Swim Your Way to Freedom: How to Make Money for Donating Sperm

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How Much do You Get Paid for Sperm Donation? A Complete GuideDo you need bills? Are you currently Googling what organs you may or may not need, but you ended up here? Right?

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Yeah, you know I am right on that one. But, have no fear, we won’t judge you, we’ve looked up that very same question as well.

That’s where we ended up donating sperm for cash.

Say what?!

You’ve read that right, you can donate your sperm (sorry ladies!) for cold hard cash. It may sound crazy and you may be wondering how I donate sperm for money, but we are ready to spill all the goodies! No pun intended.

Who Buys Sperm?

You’ll be surprised, but there are many women out there that buy sperm. They tend to buy sperm because their significant other cannot produce sperm, the sperm is not healthy, or they want to avoid passing down inherited diseases to their unborn child.

This doesn’t mean that all sperm donated gets used either. There is only around 5% of applicants are chosen for their sperm.

However, there are MANY requirements you will need to pass before you can even donate your sperm for cash.

Get Paid to Donate Sperm Process

The entire process of donating sperm to getting paid for your donation is broken down into 4 easy steps.

Basic Requirements

Donating sperm is very similar to donating blood. They have requirements. You will need to be aligned with these requirements to be eligible for donation.

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You will want to keep in mind every sperm bank may have their own set of requirements outside the requirements we are going to post below. It is best to contact your local sperm bank before going down there.

Here are the common sperm bank requirements:

  • Should be older than 18, but less than 39
  • Should be at least 5’7”
  • Be in college or have a college degree
  • Non-smoker
  • Have a spotless family history (no adoptions)
  • Clear of genetic diseases
  • Clear of mental illness

Keep in mind out of everyone that applies to donate their sperm only 5% get accepted.

Set Up Appointment with Sperm Bank

Don’t know where your local sperm banks are located? But you are ready to hit the room for a good time? Well, you will want to use the Sperm Bank Directory. This directory will find your local sperm bank and give you the contact info, so you can schedule a screening appointment to move forward with the process.

If you need more resources, you can go to Co-Parent Match and Cryogam.

Screening of Medical and Family History

This step is where you will meet with either a medical assistant or a physician. You will be going over the following.

  • Filling out information on you and your family’s medical history
  • Providing a sample of your sperm
  • Take a blood and urine test
  • Complete a comprehensive physical exam

Approval and Donation

If all the above screening and tests come back okay, that means you qualify, and you can start donating your sperm.

However, you will want to keep these things in mind.

  • This screen process can take nearly 6 weeks to complete.
  • Many sperm banks require you to donate your sperm upwards of 2 times a week for at least 6 months.
  • You will be barred from using lubricants, water, saliva, or condoms during your sperm collection. This can kill or affect the sperm.
  • You will be required to sign a form stated you will cease all contact and parental responsibility to your potential offspring.
  • There is a chance they will withhold payment for 6 months to ensure that your second blood test is still negative for any and all infections.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Sperm Donation?

When it comes to sperm donation compensation, this is going to depend on a few factors. These factors are:

  • Donation Center
  • Age
  • Location
  • Health

These will be the main factors, but each donation center may have other factors as well. Some want you to have more college degrees. Some may be looking for physical traits as well. You will be able to contact your local sperm bank to find out what factors they look for as well to get a good idea what exactly they are looking for.

For instance, Cryobank, which happens to be a big sperm bank lets you donate 3 times a week. This will bring you around $1500 a month. Now that’s a good chunk of money.

You will want to keep in the back of your mind that MOST sperm banks will make you create an appointment for you to donate sperm. You will NOT be able to do a walk-in visit.

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Final Thoughts

If you are within the age of 18 and 39 and you are needing some extra income, selling your sperm is a viable option. It may be a ton of hoops to jump through, but you can make full-time income very few hours a month.

You won’t just be making money, but you will be helping many people create families that they wouldn’t have been able to have without your help.

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