Top 28 Self-Employed Jobs (That Are Actually Fun) You Can Start Today

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When you get tired of working for someone else, consider the best self-employed jobs ideas out there. There are dozens of self-employed job options out there, so you can work for yourself!What happens when you get the idea to work at home? You have to start looking for self-employment jobs that you want to do! Of course, you will want to start those jobs right away too.

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So, which self-employment jobs will work best for you? Let’s talk about all the different ideas there are.

One of the best parts about working from home is the ability to do something you love. You don’t have to settle for doing something you don’t enjoy.

Check out these self-employment jobs, that are actually fun, and that you can start today!

Why Self-Employment?

Well, working for yourself provides a lifestyle that you can’t get from anywhere else. This is especially true if you have kids or love to travel.

A traditional 9-5 job just doesn’t work as well as it used to. Being your own boss seems to be the best route to go.

You can work when you want, and the earning potential is as great as you want it to be. This lifestyle calls for hard work, but you can do it.

Check out these 10 work for yourself jobs, self-employment opportunities, plus several more.

The Best Self Employed Jobs Ideas

I’ve gathered some of the best self-employed jobs ideas out there. Stop going to work for someone else. It’s time to work for yourself and love life again.

Remember that every time you work for a company, you’re making someone else rich. It’s time to start making money for yourself. And you can do this by starting your own company, where you’re self-employed.

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#1. Become a Nutritionist

Meeting people in your home to help them with their nutrition is such a good idea. You can get a degree in this, and it doesn’t take much time or money at all.

You can have people come to your home, and you can help them understand what they can do better with their eating.

One diet doesn’t always work well for everyone, which is why your job would be so rewarding.

#2. Clean Homes and Businesses

Making money can be hard if you don’t know what to do. Being self-employed means, you should be able to make your own schedule.

Cleaning homes and businesses is a great way to make your own schedule. A lot of cleaning jobs require you do it in the afternoons or the weekends.

Of course, you can make your business to do whatever you want. If you’d like to clean homes, awesome. If you’d rather focus on businesses, then even more awesome.

#3. Mobile Mechanic

Self-employment comes with it’s perks, which means you get to choose which field you go into.

People will always need their cars worked on, which is why a mobile mechanic makes so much sense.

You can travel to where the person is and work on their cars. You may be a little limited on what you can do because you can’t drag huge tools around everywhere. Think about it though, this could be a really good self-employment gig.

#4. Become a Freelance Writer

Are you good at writing? Want to break into the world of making money? Become a freelance writer.

There are tons of content mills you can write for to help you earn extra cash. If you don’t want to write articles, you can get more specific, like becoming a resume writer.

You can also be a recipe writer, ghostwriter, technical writer, and as you can see the list goes on and on and on.

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#5. Start a Childcare Business in Your Home

For those of you who have small children and don’t have to take any kids to school, a childcare business may be for you!

In your state, you might have to become licensed, but it’s worth it. You can become CPR certified and start taking in children.

This type of business is great for those who have small children or just prefer to be self-employed and work out of their own home.

#6. Clean Windows!

Can’t think of what to do as a self-employed person? Do you love cleaning and making windows all nice and shiny?

You may find that cleaning windows is for you! Contact local businesses, give them a price, and see if they’ll hire you clean their windows for them.

What a great idea for being self-employed and earning extra money.

#7. Pooper Scooper

Have no shame in your dog poop cleaning game? Cleaning up poop from dogs may be for you.

Many homeowners are stuck with the idea that they have to clean up their own dog poop. The reality is that they can hire someone to do it.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, and it’s a load off of someone else’s shoulders.

#8. Direct Sales Consultant

If you were ever going to join a direct sales company, now is the time to do it. You can sell almost anything, thanks to the beautiful world of Facebook!

You can market online or in person. Sales for direct sales consultants are better than ever.

#9. Marketing Agency

There are tons of small businesses out there, and many of them need your help. They need help with their social media and getting their brand out there.

If you have what it takes to help other companies market their business, then this self-employment opportunity is for you!

#10. Social Media Marketer

Just want to concentrate on the social media side of things? There are social media marketers out there that only work on a specific platform.

Become an expert in a platform and then market your social media skills to those who need them.

#11. Become an Author

Becoming an author is something you can do, right from your own home. Being self-employed comes in many forms.

The form you choose may be becoming an author. How amazing is that? If this has always been your dream job, make it happen.

#12. Dog Walker

Have you ever seen a dog walker go up and down your street? You wonder if they own all those dogs or if they’re providing a service.

If you want to work at your own pace, then consider being a dog walker. People who work full time and can’t get out to walk their dog, hire dog walkers.

It’s simple, yet pretty awesome. You can become a self-employed dog walker, sounds great to me!

#13. Pet Groomer

Although you do need to have some certification for this, it makes sense to those who want to be self-employed.

You can schedule appointments around your own time schedule. Plus, if it’s what you love doing, perhaps it won’t feel like work at all anyways.

More Jobs to Help You Work for Yourself

Working for yourself should be something that more people do. You have to worry about you and your clients, and that’s it.

You don’t have to work 9-5, you can attend functions that you’d otherwise miss, and you’ll be happier overall. Check out these self-employment opportunities.

#14. Dog Sitter

Just like you can pay someone to babysit your kids, you can also pay someone to pet sit your dogs.

You can have your clients bring their pets over you. You will be responsible for keeping them safe, feeding them, and loving on them while their owners are away.

Do you think you can do something like this? Then become a self-employed dog sitter.

#15. Become a Blogger

There are literally thousands of moms and dads and people who aren’t even parents that are bloggers. You don’t have to be anyone in particular to start a blog.

You just have to have a passion for working hard! If you have what it takes to become a blogger, then go for it.

#16. Graphic Designer

I know many people who are graphic designers. They create and then sell their creations. They design websites, brochures, business cards, and anything else that can be thought up.

Some graphic designers have degrees and others are self-taught. Perhaps this is the self-employment path you’ve been wanting to take. Plus, you can start today.

#17. Become a Tutor

Did you know you can be a tutor online and in person? If this is something you’d like to do, then consider becoming self-employed.

When you’re self-employed, you can work when you want! You can also get paid the full amount, instead of allowing a company to take some of your profit.

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#18. Video Editing Service

Did you know that the online world is all about the video right now? People want to see what they want and not necessarily read it.

A video editing company allows you to help edit their videos, so business owners can concentrate on running their business.

#19. Content Creator

There are thousands of bloggers who just can’t do it all themselves. This is where a content creator comes in!

You create recipes or fun videos for clients. In return, you get paid and don’t have to leave your home to work. Being self-employed sure does have its perks and having an awesome job is one of them.

#20.  Life Coach

Sometimes people just need a push in the right direction. This is where a life coach comes in! You get to coach other people.

Of course, you’ll have to decide what type of people you want to coach. Do you want to coach bloggers?

#21. Upcycle Furniture

Do you have that artistic side? Why not buy old furniture and then fix it up to sell it? This is a great way to make money and an easy way to be self-employed and work from the comfort of your own home.

#22. Create Naturals

Whether you make natural deodorant and sell it or make beautiful soaps, you can create a job out of this.

If you have a desire to help others live a more natural life, without chemicals, then starting a naturals business may be for you.

#23. Start a Catering Business

Those of you who love to cook shouldn’t allow this opportunity to pass you buy. Owning a catering business is very rewarding and an awesome self-employment option.

This type of self-employment job may require you to seek out a special permit. However, it’s not that hard to get. You’ll be serving your customers in no time.

#24. Run Errands for Other People

While there are some companies out there that will hire you to run errands for people, you want to make money on your own time. You can make money from other people by:

  • Paying bills
  • Picking up items
  • Delivering forgotten items
  • Picking up much-needed coffee.

I think you get the idea! Everyone forgets something at some point, and it’s nice to have an errand runner around to help with it.

#25. Baker at Home

There are tons of successful people in the world who bake cakes and cupcakes right out of their home. It’s pretty awesome.

If you find that you have talent in this area, then you might consider owning your own baking company.

#26. Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy helping others and like secretary type work, then you may fall in love with this self-employment job option. You help your clients schedule blog posts, schedule social media, answer phone calls, reply to emails, and help with other tasks!

Each business owner has different tasks that they need help with. You just need to decide what you want to focus your VA (virtual assistant) business on.

#27. Translator

There is always going to be a language barrier all over the world. If you know more than one language, then you’re a valuable asset to the many people.

You can start becoming a translator today! There are jobs online, but there are also jobs out there waiting for you! You can become self-employed as a translator.

#28. Sell Online

Selling on Amazon, eBay, and Etsy is not new anymore. In fact, it’s a way that millions of people make money. Becoming a seller is a GREAT way to be self-employed and make money.

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As you can see, self-employed careers are the best. You can focus on YOU and what you want out of life.

Of course, owning a business isn’t always a walk in the park. However, as long as you work hard and stay determined, you’re going to do a good job with being self-employed, I promise. I simply think these are the best self-employed jobs ideas.

What business have you started? I’d love to hear all the self-employment options out there!

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