17 Best Places to Sell Laptop Online (And Other Electronics Too!)

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Looking to purge your old electronics? You’ll want to check out these 17 best places to sell laptop online and other electronics too!

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When buying any technology, they always say your old technology at home is essentially obsolete. Which can be true at times. However, when old technology is costing you money and your sanity, it’s time to sell it and make some cash.

There are many companies out there that will purchase your old technology and in return pay you for it. It pays to stay ahead of the times!

Here is 17 companies that are waiting to purchase your various tech gadgets.


Nextworth will buy your mobile devices, tablets, and smart watches. They will not buy your laptops, televisions, monitors, etc.

Before they will purchase your mobile devices, tablets, and smartwatches, they will ask you a few simple questions regarding the product you are looking to sell to get an accurate estimate of what they can purchase it for.

After you have computed your items and accepted the offer made to you, it is time for you to choose mode of payment.

After you answer the questions, you will see that Nextworth made you an offer, this is where you can either accept or decline the offer.

You can choose to be paid your money either through a check, PayPal, or a Target gift card. You
Will want to note that Nextworth does not have Best Buy and Amazon gift cards.

When you accept their offer, you can either visit your local neighborhood Target to receive your funds in a Target gift card, or you can mail your items to Nextworth (at their expense) to receive a check or funds through PayPal.

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Only downfall about sending your products into Nextworth is that it takes approximately 10 business days for the entire process to finish, before you will receive payment. Keep in mind these 10 days are just for them to inspect it. It will take a bit longer for them to send your payment.


Gazelle operates on the premise as Nextworth. Just like with Nextworth, you will need to provide them with a variety of information on your product before they can make their offer to you.

Just like Nextworth, Gazelle pays you through PayPal, check, or you can opt into an Amazon gift card.

However, you can typically expect to receive payment after a week of Gazelle looking over and processing the tech gadget.

Gazelle purchases tablets, smartphones, and MacBook’s.

Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In is going to probably be one of the better options on this list. Not saying the other options are not good for what tech gadgets you have, but Amazon Trade-In not only purchases your old tech goodies, but they also buy movies, books, and even video games.

Not to mention, Amazon Trade-In also buys textbooks too. Who would have thought?

All you need is to have an Amazon account. If you don’t, you will need to create an account. An account is completely free.

You will need to give a little bit of information on the device you are trying to trade-in. You will need to give an accurate condition and description of the item.

When you fill out all the required fields, you will be prompted with a price. If you want to accept the offer they display, you will need to mail your gadgets to Amazon. Amazon pays for the mail fees.

When Amazon receives your tech gadgets, they will inspect it. If it fits the description and condition you provided, you will be paid through an Amazon gift card.

Typically, you can expect to get your payment within 2 business days after Amazon inspects your products.

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Only downfall with using Amazon Trade-In is that you will only get paid through Amazon gift cards tied to your Amazon account, so you won’t be getting any PayPal money or checks.

Best Buy Trade-In

Best Buy Trade-In offers to compensate you for electronic items only. You can get their offer on providing them the name of the manufacturer of your item, its model and existing condition. If you accept their offer, you get compensated only by way of Best Buy gift cards.

These questions consist of the condition of the product, the model and who is the manufacturer. If you choose to accept the offer, they give you, you will only receive a Best Buy gift card as payment.

You can ship your tech gadgets to Best Buy at no cost to you. If you choose, you can also bring your gadgets to an authorized trade-in store that is local to your area.

Just like Amazon, the only downfall to this program is that you will only receive Best Buy gift cards, so if you don’t purchase from them much or at all, this is not the best option for you.

However, unlike Amazon, Best Buy takes a little bit longer to issue your payments. Typically, it will take about 10 days before they inspect your product before they actually send out payments.


Ah! The good old Craigslist makes the list again. You won’t believe it, but people still do shop around on Craigslist for items that they are looking for.

Electronics especially is great to put on Craigslist. People are always scouting out for a good deal on last year’s model of iPhone, Samsung’s, and the like.

What’s great about Craigslist is that there is no fee. You don’t necessarily have to wait for your money, and you get to ask for what price you think is fair.

Not to mention, you’ll probably receive a substantial amount more posting on Craigslist than using the companies depending on your products.

Facebook Marketplace

With one billion people on Facebook, the Facebook Marketplace is the next best thing to use when selling electronics.

Just like Craigslist, you get to name your own price. You get to keep things on your terms. You can find gems on the Facebook Marketplace both for sellers and buyers.

You really don’t know how many people trade in old computers for cash on the marketplace daily.

Best Place to Sell Laptop Online

Okay, okay! So, you are probably thinking this doesn’t help me much. I want to sell my laptop for money.

Well, just because the sites above may not fix your needs, doesn’t mean that you are not in luck. We have a list of places that will accept your used laptop for money.

Keep in mind, these places typically run the same way as the places we mentioned above. You will want to read all the fine print before proceeding with each company.

Without further ado, here’s the top ways to sell your used laptop for money.

Top Way to Sell Your Used Laptop for The Most Money

Of course, you want to get the best top dollar for your used laptop. This will be riding on many factors. However, the big factor will be the age of your device.

Electronics that are older will not be worth as much as an electronic that is newer. This is since electronics age rapidly with all the new technology continuing to come out on the market.

For instance, if you have a five-year-old laptop, you won’t get as much for it as you would with a 2-year-old laptop.

However, keep in mind that age is not the only factor either. Condition is also a major factor too. You could have a great 2-year-old laptop, but the condition could be fair or poor, which can result in the value declining too.

It’s best to always keep your electronics in tip-top condition because it will bring better resale value.

Okay, where do You Recommend Selling My Laptop?

Well, this can be quite difficult, to say the least. It all really depends on what companies are willing to give you. It’ll depend if you are looking to make a quick buck or the top dollar buck.

You’ll have to play it out by ear and what the outcome you are looking for. If you are looking for top dollar for your laptop, you may have better luck selling it on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

If you are looking to just get rid of it because it is in your way, then you will do fine with selling it to a company.

Final Words

Whatever you may decide to do, keep in mind to keep all your options open. Shop around and see who’s going to give you the best quote. Even go as far as looking to see if you would make it out better selling on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Always keep in mind you want to sell your laptop and other electronic gadgets to reputable companies.

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