9 Foolproof Ways to Make Money Using Facebook

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Rather make money in your spare time? Let us tell you how to make money from Facebook page likes. It’s easy and you’ll never regret it.You are probably one of the one billion people who use Facebook every day. You probably typically spend between a half hour to about an hour a day on Facebook.

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Which may not seem like a lot, but when you look at it, you could be making some serious cash for those 7 hours a week. This is not that far off.

When it comes to Facebook, you could certainly be making money, while you are scrolling through looking at all the cute baby and animal photos!

Here’s how.

Facebook Garage Sale Group

Let’s be real, Facebook will be the new place to sell items. The best place to sell items locally in your area is to hit up and join your local Facebook garage sale groups.

Depending on your area, you may find that there are all sorts of garage sale sites. Some you may notice will focus on furniture, baby items, kitchen items, items under $50, etc.

You can find your local Facebook garage sale groups by searching for your city or county with “garage sale” at the end of it. You will find that you may find more sale groups than you could ever imagine.

How to Sell and Earn Money Like Facebook Groups

Of course, you want to know the best way to sell and earn money while using Facebook groups. The easiest thing to do is download the Facebook apps.

The best things to sell in these groups is baby stuff, household items, and clothing. These items will sell fast, fast, fast!

You will want to take nice clear photos, list them at a great price, and give a good description to sell your items quickly.

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How Much Can You Make Realistically?

This answer can vary from person to person. It all will really be dependent on what you are selling and how many items you are selling.

If you are just selling little odds and ends, you can make some okay money. If you are doing giant estate sells, you can make a hefty paycheck.

Buy & Resell Items in Facebook Sale Groups

Yes! This can go hand in hand with the previous point, but this is a little bit different.

For starters, there are many people who make a business out of buying and then reselling items in Facebook sale groups. You see it all the time, that sellers hate, hate, hate people purchasing their products to just turn around in a day or two to sell it for even more money.

While it sucks to some sellers, it’s life. You must move on. It’s a great way to make some extra money, especially if you know it’s worth more than what the seller is selling it for.

Pro-Tip: If you are handy and know how to fix up things, you will certainly do well with buying and reselling items.

Facebook Buy, Sell and Trade Groups

Yes! These groups are like the garage sale groups, but a little bit different just because you can trade items as well.

Sometimes you can find some decent trades and other times you cannot. Regardless, it’s always best to post your items you are selling in these groups also. It broadens your reach and you will have better luck getting sales.

Resell Facebook Items to Amazon

Remember when we said to resell using Facebook, well, that is not your only option. Another great option is to sell the items you purchase from Facebook to Amazon.

There are many times you’ll find new items that haven’t even been out of the box. These are gold. You will want to sell these items on Amazon.

The amount of money you can make from reselling items you purchase on Facebook and selling them on Amazon is endless. Especially if you know how to spot a good deal.

Start Your Own Facebook Group

Having trouble with finding a group of like-minded buyers and sellers as yourself? Or you have so many items you want to sell, and you plan on making this hobby a business?

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Perhaps your best option is to create your very own Facebook group. Creating a Facebook group is the best option. You can build it around your brand and can be a place where your customers can flock to when purchasing from you.

Find Work

What’s so neat about Facebook currently is that you can find work. Yes! You can find work on Facebook. People are always looking for handyman, gardeners, car services, and much more.

You can even find businesses promoting their open positions as well. Whether you are looking for a permanent job or an odd job, you will have great luck finding them on Facebook.

How to Make Money from Facebook Page Likes

Do you have a business? Whether you are a direct sales consultant for an MLM, or you have your own standalone business, it’s great to have a Facebook business page for it.

Promote Your Knowledge

This is where you can share your knowledge in your field. You can gain the attention of your customers that will make them want to purchase what you are selling.

Promote Your Products

You can also use your Facebook page to promote your products. This is where customers tend to get information from and even purchase from too. The better you are at promoting your products the more sales you’ll have that come from Facebook itself.

Run Events

You can run your events right from your Facebook page. This will allow your potential customers to find your event and show up. It’s not only a great marketing tool, but overall, it’s a great way to make some money too.

Report Facebook Hackers

Yes! You’ve read that right. Facebook will reward you, if you are the first person to turn in a hacker.

This not only helps you line your pockets with money, but it helps Facebook catch loopholes in their software as well.

Typically, you can expect to be paid around $500 and up, if you are the first person to turn in the hack to Facebook.

Become a Social Media Manager

There really is a job that you can get paid to be on Facebook. It’s a great time to be alive.

A social media manager is the person that runs the social media page. Many people outsource that job to others to help them gain a better reach, craft engaging content, and much more.

It’s a serious business and there is serious money to be made. However, you will need to be amazing with your social media skills to land this job.

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Final Thoughts

Facebook, while it can be really addicting there is a lot of good that can come out of it. You can make Facebook your job. You may even find it successful at that.

Whatever you decide to know, always remember that you should be using Facebook to make you money while you are scrolling through your timeline looking at the adorable babies and animals!

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