15 Promising Places to Sell College Notes Online for Cash

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Are you a great notetaker? You will want to check out these 5 places to sell college notes online for cash.

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It’s 2019, school is expensive beyond belief. Trying to work, stay afloat, and pay for school at once. It is a complete headache and a half.

However, that doesn’t mean that college doesn’t mean you have to spend crazy amounts of money for a piece of paper. You can always make money as well.

Today, we are going to talk about making money through notes.

Why Note Taking?

Why not? You will be helping other students in high school and in college.

Quality course notes are gold to students currently in these classes. Course notes is nearly the entire class, if you think about it.

You walk in, you listen to lecture, and you take notes. Well, notes are what you will study from. Of course, you have the textbook as well, but notes are the best-condensed version you can possibly have.

Sell College Notes Online for Cash

They are worth a lot of money and they are also in high demand. We have scouted out 13 websites that will pay you to sell your study guides.

1. Oxbridge Notes

If you love taking notes, Oxbridge Notes will love you! Oxbridge Notes will buy your notes off you. They will also purchase the following:

  • Essay Plans
  • Purchase Outlines
  • Mind Maps
  • Sample Answers

Everything must be in a Word doc or a PDF file. They will only purchase notes from the following countries:

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  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Oxbridge Notes will take 28% of the sale value and you will get to keep the remaining 72%.

You will need to apply Oxbridge Notes by applying along with a sample.

2. Course Hero

Course Hero has over 17 million educators and students on their platform. You can earn money when someone signs up to Course Hero thanks your lovely study materials.

You will earn $5 every time your study materials are viewed (first page only), before the viewer becomes a subscriber.

However, you can earn up to $20 per note document as well.

Once you earn $20, you will then have the option to transfer your balance to your PayPal account.

3. Campus Shift

Campus Shift is geared towards students putting their notes up for sale for other students.

Campus Shift will typically keep around 15% of the sale price. The platform is free to join. Your membership at Campus Shift will allow you to sell and buy notes along with textbooks as well.

4. Student Notes

Student Notes have a stipulation before you can even apply. You must have a GPA of 3.4 or higher to join.

You will take notes in the classes you are taking. You will get paid to take the tests. For instance, if your class has three classes, you will get paid for three tests.

You will earn a flat fee for the number of pages in your set of notes. Typically, you will earn around $75. However, you will also earn another 5% of the sales as well.

When applying you will need your class schedule.

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5. Notesgen

Are you old fashioned and rather write your notes than type them? Well, you will love Notesgen.

Notesgen will permit you to upload your handwritten notes instead of making you type them. You can create a free account to upload your notes. Here you will be permitted to determine a price you want for these notes.

You will get paid every Friday for sales that you made that week. All payments will be transferred to your bank account. You will receive a 60% cut of the sales.

6. Nexus Notes

Are you an excellent note taker, but you are not the best when it comes to GPA? You will love Nexus Notes. Nexus Notes only wants high-quality notes. They don’t care what grades you have.

Nexus Notes will decide if your notes are worth enough to be approved for their site. Notes will sell for $35 per set. Keep in mind when someone downloads your notes, you split the commission with Nexus Notes, but they do it right down the middle.

You will receive an outstanding payment at the beginning of every month through your PayPal account.

7. OmegaNotes

If you are great at composing cheat sheets, study guides, notes, and diagrams, you will love OmegaNotes.

OmegaNotes allows you to upload these items from your smartphone or in a PDF file.

If someone purchases your notes, you will get money in your PayPal account instantly.

It’s free to sign up to OmegaNotes and listing is as easy as pie. You will need to include a catchy title and description for your notes.

Out of all sales, you will earn 70% of the purchase price.

8. Quest Notes

Quest Notes is great for the following:

  • Research Surveys
  • Class Notes
  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Case Studies
  • Essays
  • Presentations

You will be eligible to earn up to $0.20 per document upload. Keep in mind that you will also receive free credits that you can use for other notes.

When your balance gets to $10, you will be able to cash out your money into your PayPal account.

Keep in mind that Quest Notes will take their 30% of the sale price.

9. KwikNotes

If you are unsure what to charge for your notes, you will love KwikNotes. They can evaluate your notes and then they can suggest a price point.

Users will be able to connect with other users. In return, they will be able to boost their sales.

Every time someone downloads your notes, you will get paid. Keep in mind that KwikNotes will take 20% out of the sale price.

10. OneClass

If you decide to go with OneClass, you will accumulate points that you can cash out for gift cards or cash.

All your notes that are approved will net you 25 credits each. You can then work your way to becoming an Elite Note Taker, which will net you 75 credits per each document.

You can redeem your points for cash via PayPal or you can get Amazon gift cards.

11. StudySoup

StudySoup will allow you to have an opportunity where you can earn nearly $450 for your study guides and notes.

So far, StudySoup has paid nearly $3 million dollars to their notetakers.

When you earn money, you can either have it deposited into your PayPal account or your bank account.

All notes must be current. You will need to upload notes for courses that you are currently in the process of taking.

Once your account is approved, you will be creating your own study guides for every exam that course has.

You can only create 3 exams per course.

12. Stuvia

Stuvia allows you to upload your flashcards, summaries, and notes.

You can earn money from these items. All you need to do is upload your work, or you can create flashcards.

Finally, you can decide what you want to charge people. Keep in mind that the site will earn a small commission based on your sale price.

13. StudentVIP

If you are an excellent notetaker, you will want to sign up for StudentVIP.

If you write wonderful notes, you will be able to sell them through this platform. You can price your notes anywhere from $29 up to $59. You will get to keep 75% of the sale price as well.

14. NoteSale

NoteSale is based in the United Kingdom. However, anyone throughout the globe can use the platform.

You can create a free account. Uploading notes to the platform take a few minutes. When your notes are downloaded by another user, you will make money instantly.

15. NoteUtopia

NoteUtopia is a great community where you can make some cash from your notes.

Selling notes is very simple and it’s like the other websites. All you need to do is upload your notes, set the price, and wait to get paid.

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Get Paid to Take Notes in College Classes Worth It?

If you are wondering if taking excellent notes in class worth selling, I will have to say, yes. It is beyond worth it.

You are already taking notes for yourself, so you can pass the class. Why not also take a few minutes to upload them to a few platforms and sell them for others to use as well.

Granted, you may not become rich off it, but you may be able to afford a coffee or two a month, and in my book, that’s beyond work it.

Closing Thoughts

If you are looking for an awesome way to keep yourself accountable for taking great notes and make some money on the side, you will surely want to check out selling your notes online for cash.

It’s not only a great accountability exercise, but it is also a great way to earn a little bit extra money as well.

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