Selling Breast Milk: How I Make Full-Time Income From Home

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Curious about how to stay home with your baby a little bit longer and make money from home? You’ll want to check out how and where you can sell your breast milk.

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While it might seem weird at first, once you get past the shock factor of selling your own breast milk, you’ll probably realize it’s a great idea for everyone involved. You can make some extra money while helping babies (or others) in need.

You’ve heard people say boob is the best. Even experts say boob is the best. We are not here to shame anyone either.

However, did you know you could sell your breast milk to help other mothers in need?

Yes! You can sell what only the breast can provide, while also making some full-time cash in return. Who doesn’t love working from home and making full-time income without much effort?

Why Breast Milk?

Like we earlier stated, many doctors recommend breastfeeding over bottle feeding. Doctors recommend the breast over the bottle purely for the fact that babies have a much easier time digesting the breast milk than they do with the formula. This in returns keeps the babies that much healthier.

For instance, there are many studies that link a few childhood health issues that came from babies that were purely fed formula. These health issues included:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Atopy

There are more than just overproducing moms and babies that will benefit from these breast milk sales too. As of recently many athletes are buying breast milk as it provides them with extra energy.

Not to mention normal people like you and I are purchasing breast milk due to the fact it is a great immune booster too.

What many normal people don’t realize is that breast milk consists of the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fats.

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Breast milk also consists of leukocytes. Leukocytes also aids your cells fight infection.

Is Selling Breast Milk Safe and Legal?

When you think of buying other people’s breast milk it is kind of off-putting. And what runs through your mind is, is it safe? And is it legal?

It is 100% legal to purchase someone else’s breast milk. Buying someone else’s breast milk is like hiring a wet nurse. It’s essentially the same thing.

Granted many people looked down on the wet nurse career and it ended in the 1900s, but it was a great thing for mothers and babies.

However, you shouldn’t have any fears that the breast milk you are purchasing is not safe, because there are many protocols that the milk goes through before you receive it.

According to the American Pregnancy Organization, all mothers participating in selling their breast milk MUST be checked for any and all illnesses that could potentially pass through their breast milk. Then, all containers of breast milk will be examined thoroughly for any harmful bacteria.

Lastly, the milk, just like cow milk will be pasteurized to completely get rid of any and all harmful organism that could possibly be present in the breast milk.

However, you should keep in mind during the pasteurizing process that a small percentage of the nutritional value will be destroyed. But it will contain majority of its nutritional value.

How Much Can You Sell Breast Milk for?

Now that you know a little bit more about how safe and legal this entire process is, you are probably curious how much can you get for this liquid gold.

Majority of moms that are selling their breast milk sell by the ounce. Moms typically get around $2.50. Of course, some people may get more per ounce, while others may get less.

Now, other moms are next level and they will freeze their bulk supply and they can sell at a greater price.

For instance, newborns to about 6 months of age are looking at needing anywhere between 19 to about 30 ounces of breastmilk every day. When you multiply that by $2.50, you are looking at anywhere from $47.50 to about $75 daily.

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You are looking at making a full-time income (depending on where you are located). Not to mention, you are also getting the benefit of knowing you are helping a fellow mother and baby. What could be better?

Where Can You Sell Breast Milk?

Now, that you really see that you can make some serious cash, you are probably like sign me up! I am ready to feed a baby and help a fellow mother.

We applaud you for that.

When it comes to selling breast milk, there are a few places that we will recommend. However, before you start getting ahead of yourself, please do not post an ad on Craigslist.

As much as we love Craigslist as the next person, that isn’t the right fit for what you are doing here.

However, that doesn’t mean we don’t have another similar suggestion that is relatively close to Craigslist. You will want to check out Only the Breast. This will be your Craigslist alternative in this situation.

You will be permitted to putting up a classified ad about either selling or buying milk.

You will also want to investigate milk banks. Milk banks are very similar to blood banks. This will be one of your better options when you are looking to sell your milk.

Mothers Milk Cooperative pays their mothers $1.00 an ounce, which is not terrible, if you are looking for some quick cash.

Best Places to Donate Breast Milk

If you are feeling extra giving, you can always donate your breast milk too. Donations are always appreciated.

Your donations will help a mother who cannot afford to purchase breast milk from milk banks the chance to still give their babies breast milk and not formula.

The best places to donate will be the National Milk Bank and the Human Milk Banking Association of North America.

When donating, you will need to keep in the back of your mind that they will have requirements you will need to meet before you will be permitted to donate. You will want to read their guidelines and ask them any questions you may have before you decide to donate.

In Conclusion

Selling your breast milk may sound like a weird strange thing to do, but in the end, you are not only giving away what you don’t need, but you are also helping a fellow mother and baby.

Of course, you can sell your breast milk and make a full-time income while you stay home with your little one. It’s a great source of income and can help you, if you find yourself needing money.

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