Where to Sell Your Hair Locally and Online. Here are 7 Places.

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Have you been searching for an out of the ordinary way to make some easy cash? Well, if you have long, luxurious hair, you may be in luck. There are numerous people and places who will pay you, just to get their hands on your locks.

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So when you are ready for a new look, and want to make some cash during the process, check this out. I have found a number of places that are ready and willing to fork over the cash, for your stunning strands of hair.

You will even find some great tips to consider, when you are ready to shed some inches.

How much money can I make?

“How much can I sell my hair for?” Well, that is an excellent question!

You obviously won’t be able to make a living selling your hair, as it does need time to grow back. However, selling your hair can be a great way to help pay off a bill or two, or even just have some extra spending money for the holidays, and special occasions.

Believe it or not, here are a number of people who have made $1000+, for their amazing locks. However, you have to have a specific kind of hair, and post it at just the right time to make that kind of money.

The average person can expect to earn $100-$400 when selling their hair. It really depends on a number of factors.

  • Color

This plays a big role in how much you can earn. Various shades of brunette hair are generally easier to come by than red or blonde hair. The easier to find, the less likely you will be able to get by with a higher asking price.

  • Length

If you only have 8” of hair, there may not be enough to really do much with it. On the other hand, if you are selling 18”+ there is a whole lot more than one can do with that amount.

  • Health

You may have 24” of hair to chop off, but if it isn’t healthy, length won’t make a difference! Hair that has previously been dyed, permed, or exposed to heat elements (think blow dryer, curling iron or straightener) may not be quite up to par. Virgin hair will generally sell better.

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  • Thickness

Who doesn’t love a head full of thick, shiny hair? Thick hair is something to be desired, and the more hair you have to sell, the more potential there is to make extra cash.

  • Age

Adults aren’t the only people who can wear wigs. There are plenty of kiddos in need of wigs, however, there aren’t as many children who have lengthy hair to sell. Because of this, you may be able to get a little more money for a child’s ponytail.

  • Supply and demand

If the timing isn’t just right, and there is an abundance of your particular hair type, the going rate will be much cheaper.

Tips for selling your hair

Before you part ways with your hair, there are some helpful tips that you should know.

  • Be descriptive! Sure, anyone can tell from your photo that your hair is chestnut brown and curly, but sometimes in a photo, it can be hard to recognize the true features of your hair. Also, be sure to include your styling habits. What kinds of products do you use on it? How often do you wash or blow dry? Are you a smoker? Do you dye your hair?
  • Provide clear photos! If your photos are fuzzy, or blurry, you may have a hard time selling your hair. Take a number of shots in different lighting, and at different angles, to get the perfect shot of your hair.
  • Don’t cut it until you have been paid. If you cut your hair before the buyer makes a payment, there is still a chance of them backing out. And who knows how long it may take before you find another buyer. Plus, your hair will continue growing, which can possibly increase the potential for more money.

Where to sell your hair locally and online

Do you want to find the best place to sell hair nearby, without having to travel too far? It is definitely a possibility.

You have probably already had luck selling other items online, like an old gaming system, your kiddos clothes, and toys, or even your outdated appliances. Well, selling your hair really is not that much different!

Many of the same sites you have used to sell other goods online, can also be used to sell your abundance of gorgeous hair! Take a look at these suggestions, to help you sell online.

#1. Facebook

These days, finding someone who doesn’t partake in having a Facebook account is a rarity. This makes it a perfect way to reach out to others, and find a buyer for your strands!

When using Facebook to sell your hair, there are a few ways that you can go about it.

  • Create a post, stating that you are wanting to sell your hair. Include pictures and details of your hair, and also consider mentioning what your healthy habits are, as well as any treatments you have had done to your hair. Most importantly, though, be sure to make your post public, so that others can share it. Oh, and of course you will want to add contact information to your post!
  • Add your listing to the general Facebook Marketplace. This will reach anyone, locally, and sometimes even a little farther, who browses through the various goods for sale.
  • Join local garage sale groups. Oftentimes, you can find numerous garage sale groups for one particular city. But don’t limit the groups to your city only. Expand your reach, and join groups for neighboring cities as well!

#2. Craigslist

There are a couple of ways to find a buyer for your hair on Craigslist.

  • Check out the “in search of” section. Before you waste time waiting for someone else to find your post, why not do a quick search of folks who have already posted an in search of ad?

Pending where you are located, the chances of finding someone locally, searching for you exact type of hair may be slim. But you won’t know until you give it a shot.

  • Make your own post. It is super easy, and free to create postings on craigslist. Be as detailed as possible, and consider posting your ad in multiple nearby cities.

Just remember to play it safe, anytime you meet up with someone online.

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It is best to schedule your meets during the day, at your local police station. If that isn’t possible, make sure to meet in a public place, that has lots of other people around, and consider having a friend, or two, tag along!

Other online opportunities

The bad thing about selling online, locally, is that it often involves meeting up to make your transaction.

If you want to sell online, but want to avoid physically meeting someone, there are a number of places to help you earn money from selling your hair online. Take a look at these sites!

#3. World of Wigs

World of Wigs is actually a brick and mortar store in Santa Ana, California, though they do, however, also have an online store.

As you can guess, they specialize in wigs, extensions, and hairpieces galore!

Unfortunately, due to an overabundance of hair, they are not currently purchasing hair. I would still bookmark the page though, and check them out later on. Plus, this gives you some extra time to add some inches to your hair, before selling.

Once they start accepting it again, they do have pretty high standards and requirements.

For starters, your hair must be at least 12” in length, rubberbanded in a ponytail, and then placed in a bag. If you have any stragglers, don’t be tempted to place them in the bag with the ponytail, as this will disqualify your hair, immediately.

You can expect to get paid about $3-$5 per oz of hair, unless they have an overabundance of your color. If that’s the case, they may pay you less than $3 per oz, or even reject your bundle completely. So it is a good idea to send a self-addressed manila envelope, in the event that they cannot accept your hair, or offer you the amount of money you were hoping.

#4. Hair Sellon

Creating an account is a must before you can sell your hair with Hair Sellon. While your account is free, in order to post an ad you will be required to pay for your listing to be advertised.

There are various price points, pending how long you wish to have your ad posted. A standard 2 month and will only cost you $15. Though if you want it to be featured, for better visibility, it will cost you an extra $10. You can also create a lifetime listing, for $29, or sell extensions or processed hair for a fee of $50.

Your advertisement will be visible within 24 hours of submitting it. Then you just wait to be contacted by a potential buyer.

Receive payment through PayPal.

#5. Buy and Sell Hair

Buy and Sell Hair is a popular site that many uses, when looking to sell their hair. It has been around for nearly 10 years, and gets a pretty good amount of traffic.

They accept listings for bundles of hair in various lengths, from less than 5”-35”+! You can even sell non-virgin hair there. Just be sure to mention what you have had done to your hair, and be fair in your pricing.

The fee for your listing is going to cost you $14.50, for three months. That’s not even $5 per month, and you can run your advertisement until it sells. You can even pay a small fee to get your ad seen first. To do this, simply upgrade your ad, and within 24 hours you will see it on the front page.

Once your hair sells, your funds will show immediately in your PayPal account.

#6. Online Hair Affair

As with the other sites, you will need to create a free account, in addition to paying for your hair advertisement with Online Hair Affair.

Ten dollars will get you a 31-day listing, no matter what kind of hair you have to sell. For an even better deal, you can pay only $5 more, for a 62-day listing. And of course, there is the option to upgrade your package, and have your hair listing featured in two different places, both in the home page slideshow, as well as on a sidebar on other pages throughout the site.

#7. eBay

Most of the human hair you will find on eBay has already been turned into extensions, or other hair pieces, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your freshly cut bundle.

Create an account, and then list that gorgeous hair of yours!

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Where can I sell my hair locally

If you aren’t crazy about the thought of giving your personal information out online, there is always the option of selling locally.

To do this, your best option is to look up local wig shops, and even salons.

You can always check out their social media pages for information, or to send a quick message. And if you don’t mind being old school, pick up your phone, dial their phone number, and simply ask if they buy freshly cut hair. The worst thing they can tell you is no! In that case, I would recommend also asking them if they happen to know of anyone/anywhere locally that does buy hair, and if they could point you in the right direction. It never hurts to ask!

Last thoughts

When you are over ponytails, braids, and hair that gets easily tangled in the wind, the simple solution often involves getting it cut. You may as well get paid to freshen up your style!

The longer your hair, the more cash you can likely earn, so think it over a while, and in the meantime care for your hair as if it’s going to make you some easy money.

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