you have now.

But if you’re willing to add some more, then you could end up with some cash out of the deal – and have some new art on your body for free.

Here’s what you need to know about this incredibly unique gig.

How to Get Free Tattoos and Get Paid

Confused as to what I’m talking about?

Let me explain.

You know how some people advertise businesses with small banners outside of their homes (usually for free) or put decals on their cars to advertise businesses in exchange for cash?

Well, you can do something similar with tattoos.

Only, of course, you’ll need to place advertisements on your body!

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Some businesses are willing to pay you if you’re willing to place their name or logo somewhere visible on your body (in other words, somewhere people will see it easily without you needing to lift up your sleeve or a pant leg).

The ways that companies are advertising is always evolving as they learn what catches the eye of consumers the most.

Tattoos can be pretty eye-catching on their own, but when you have one that advertises a company, it’s likely that others will ask you about it to learn more about that company, what it does, and why you have its logo or name on your body.

It’s a good way for you to start a conversation about the company without the business needing to partake in pushy advertising.

Wait…Are These Tattoos Permanent?

They might or might not be.

It depends on who you work with and what terms you have set up between you.

These gigs usually require some form of written contract between you and the company that details the type of tattoo you need to get, its size, its location on your body, how long you need to leave it in place, and your payment.

In some cases, the tattoo may only be permanent, lasting a few days to a week.

In other cases, the company may want you to get a permanent tattoo that’s in its own spot away from others so that it stands out.

Permanent tattoos can pay a lot more than temporary ones because you’re going to have them for the rest of your life unless you get them covered up some day, and you may even be able to lock in a contract for a monthly payment for as long as you have them on you.

But it seems that most people who partake in tattoo advertising opt for temporary tattoos, and businesses seem to be okay with this method.

After all, a week or a month of advertising with a temporary tattoo can still drive a lot of conversations and business to a company, especially if you are out and about frequently.

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How Much Does It Pay?

Payment for this kind of advertising varies significantly depending on the terms of your contract.

First off, the place where you put your tattoo can make a difference.

An arm tattoo, for example, won’t be as lucrative as a forehead tattoo.

Andrew Fischer, one of the first to pioneer this idea, received more than $37,000 for his temporary forehead tattoo after a bidder won his auction.

It’s safe to say that he probably wouldn’t have gotten that high of a bid if he wasn’t advertising his forehead space.

Another factor that comes into play is whether the tattoo is permanent or temporary.

However, as you see in Fischer’s case, he was still able to end up with an excellent paycheck with just a 30-day temporary tattoo.

But where a permanent tattoo holds ground is in its ability to give you a recurring paycheck.

As I mentioned previously, you might be able to negotiate a contract where you’re paid monthly, quarterly, or annually for as long as you keep the tattoo intact and looking sharp.

Temporary tattoos, on the other hand, will only pay you once.

Next, consider the budget of the company you’re advertising for.

Small businesses may not have as large of a budget to pay you a hefty sum as a larger corporation will, so keep this in mind when you search for companies.

Finally, be aware that, depending on where you’re tattooed, you may not have a lot of space to place more than a couple tattoos at a time.

Some companies may even prevent you from placing any other tattoos besides there’s depending on what’s written in the contract, which can severely limit how much you can make.

Just remember that, when negotiating the price for your advertising space, you include the price of the tattoo.

The company should be responsible for whatever cost you need to pay to get a permanent tattoo or for creating and purchasing the temporary design they want you to tattoo on yourself.

Where to Find Tattoo Gigs for Cash

There once was a website called Lease Your Body (leaseyourbody.com) that had everyone talking about the reality of getting temporary advertising tattoos on their body.

Lease Your Body matched its partnered brands with people like you who were open to the idea of tattoo advertising for cash.

You could sign up for free and wait to get matched to opportunities.

Unfortunately, the site no longer exists, but I haven’t been able to track down an explanation why.

My guess, though, is that there are so many other more lucrative avenues for people to go to find these kinds of gigs – and just about any other kind of unique gig for cash – that it became somewhat outdated.

The site itself looked like it hadn’t been updated in about 20 years, so it could have simply lost its appeal to both businesses and the people advertising for them.

I haven’t found any legitimate replacements for this site that work similarly, but you don’t necessarily need one.

You can use the power of the internet to find tattoo gigs in other ways, like:

Online Classifieds Sites

Craigslist, Oodle, and other similar classifieds sites can be great spots to list your advertising space for free and wait for hits to arrive.

You may not have large companies seeking you out through these sites, but it could be completely possible for smaller local businesses to find you.

Social Media

List that you’re looking for sponsors on your social media networks!

From Twitter to Reddit, these sites can be exceptional spots to get everyone in your network looking at and sharing your posts.

This is an especially helpful avenue for people who have a large number of followers on their channels.

You might even hop on YouTube and create a video about what you’re looking for.

Advertise Your Space on Your Website

If you have a website, you can always create your own advertisement on your page showing companies that you’re willing to place their name or logo on your body.

Let people know in a blog post or with a graphic ad in your header or sidebar.


Fiverr is an online selling marketplace where you can list gigs for other to buy.

There are a lot of oddities here, so it’s not uncommon to find something as unusual as tattoo advertising.

Most gigs start at $5, but you can also offer additional services to boost the price, like a larger tattoo or a more prominent space on your body.


eBay is exactly where Andrew Fischer turned to get his $37k paycheck for his forehead tattoo.

It’s a brilliant idea because the auction site allows bidders to go as high as they want for any item.

Set your starting bid at a number you’re comfortable and watch it soar if someone finds that your advertising space is the right place for their ad.

Reach Out to Your Favorite Brands

You don’t need to wait for companies to find you.

Instead, seek them out!

Reach out to local brands or even large companies that you love to see if they’d have any interest in letting you advertise for them.

Your best bet is to contact a PR/media contact at the company if you can find one through its website.

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Conclusion: Tattoo Advertising for Money

Tattoo advertising is a very different way to get income but it’s also a plausible one.

It takes a unique type of person to want to make money this way, but that person could be you.

If you decide to try this out, please keep us in the loop!

I’d love to hear your stories and thoughts down below in the comments.

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