8 Genius Online Legal Transcription Jobs From Home That YOU CAN DO!

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Want to work for one of the best online legal transcription jobs from home? Look no further! These jobs are top of the line and are hiring legal transcriptionists, just like you!As a writer, I have looked into doing transcription. I think it’s similar to writing and a lot of my work at home friends are good at it.

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I decided to look into legal transcription jobs because it’s the highest paying form of transcription.

If you’re a work from home dad, mom, retired professional, or just want to work from home – then this could be the career choice for you!

Many of you know that transcription is a good paying work from home job. There are actually quite a few companies that will hire you to do legal transcription.

Keep in mind that legal transcription isn’t always the easiest to get into because you need experience.

A skill set that you need, when working as a legal transcriptionist, are the following:

  • Fast typing speed
  • A lot of patience
  • Proper tools
  • Comprehensive understanding of grammar
  • Ability to complete proper punctuation

Legal transcription isn’t just the only type of transcription out there. There is also:

  • General transcription: Covers most type of transcription that’s not specialized.
  • Technical transcription: For those well versed in the technology niche.
  • Medical transcription: Understanding of the healthcare industry.

What is Legal Transcription?

Let’s spend some time talking about what legal transcription is and how this may be the right job for you.

Usually, those who work as a legal transcriptionist, focus on doing audio files for law offices and the courtroom.

It is important to have some experience in the law if you’re going to work as a legal transcriptionist.

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Because being a legal transcriptionist is a speciality skill, you will most likely make more money than you would as a general transcriptionist.

Top Online Legal Transcription Jobs From Home

Want to work from home? Do you want to feel challenged? Tired of the same old routine?

You’re going to love that I’ve found the top online legal transcription jobs from home, just for you. There are TONS of transcription job positions out there, but these are the best companies.

Remember that working from home as a legal transcriptionist is only as good as the company you work for.

Working from home as a legal transcriptionist can not only give you a good job, it can give you a flexible schedule! Check out some of these top online legal transcription jobs from home.


Do you want to work as a virtual legal assistant? Working for E-Typists may be your chance. You will have consistent work.

In order to work for this company, you need to have experience. You also need to have some qualifications to work here.

  • Windows
  • Infinity WAV Foot Pedal
  • Good headphones
  • High-Speed Internet

Still interested? Here is where you should apply!


A legal transcription job can be found with Ubiqus. This company is a leader in the translation and interpretation service industry.

With over 60 years of experience and 23,000+ clients, it’s safe to say that Ubiqus is a leader in the legal transcription industry.

Here are the requirements/benefits of applying to work with Ubiqus:

  • Project sizes vary
  • Bi-weekly pay
  • Foot pedal and headset are needed
  • English-speaking USA based transcriptionist only may apply
  • Prior experience is nice, but not necessary.

Does Ubiqus sound like a place you want to work for? You can go to their website to apply! Keep in mind that they cannot respond to individual applications.

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Work for Daily Transcription

Are you looking for a transcription job? One place you can find legal transcription jobs is with Daily Transcription.

One of the benefits of working from home are the costs you save in not having to commute. Some of you also save money on childcare. Daily Transcription also offers several other benefits when you choose to work for them.

  • Perhaps the best benefit is that you get to work where you want and when you want.
  • Another benefit is that the pay is quite higher than other transcription jobs out there.
  • You will get training and coaching, while working for Daily Transcription.
  • While work isn’t guaranteed each week, you can make anywhere from $250-$950 a week!

Daily Transcription is looking for moms, dads, or anyone else who wants to work from home.

They are looking to hire legal transcriptionists, so make sure you apply here. Keep in mind you do have to live in the USA or Canada.

As a transcriptionist with DT, you are a contractor, which means you are responsible for taxes at the end of year.


I haven’t ever heard of this company before I started doing job research. However, eScribers looks like an awesome opportunity for those of you looking for legal transcription work.

This company has grown over the years, and they’re always looking to hire great workers like you.

In fact, eScribers is one of the biggest legal transcription companies out there. Right now is a great opportunity to work for them because they’re hiring.

While they do have a lot of qualifications, it’s worth applying for. Some of the basics qualifications for working with them. Here are some of the things you MUST have in order to work for eScribers:

  • Windows computer
  • Windows Word 2010 or Higher
  • Be legally able to work in the USA
  • eScribers isn’t able to contract with people from California

Now if you are still interested in applying, go ahead and apply here.

Cambridge Transcriptions

Do you have a desire to work as a transcriptionist? Do you already have a lot of experience? If you consider yourself a top transcriptionist, then you should check out Cambridge Transcriptions.

If you are good at this whole legal transcription thing, then you will love working for Cambridge. They work on transcription in administrative hearings, arbitration, depositions, and more. To work for this company – you must be:

  • Self-reliant
  • Self-motivated
  • Reliable
  • Perfectionists do well in this field
  • Savvy with software applications and equipment

Ah, still interested? Make sure you head to Cambridge Transcriptions to apply!


  • Are you a quick typist?
  • Do you have a good ear for language?
  • Do you have a strong sense of written English?

If you want to earn money working from home, then Tigerfish may be for you. This company is known for its friendliness and flexibility.

In order to work for Tigerish, you need to have some talent. Here is the down low on what you need to work for this company:

  • US Citizen or Legal Resident
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Telephone Number
  • Window Based Computer
  • Express Scribe

If you think that Tigerfish is a good fit for you, then go ahead and apply! It’s a great company to work for.


Another great company for Legal Transcription is Athreon. Have you considered applying for this company? With this company, you would have access to consistent workflow.

If you have everything they’re looking for, then head here to apply.

This company offers its legal transcriptionists many benefits. From support when they need it to flexibility! Consistent work is also a huge part of working with this company.

Let’s not forget that they have top of the line software. You will also get paid on time and fairly.

Cyber Dictate

I love the name of this company! Cyber Dictate is exactly what it says it is. Cyber Dictate hires legal transcriptionists to help fulfill their work orders.

Matter of fact, right now, they aren’t even hiring any other kind of transcriptionist.

If you think you have what it takes to work for this company, then go ahead and apply here.

Working for any of these companies is a good idea. Any company that can narrow down their niche and find a group of clients to work for is brilliant.

My Thoughts:

All of these companies listed specialize in legal transcription. Some of them also have other niches, but they have a large number of clients they do work for.

Something else I noticed about these companies is that they have a steady line of work, they’ve been around forever, and they have a good reputation.

One of my number one work from home rules is that the company I’m going to work for has to have a good work from home reputation.

Skills to Work for the Best at Home Legal Transcription Jobs

Right now, if you were to apply to any of these jobs and you didn’t have the experience, you probably wouldn’t get the job. If you want to land one of the jobs, then here are some of the skills you need.

Experience in the legal field

Although everyone has to get experience from somewhere, experience in the legal field is so important. There are various legal words that you will need to know to help make the job a little easier for you.

Proper tools

Just like a general transcriptionist needs a few things to get them going in the transcription world, you will need the same. Here are a few tools that transcriptionists need to get started:

  • Usually, a Microsoft Windows computer because of the software requirements
  • A foot pedal
  • Headphones
  • Proper software for the company you’re working for

You need to be quick

Just so you know, most transcriptionists make their money by being quick. You’re typically paid per audio hour, so you don’t want to take your time. An important skill in working for online legal transcription jobs from home, you need to be quick. You can’t be slow and want to take your time.


This skill goes for anyone that works from home, you can’t be lazy, you need to be very self-motivated. You need to want to get up, want to work, and want to make money. No one is going to force you to hop on your computer and get to work. You really need to be self-motivated to make this type of work, work for you!


The legal world is always changing! As a legal transcriptionist, you need to always be self-learning. You need to want to learn and have a desire to always be learning. Taking a class on your own is a good idea. Studying legal terminology is also never frowned upon.


What does a legal transcriptionist do? Well, you’re taking what is said in a legal setting and transcribing it.

You really have to be good at listening, learning, and the legal side of things. The next time you’re looking for a work from home job in the legal transcription field, I’m hoping you’ll give one of these companies a try.

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