23 Place to Sell Used Furniture Online Fast in 2020

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Looking to get rid of your old furniture to make way for new stuff? Maybe you’re moving and need to clear out your house before you leave. These 23 websites can help you sell your old furniture quickly and easily so that you have more money to buy new pieces for your home.Trying to find places that will buy your furniture?

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If you’re looking to get a new sofa or replace your dining set, you probably want to get rid of your old furniture first.

But there’s no point sticking it all out with the trash when you may be able to get some money out of each piece instead.

A lot of people may avoid looking where to sell a couch instead of throwing it away because they probably don’t know that many companies and buyers of used furniture exist.

Or they might see it as a hassle to go through with the process.

But selling used furniture isn’t as complicated as you might think, especially when you know where to look.

I found several online companies that sell second-hand furniture and will also buy your old furniture from you!

Plus, I’ve listed a few online classifieds and auction sites to help you find just the right place to sell.

Selling Used Furniture Online with Buying and Selling Sites

The following sites sell used furniture online and offer ways for people to get some cash for selling their used furniture.


1stDibs is a unique online furniture seller and reseller that focuses on high-price items that are vintage or custom.

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You can sell on the platform, but you’ll need to be fully vetted by the company to do so.

Each seller gets a dedicated account manager to walk them through the selling process and ensure that they have all the tools they need to become successful.

This definitely isn’t where you’d sell a bedroom set that needs some extra love and care, but if you make custom pieces or have a lot of antiques, then it could be the right place for you.


Live in the NYC Metro Area?

AptDeco can help you find a new place for your furniture.

It’s free to sign up and list items, and dedicated experts will help you make sure that your listings have everything they need to stand out in the crowd.

You even keep 81% of the sales price for each of your pieces!


Use Chairish to list your furniture pieces for free.

You can use this site to list anything from dining chairs to wall art to chandeliers.

Each buyer is verified by the site to ensure that you’re not selling to anyone who’s going to take your stuff and not pay you for it or participate in other shady practices.


Kaiyo is made for buyers and sellers of used furniture to find each other easily.

Sell all your well-cared-for used furniture here for a profit.

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The team will come to you to pick up your furniture (and also delivers it to your buyer!) when you’re ready to sell.

Of course, you’ll pay for the convenience as your commission is only 40% of the sale’s price, but it still may be worth it for the ease of the process.

Route 66 Furniture

You can choose to list your furniture for as much as you want to when you sell with Route 66 Furniture online.

The site holds your items for 60 days and you’ll get 50% of the sales price.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is an online vintage consignment shop, so any antique pieces can sell here.

Smaller home décor pieces work best on this site.

You can also sell stuff like vintage dolls and jewelry.

There are no listing fees, but you will need to pay a monthly fee to keep your little selling space open on the site.

Sotheby’s Home

Sotheby’s Home lets you sell new, used, or vintage furniture items on its website.

To consign, you just need to fill out an online form along with a description of your pieces and some photos and schedule an appointment with a consignment expert.

You’ll get up to 60% of your sales price once you sell.

Wertz Brothers

Those in and around the LA area can try Wertz Brothers.

You can use the online form to submit information about the furniture pieces you want to sell and wait for the team to get back to you.

If interested in your stuff, the company will buy the furniture from you and make arrangements to get it to the shop.

Sell Used Furniture Online with Auction or Commerce Sites

With these sites, you can list your furniture and get your pieces sold using the terms and prices you set. They’ll give you a little more control over furniture buying sites.


Bonanza is one of the best places to sell online, according to about 12,000 sellers who voted for it.

You can start selling furniture on the site by creating a free account (you’ll also need this to browse listings, too, if you’re interested in buying).

It doesn’t cost anything to list on Bonanza, but as with most sites, you’ll pay a fee for each transaction.

How much you pay depends on the Final Offer Value (FOV), which is how much the buyer actually paid you plus a portion of the shipping amount that goes over $10.


eBay is known for being the number one auction site on the web, and there are many reasons it’s earned that title.

For starters, it’s pretty easy for anyone to get set up and started. There’s not much of a learning curve.

You can list your items within minutes.

Where the site stands out for furniture sellers is that it offers a local-only selling option that lets you sell your items to local buyers only.

That means that you won’t have to figure out how to ship a huge sectional or a table to your buyer.

Just click that checkbox when you set up your listing and people will only be able to buy it if they’re able to come pick it up.


eBid is very similar to eBay except that it may not have quite the massive database of sellers and buyers on the platform.

Still, it’s a great place to go when you have stuff to sell.

There’s a whole category devoted to home and garden items, with furniture being a sub-category.

One of the perks of this place is that you can opt for a Seller+ package that requires a one-time fee and gives you the ability to sell without any listing fees for life, so it’s a good option for anyone considering selling several items or using the site long-term.


Do you have antique furniture to sell?

If so, you may do well on Etsy, since it’s all about vintage stuff.

This site would be best for small pieces of furniture that you can ship without a hassle, like end tables, lamps, kids furniture, or stools.

Antique stuff does very well here, so the more unique, the better.

You’ll need to open an Etsy shop to start selling, but the fees are minimal.


Sell.com is another popular marketplace for online sellers where you can sell just about anything you own.

One benefit to using this site is that it lets you import your products from other big-name selling sites, like eBay and Google Products, giving you a place to showcase everything your selling in one spot.

Sell.com even helps its sellers advertise their listings so that you’re not stuck doing everything yourself.


Shopify is a different type of e-commerce site than the ones listed above, but it’s still worthy of a mention for people who want to sell furniture online.

With Shopify, you set up your own shop and sell what you want.

If you have a lot of furniture to sell and plan to have more pieces for sale in the future (like a furniture flipping business, for example), you might devote your shop to that furniture and then expand it later to include more pieces.

Or, you can have a shop that focuses on used stuff in different categories, like toys, clothing, books, electronics, etc., and make furniture one of your categories.

Shopify gives you full freedom to set up your shop how you see fit, which means you’ll set your prices, shipping costs, return policy, and anything else that’s relevant for your shop.

How to Sell Used Furniture Fast with Online Classifieds and Marketplaces

If you don’t mind selling locally – or prefer to do it that way to avoid shipping – then you can use one of these sites to list your items and find buyers.


Craigslist is well-known for being a place where you can sell just about anything – even services, like babysitting or house-cleaning.

So it’s not surprising that selling furniture here is a thing, too.

Craigslist is free to use in many cities unless you live in a large metro area.

Still, paying a few bucks for a listing could be worth it to get you a few hundred dollars on your living room set when you sell it.

Facebook Marketplace

You could also try Facebook’s Marketplace, which lets you list your stuff for free on the social media platform along with some photos and a description.

You can share your listings to your groups, on your profile, or on a Facebook page to get more people to see them, too.

Then, local buyers will contact you if they’re interested to set up a meeting place and time, so the actual transaction will be off the platform.


10DayAds is a free online classifieds site is, like the name suggests, a place where you can list stuff for 10 days.

The idea behind this is that it keeps the listings new and fresh, unlike Craigslist, which may have a lot of old, outdated listings at any given time.

It’s 100% free to list your furniture here, and you can even upload videos rather than just photos to give people a better idea of the condition of each piece.

Apartment Therapy Bazaar

The Apartment Therapy Bazaar comes from the same people who created the popular Apartment Therapy website and blog.

You can list your home items and furniture on the marketplace to sell to buyers.

All listings are free to create, and when your furniture sells, the Bazaar takes a 3% transaction fee. You’ll also pay a processing fee for Stripe payments.

Interested buyers can message you on the platform via the website or app to learn more about your stuff before buying.


Bookoo is a site that helps sellers and buyers who live near each other find each other to finalize sales.

You can set up a profile and create listings, from which others in your area can contact you if they’re interested in buying.

Then, through Bookoo, set up a meeting time and place and get your furniture sold!

You can use this in conjunction with other sites to give you another avenue for connecting with people who might want your furniture.


Geebo has a strong focus on ensuring that sellers and buyers are safe when they use online classifieds to buy and sell.

Geebo alerts the public of scams, shady practices, and other important news that can help you make sure you’re making smart decisions when it comes to using the site.

You can also list your stuff here, of course.

There’s a full section for furniture and it’s 100% free to list.


Those located in Canada can use Kijiji to find local buyers for their furniture.

This online classifieds site is similar to Craigslist, but its setup is more pleasing to the eye.

You’ll need to register for an account to post an ad, but it’s free.

Ads stay active for 60 days, so you’ll have plenty of time to find interested potential buyers.

If you don’t within that time, you can feel free to set up your listing again.

There’s also an iOS and Android app available for buying and selling.


LetGo is an app that lets you place photos and descriptions for furniture listings in the database quickly and easily.

Interested people can contact you through the app to learn more about what you’re offering and set up possible meeting times.


Oodle is available in the United States, Canada, UK, India, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Use this site to list your furniture for free and find people in your area to buy your pieces from you.

You’re required to have an active Facebook account to join the site and post your listings. This helps to prevent fraudulent activity.

Get Money for Your Used Furniture

Selling your used furniture online is a possibility, and it could give you a little extra money to put toward your new stuff.

If you want to avoid shipping costs altogether to get the biggest profit for your furniture, your best option is to use a classifieds site or only sell locally via an auction site.

Or, you can always pick one of the companies that will come and pick up your furniture for you.

But online sites that buy used furniture can usually give you the quickest sale, paying you directly for what it values your furniture or paying you a commission of its sale.

Either route you choose to go is a good option, though, for getting some extra cash instead of throwing out your old furniture.

Good luck!

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