7 Amazing Part Time Online Jobs for Retired Teachers

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Are you a retired educator, in need of part time work? Look no further! Take a gander at these part time jobs for retired teachers online! No commute necessary!Who says you can’t work part-time, once you’ve retired?

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Having a part-time gig after retirement is a wonderful way to help you stay busy. And the added funds certainly don’t hurt either.

If you are a retired teacher who is looking to pick up a small gig here and there, you are in luck! I have some great part-time jobs, for you to take a gander at. Because sometimes, your desire to educate others simply cannot be dampened. So take a peek, and be prepared to begin your next adventure!

Part-time jobs for retired teachers online

Many would agree that one of the best perks to being retired is a simple fact that time is now yours! No more planning your errands and appointments around your 9-5 shifts. Your weekends are no longer wasted, trying to cram in everything that you couldn’t tackle during the week. You can go to bed whenever you are tired, and wake up whenever you please. Though sometimes it is still nice to be up before the sun.

So if you intend on finding a part-time gig, it is important that you find something that is flexible. That is exactly what the following gigs are. Many of them will allow you to work whenever you want, so you don’t have to give up your freedom once again.

#1. Become a test scorer

Testing is never-ending. What you may have dreaded as a full-time teacher suddenly may not be as bad anymore.

There are quite a few places that hire folks to score tests, and read essays, on their own time! And best of all, you can do any of these test scoring jobs from anywhere that has a stable, high-speed internet connection!


As a retired educator, you are likely already familiar with Pearson. This leader in the education industry has been around for over 50 years! They have a variety of different jobs available, however, you will most likely be interested in becoming a temporary test scorer.

Before you can apply you will have to create a profile, and set up your credentials. From there, it is pretty easy sailing.

A bachelor’s degree is required, but fortunately, you already have one! The only other major requirement is that you must reside in the United States.

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If hired as a temporary test scorer you will be expected to work at least twenty hours each week. Though you will have some flexibility in those hours.

One of the great things about this gig is that you will gain temporary employee status, and will have the possibility of benefits, such as insurance.

Pearson test scorers generally start out earning about $10 per hour, however, your pay can quickly get bumped up to $12 an hour. Bonuses are definitely a possibility, should you prove your worth. Another thing worth noting, being fluent in multiple languages can also increase your pay.

SAT scorer

Oh, the SATs! A nerve-wracking test that many dread may actually provide you opportunities to earn some extra dough, during your retirement.

While you do not necessarily have to have teaching experience, in order to score SAT essays, a background in education is certainly going to make your application stand out, among many!

College Board has a quite a bit of information pertaining to the SATs, and even a link to apply as an essay scorer. They partner with Pearson, so you will end up applying through Pearson’s website. If hired you will go through a pretty thorough training course, to ensure that you are maintaining consistent, and accurate scores among each essay.

You should know that essay scorers are required to work at least 20 hours per week, when tests are available. But don’t worry! You can choose from shifts that work out with your schedule. Shifts generally consist of 4-8 hours at a time.

ACT scorer

Similar to the SATs, the ACT also has a written portion, that requires human intelligence to score.

You will also submit an application through Pearson, though the ACT website has a quick read about what they are looking for in potential candidates.

Just like the requirements for becoming an SAT scorer, you must reside, as well as have the authorization to work in the United States. A bachelor’s degree is a must have, and previous teaching experience is also a plus. Especially if you happen to have experience teaching high school English.

Scorers for ACT essays can expect to make roughly $12 an hour. One of the really awesome things that I love about this gig, is that your pay is performance based. The combination of both your quality while scoring, and the amount of essays you score plays a huge role in your potential to earn even more!

Creative English Solutions

Not quite looking to score tests for 20 hours a week? Don’t worry! At CES, you are only expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week. You are also given the option to accept or decline assignments, as you please.

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Creative English Solutions has more than just written essays to grade. You will also be able to score spoken tests as well. It may even be necessary to provide feedback, and make corrections on grammar, spelling, and even punctuation errors from time to time.

If English is your Native language, be sure to submit an application, today!

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#2. Write educational related content

If you are not interested in scoring, you can also use your teaching background, and degree to write study guides, or educational content. There are even sites that allow you to help answer homework questions!


When it comes to writing content for blogs, there are always multiple options.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can create your own blog, and fill it with anything educational related. Your source of income will have to come through ads placed throughout your blog, or perhaps even from affiliate links, while you promote products.

On the other hand, if you are looking to do the bare minimum, you can always write content for someone else’s blog! The pay varies, and you will have to find your own work, but for starters, consider heading over to Upwork. It is a great platform that helps freelance writers find all sorts of work!

#3. Become a homework helper

This gig provides the ultimate flexibility. Instead of working a specific amount of hours each work, you decide how often you want to work. Anytime you feel like making a few bucks, log on to see the questions awaiting a response.


All you have to do is click on over to eNotes, where you can apply to become an eNotes educator.

The website has thousands of student members who post questions, while seeking homework help.

As an educator, you will be answering these questions!

Your pay is dependent upon your expertise in a subject, as well as the length of your response. Expect anywhere from $4-$35 per answer.

Just Answer

Just Answer is another platform in which you can get paid to answer homework questions.

The website isn’t just for homework help though. There are many subjects that one can apply to answer questions for. However, if homework is your game, what are you waiting for? Create an account, and get to earning with each question that you answer.

Study Pool

Study Pool works a little differently when it comes to answering homework questions.

You must put a bid in on your questions, and then a student can choose whether or not to accept your bid.

Once a student receives your answer, they can then rate it. The rating is important, as it will affect whether or not other students accept your future bids. Obviously, the better the reputation you have, the better shot you will have at being accepted to answer more questions.

You will get paid the amount that you and the student agreed upon, once your student is satisfied with your response.

#4. Develop curriculums

In all of your years of teaching, I bet you thought of numerous things to improve and remove from curriculums? If so, you may enjoy becoming a curriculum developer.

The best way to find these jobs are to check out job boards like Indeed and Monster. Just search for “curriculum development,” in “remote” locations, to find the work from home gigs. Just be sure to read the job postings carefully, to make sure that they do not require you to travel, or live in a particular place.

#5. Create and sell teaching resources

When it comes activities that make learning a little more fun, the sky’s the limit! There are tons and tons of different resources that one can use to help kiddos really grasp a concept.

The site Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to create, and sell your very own resources, to other teachers!

Create assessments, games, flashcards, labs, study guides, worksheets, lesson plans or anything else resourceful, that you think may help other teachers.

The amount you earn is completely dependent on how many resources you sell. So use those creative juices and start selling those materials!

Work from home teaching jobs

So you miss teaching, but not the long days, and commute to and from school? You can still teach, without ever having to leave your home! That’s right! You can do these jobs whenever you feel like it, and you can do it from your own home office, or even kitchen!

#6. Become a tutor

Tutoring local kiddos is always a possibility. But if you don’t feel like inviting someone to your home, or heading over to meet up with someone in person, why not tutor online? There are plenty of students who are looking for online tutoring. Here are some websites to consider for flexible tutoring jobs.


Get paid to tutor for as little as 5 hours each week, at tutor.com.

Whether you are experienced in teaching elementary aged kiddos, or college classes, tutor.com has students of all ages, in need of tutoring.

Tutoring is available 24/7, so if you are a night owl, you can tutor well into the early morning hours.

Anyone can become a tutor here, however, you must pass a proficiency exam in each subject you wish to tutor in.

You can expect to get paid on a regular basis, however, the amount will depend on what you and your students agree upon.

Elevate K-12

Tutors at Elevate K-12 can choose the hours they wish to work, so long as they are through normal school hours of 8 am to 5 pm EST.

The subjects available for tutoring are math, science, reading, social studies, foreign languages, ELA, and even robotics. They also plan to add coding into the mix, before long!

You will be tutoring the same group of kiddos for a set amount of sessions. This is great, as it will allow you to learn their strengths and weaknesses, in order to better help them with their learning!


Before becoming a tutor through Brainfuse, there is an extensive hiring process.

The process includes submitting your resume, a screening interview, proficiency test, and a background test. Teachers, and those with previous tutoring experience will be given preference over others.

Once hired, you will then go through training to learn Brainfuse’s instructional methodology.

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#7. Teach your own course

Udemy is a wonderful site that offers thousands of courses on just about any subject you can think of.

So if there is a subject that you excel in teaching, why not create your own course(s) that others can take online?

Udemy allows you to set your very own pricing for each course you create. For an additional fee, they will even market your course for you, possibly increasing your sales!


Just because you have given up your weekday commute to the school doesn’t mean you cannot still get enjoyment out of educating others, and changing lives.

This was just a small list of seven part time jobs for retired teachers, but there are many more out there.

Continue doing what you love. But at this point in your life, do it on your time, whenever you feel like it.

Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy!

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