18 Best Survey Sites That Pay Teens 13+ in 2020

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Do you want to find ways to get paid online as a teen if you’re not yet of legal age to get a job? How about online surveys? Although most sites only accept adults, there are some that will allow teens as young as 13 to join with parental permission, and we’ve outlined them here for you.As a teenager, the opportunities you have to make money online aren’t quite as numerous as those that adults have.

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You usually need to be 18 or older to sign up for sites that can help you make money, like reward sites, gaming sites, and freelancing sites.

But there are some survey sites that will let you register, even as a teen.

They won’t make you more money than you’d get from helping your neighbors mow their lawns or watch their pets, but they’re still helpful for giving you some spending money when you have some time to spare.

Teenager Surveys for Money: Are They Worth It?

It’s not easy to find online surveys for 13 year olds that pay.

That’s because privacy laws put into place over the years have made it more difficult for websites to cater to teenagers, especially when they ask for information about you like survey sites do.

Although paid online surveys for 14 year olds and other teens are harder to find than those for adults, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Our list below has legitimate sites that will pay you as a teen.

Still, it’s important to remember that survey sites aren’t necessarily the same as having a job.

You probably won’t make much money, mostly because of your age.

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These sites accept you based on your age, but they may not have as many survey opportunities for you as they would people 18 or older.

Online survey jobs for 15 year olds and other teens, therefore, shouldn’t really be considered “jobs,” but more like side gigs you can use for a little extra spending cash.

Only you can decide if surveys are worth your time, but I do suggest sticking with sites for a couple of weeks before calling it quits.

It’s possible that you won’t get a bunch of survey invites at first, but as the site picks up more clients, you could.

Typical Payments and Rewards

What can you expect for rewards on these sites?

Most survey sites nowadays have PayPal payments, Amazon gift cards, and VISA Prepaid cards as common reward options.

However, there are some that offer several different electronic gift cards to choose from.

You can usually get paid at least $0.10 to $2 for each survey you take, depending on how long it’s expected to take.

Longer, in-depth surveys tend to pay more than quick ones with just a few questions.

Most people don’t earn a wage of $20 an hour or more taking surveys.

Instead, you can expect to make $10 an hour or less, especially if a site doesn’t have many surveys you qualify for.

In some cases, to get your payment, you’ll need the help of an adult.

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PayPal, for example, requires you to be 18 or older to have an account, so if you want to get paid that way, you’ll need to use an adult’s account.

You might also need an adult’s permission to receive an electronic gift card.

The Terms of Service for each site should outline all the details, but you can always send a message to the support team if you have any questions.

Important Points to Remember

I also want to point out that teens may need to take surveys with their parents or guardians nearby.

Some sites are pretty strict about signing up only with a parent’s permission.

You may even need your parent’s permission to actually take a survey after you’ve signed up.

To make sure that you’re not going against any policies of the site and potentially getting your account shut down, it’s crucial that you understand this and check the terms of every site before starting to take surveys.

Also, be careful about protecting your privacy.

Again, this is something that your parent or guardian can help with by monitoring your survey taking activities.

But if you choose not to use their help, then you’ll need to be vigilant about protecting it yourself.

Here are a few tips that might help you:

  • Never give away personal information, like your social security number or bank information. Always ask your parent or guardian if it’s okay to add your address if a site asks for it.
  • Use a separate email address for survey sites. This keeps all survey stuff separate from a personal email account. You might consider giving your parent the password to monitor everything.
  • Don’t answer any questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering in surveys. It’s better to leave a survey and not get paid than to give away anything that could potentially violate your rights as a minor.

Paid Online Surveys for Teens 13 and Up

Now, let’s get onto the surveys!

Swagbucks – 13+, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Australia, India

Swagbucks is one of the best online money-making sites.

It’s not just a survey site, but rather a rewards site that pays you for multiple tasks in addition to taking surveys, like playing games and reading emails.

You can get points quickly to exchange for PayPal cash or numerous electronic gift cards.

You might even get your parents to help you out by using Swagbucks to make any online purchases because you can get a portion of their purchases as cash back into your Swagbucks account!

MyPoints – 13+, Several countries

MyPoints points out in its Pirvacy Policy that you can join as a teen, but you must register and use the site only with a parent’s permission, so make sure you get that first.

Then, you can use the site to shop online for cashback, complete daily bonus tasks, and take surveys to share your opinion.

Once you get enough points, you can trade them in for one of several electronic gift cards or PayPal money.

Toluna – 13+, Several countries

Toluna is a survey site that’s been on the internet for several years and seems to just keep growing in popularity.

This place partners with some of the most popular brands in the world to aid in their market research, so it’s possible that sharing your opinions in surveys here can influence brands like Coca-Cola and CBS.

E-Poll – 13+, Several countries

Teens from all over the world can join E-Poll to share their opinions on fun stuff like music and celebrities.

You get points for every survey you complete, which you can choose to turn in for rewards or even donate to a charity of your choice.

TeensEyes – 13+, USA only

As far as I know, this is the only survey site on the web that’s focused only on the opinions of teens, so it’s one you definitely want to check out.

I’ve heard that it doesn’t have a lot of surveys available, so the pay reliability is a bit iffy.

But they also pay a bit more than what you’d make at other sites, so I guess that’s the tradeoff.

You even get free points to join!

LifePoints – 14+, Worldwide

Get paid to complete surveys and other easy tasks on the website or your smartphone using the LifePoints app.

Teens can turn their points in for cash and gift cards.

American Consumer Opinion – 14+, Worldwide

I can’t find anything on the website that indicates that only USA citizens can sign up for this site despite its name, so my research has led me to believe that it’s open to worldwide members.

The Terms Of Use, however, does say that it accepts people 14 and older, so teens are eligible!

TestSpin – 13+, Worldwide

This site has a messy design, but if you can get past that, then you can sign up for free to become a member.

You can get paid up to $10 per survey and up to $30 if you qualify to join a focus group!

Valued Opinions – 13+, Several countries

On average, you can earn between $1 and $5 for each survey you take here, which is pretty good considering some surveys only pay a few cents.

When you have $10 in your account, you can trade it in for gift cards to places like iTunes, CVS, and Restaurant.com.

VIP Voice – 13+, Several countries

VIP Voice allows people from several countries to join as young as 13 with parental permission, and given that it meets their country’s laws as well.

Instead of getting rewarded in cash or gift cards, you’ll get points for each survey.

You can use those points to bid on items in the rewards area, enter vacation sweepstakes, and take a chance on other stuff.

In other words, you’re not guaranteed to get anything here, but you still could win some awesome stuff.

PanelPolls – 6+, Several countries

No, that 6 isn’t a typo.

This site really will accept kids this young – which means it allows teens, too – but only with parental permission and oversight.

Your parent will need to sign up.

They’ll get notified when there’s a survey for you through their dashboard, and then they can have you choose your rewards.

Survey Savvy – 14+, Worldwide

Survey Savvy is a site that has a moderate number of surveys available for its members.

You can also sign up for SavvyConnect, an app that runs on your devices in the background and collects data about how you use the web.

Definitely check with your parent/guardian before doing this.

If you do sign up, you get paid $5 per month, per device you install it on.

Survey Squad by Focus Forward – 13+, Worldwide

Help shape brands by joining this survey panel.

It’s focused mostly on consumers and professionals, so you may not find a lot of surveys you qualify for, but you’re still eligible to sign up and see how it goes.

Springboard America – 14+, Canada, USA

This panel lets you get rewarded for surveys with points, which you can redeem for prizes or sweepstakes entries.

YouGov – 14+, Australia, USA, UK

YouGov is a great place for people to voice their opinions on political and social issues, so definitely join if you have something to say in these areas!

Rewards include PayPal, VISA cards, and mobile credits.

Ipsos i-Say – 13+, Several countries

Get paid for taking surveys and participating in the Ipsos i-Say community.

You can also move up their loyalty ladder as you stay active and keep taking surveys, which can net you more points for your activities.

MindField Online – 15+, United States and Canada

Most surveys here don’t take longer than 15 minutes.

15-year-olds can create their own account with their parent’s permission, but even those younger than 15 can use their parent’s account if they’re okay with that.

PrizeRebel – 13+, Several countries

Use PrizeRebel to take surveys, complete offers, or even watch videos.

This site has a lot of money-making opportunities for teens as young as 13.

Some rewards are available with just $5 in your account balance.

What About InboxDollars and Its Sister Sites?

I know many of you might be wondering about InboxDollars and its other popular sibling sites, like Earning Station and SendEarnings.

I’ve seen a few lists of supposed sites that work with teenagers with these sites listed on them.

However, I’ve researched these sites and they do not work with teens – and haven’t for as long as I’m aware.

You must be at least 18 to sign up for any of them.

So, although I absolutely love recommending these sites as some of the best survey and reward sites on the web, I can’t recommend them for teens because it’s against their policies to sign up if you’re not 18.

Once you turn 18, however…register! They’re among the very best sites that can help you get paid quickly online.

Vindale Research is another one I recommend when you turn 18.

It appears that this one reportedly may have accepted teens at one time, but its terms are very clear now that it doesn’t.

You can join if you live in the US, Canada, or Australia, and benefit from its many high-paying surveys – some $50 or more!

Final Thoughts: Take Surveys for Money, Teenager Edition

See – survey sites for teens do exist!

It’s just a matter of finding them, and I’ve done the hard work for you by putting this list together.

I’ve personally researched each of these sites to verify that they do accept teenagers.

Still, it’s never a bad idea to read through the Terms Of Service for each site because companies do update these policies and may decide to change theirs.

Also, check out the Privacy Policy on each site.

This will help you understand how the information you give each company will be used and what information it actually collects.

Go over all this with your parent or guardian and decide, together, what sites are best for you to use.

If you know of other survey sites that accept teens of any age, please leave them in the comments!

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