89 Best Legit Work at Home Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

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Are you tired of working outside the home 40+ hours a week and only making an extra $50-$100 per week after childcare? Being a mom is a tough gig in itself. The balance of work and children doesn’t always work. However, these legit work at home jobs for stay at home moms are perfect for moms who want more time with their family while still making extra money.In this day and age, you have to live on two incomes, but that is really difficult when you have little ones at home.

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What I found to be the case is that working outside the home didn’t really bring any extra income into the home. After I paid gas, childcare, and for lunches, I brought home maybe $50.

It just wasn’t worth it to me to work outside the home. I spent 40 hours per day away from my family all to make what I could donating plasma.

However, I knew I needed to bring in some income if we were ever going to get ahead. So, I took a venture into the work at home world.

What I found is that this world is filled with ways that moms can stay home with their kids, and make money in their Pjs with a messy bun.

Check out how you can work at home as a stay at home mom!

Avoid the Scams

I would be lying if I told you my endeavor was all peaches and roses because it wasn’t. I was scammed…..a few times.

However, I dove in without a clue and had to figure things out for myself. Launching yourself blindly into a work at home opportunity can have its pitfalls.

So, before you get started, arm yourself on how to spot a scam!

  • Don’t trust outrageous claims of thousands of dollars a month. Seriously, get rich quick doesn’t happen, so arm yourself against these claims.
  • Understand referral programs. Many referral opportunities are marketed as a work at home job. Instead, you are getting an income based on the number of people you refer.
  • Never give your credit card information. If a company tries to get your credit card information or any personal info, they are most likely a scam.
  • Bitcoin mining is usually a scam. What they do is create a wallet for you claiming they will put the money into mining, but in reality, they steal your money.
  • Data entry jobs are few and far between. Many data entry people will try to get you to give info so they can steal your identity claiming they are interviewing you for a data entry job.
  • Consider upfront payment. If you are working with a client that you haven’t worked with before, do 50% upfront payment to ensure you get paid for the work you do.
  • Stick with legitimate companies. Companies we put on these lists have proven to pay and be a legitimate source of income.
  • Never pay money to work a job. If you have to pay for a job, that is not a job. It is a job opportunity meaning you could make money not that you will.
  • Don’t continue to do work without pay. I did almost 60 articles in a few days and didn’t get paid. Each time she kept saying well I need this many more then I will pay.
  • Never trust someone on FB who sends you to their “manager” on Google chat. It is a ploy to get your valuable information. There is no real interview involved.

When in doubt, don’t do it. Usually, your intuition is there for a reason, and it will get you through. So, trust it!

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So, if you are armed against scams and ready to get started, here are the best legit work at home jobs for stay at home moms:

89 Jobs for Stay at Home Moms with No Degree

Even if you don’t have a degree, don’t worry. You don’t need a degree for most of the online jobs today. In fact, I have a degree, and I don’t even use it.

You can make a full-time income, debt-free all from staying at home with your kiddos. Trust me, I am doing it.

Here are some of the best jobs for stay at home moms with no degree:

Become a Freelancer

As a freelancer, you have the power! You choose your clients, your skill set, and you aren’t committed to a job.

Although freelance work is a great way to make a full-time income, knowing a few skill sets is a great way to make more money.

Here are a few things you can do as a freelancer:

Become a writer

If you have a way with words, you may find that writing is your gig. You can writer for companies, bloggers, or start your own blog.

I personally enjoy writing long, in-depth articles in which I get to fully research a subject. If you aren’t quite sure about the writing life, here are a few places you can test the waters:

As a writer, you can always venture out on your own as well. Sell your services via Facebook groups, a website, or just start your own blog.

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Sell your Pictures

As more and more companies take their business online, they need amazing, captivating pictures for their websites and blogs.

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You can not only make a good income snapping shots, but it is a great way to make residual income.

Check out these places that pay you for your pictures:

Write an eBook

You may not make a lot of money at once writing an eBook, but over time, the residual income adds up.

You can publish for free with Kindle Direct Publishing. However, there are a plethora of other websites you can sell your eBook at as well.

Check them out below:

Write Recipes

As a mom, you probably find yourself whip up something your kids will actually eat fifty times per day. You can make money for what you already do.

Write recipes and take compelling pictures. You can sell them to bloggers online for the price you think they are worth.

Join the following groups to sell your recipes, today!

Play Your Hand in Transcription

I personally don’t have a knack for transcription, but that doesn’t mean you don’t. If you can have amazing listening skills, and can type fast, you should consider transcription.

Some transcription companies require a degree, but others take entry-level transcriptionists that are looking to start their career.

You won’t get rich being a transcriptionist, but you will have enough work to pay the bills. Here are some companies you can get started with:

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Look into Legit Data Entry Jobs

Although data entry jobs are in high demand, there are still a few companies that regularly hire for data entry positions.

If you have a keen sense of detail and like to collect data, check out these companies below!

Read More: Your Guide to Legit Companies Offering Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Be a Virtual Assistant

Overworked business workers are desperately seeking skilled VAs to help with mundane tasks they don’t have time for.

As a VA, you will crunch numbers, edit documents, prepare presentations, work on projects, write for blogs, or perform any task needed.

You must be a quick thinker, savvy on the computer, and well organized. If you have these skills, you can find VA work at:

Do Customer Service from Home

Most customer service jobs from home are phone jobs. This means you will need a quiet place away from kid chaos or animals.

Many stay at home moms choose to do customer service phone jobs during the night such as 2nd or 3rd shift when their kiddos are in bed.

Here are some great companies that offer flexible schedules:

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Work as a Google Rater

I personally loved being a Google rater. However, like data entry, these jobs are in high demand. So, it is always a good idea to get your application in there, so you have that egg in your basket.

As a google rater, the goal is to evaluate and rate the algorithms that are used by Google and Bing. You get a keyword to run a search with, and you must rate the accuracy of the search engine.

Usually, you have to work a set amount of hours per week, but you can choose which days and times you fulfill those hours.

Check out the best places to score a work at home Google rater job:

Social Media Jobs

Another great way to make money at home is through social media. Most businesses are on social media and don’t have time to keep up on it.

If you spend most of your day on social media, anyway, you can start a career as a social media manager, moderator, or marketer.

Social Media Moderating Gigs

As a social media moderator, you would be responsible for answering questions, moderating phishing scams, inappropriate comments, and deflecting fights on various social platforms.

Here are a few places that hire social media moderators:

Social Media Marketing and Management Gigs

As a social media marketer or manager, you would play a huge role in creating content for social media as well as finding marketing strategies that work on social platforms.

Here are a few places that hire social media marketers and managers

Supplemental Income

Although working from home can be a fairly lucrative way to make a living, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t tell you there are slow times. This means sometimes work is slow.

When work gets slow, and you find yourself fiddling your fingers, you can do simple tasks such as taking surveys, watching ads, or playing games to make some extra income.

You can never have too many eggs in one basket when it comes to work at home. So, here are a few ways to supplement your income during those slower times:

  • Earn rewards such as gift cards when you add Swagbucks as an extension.
  • Make money taking surveys for Ipsos I Say.
  • Make extra money taking surveys, reading emails, and other tasks with InboxDollars.
  • Get paid for mystery shopping and completing store tasks with Field Agent.
  • Earn cash back for your shopping by using Ibotta.
  • Participate in Focus Group to earn money sharing your opinions.
  • Do simple tasks for Amazon Mechanical Turk. You won’t get rich, but they have a lot of tasks.

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Did I miss anything? What other ways do you make money being a stay at home mom?

Share some of your experiences in the comments below!

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