10 Paid House Sitting Jobs Near Me, And Across The World

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Have you ever found yourself looking for a side job, to help make ends meet? Well, one of the easiest side gigs you can have is house sitting. Check out these paid house sitting jobs, for people like you!When it comes to making a little extra money on the side, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different jobs you can do. Some are easier than others. Some pay better than others. And some are simply more fun than others.

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House sitting jobs can be all of the above. Though the specifics of each house sitting job you come across will vary, it generally isn’t a very hard gig. The hardest part is finding work to do, as there are generally more house sitters, than there are houses that need tended to.

Once you find yourself a house sitting job, the rest is easy peasy.

Picture yourself now, getting paid to hang out in someone else’s beachfront cottage, on the coast. The skies are clear and blue. The sun is shining brightly. The temperature is just right, and your only tasks for the week are minimal. Simply bring in the mail, take the trash out to the curb and keep the house plants watered.

Paid house sitting jobs near me

When it comes to finding house sitting jobs, many people are in it strictly for the chance to travel somewhere they have never been. Or even simply to have the opportunity to live somewhere with a breathtaking view, such as an oceanside condo, or a quaint log cabin, with a view of a magnificent mountainside. However many are in it just for a quick side hustle.

If you are looking for local house sitting jobs that pay, there are a handful of ways you can find them. Use the following sites to help you begin your search of nearby homes.

#1. Care.com

Sound familiar? Yes, Care.com is a website to help people find childcare, pet care, and care for the elderly, but that’s not it. You can also use Care.com to sometimes find housekeeping, and house sitting work.

Create an account today, and begin your search for a local house sitting opportunity. Be sure to check back frequently. Just because there aren’t any jobs available right now, does not mean that they will not pop up in the future.

The best times to look are during the summer, when people want to go on vacations with their families, while the kiddos are out of school.

#2. Indeed

Local jobs can be tricky to come across, especially if you live in a small city. One of the best ways to search nearby house sitting jobs is to use a website, like Indeed.

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Simply use the search bar. Type in “house sitter,” and add your current location. It will pop up all of the local, and nearby house sitting jobs that are currently available.

#3. ZipRecruiter.com

ZipRecruiter.com is very similar to Indeed. All you have to do is search your zip code, or the zip code you wish to house sit in, and voila! Any current postings will show up at the top.

There is also the option to submit your email address, to get emails whenever a new posting appears with the phrase, “house sitting.”

House sitting jobs you will love

Are you looking to take a break from the local scenery?

Do you have strong desires to explore the world?

Is house sitting far away a dream of yours?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will be pleasantly surprised with the following sites. These next links are sure to help you land the house sitting job of your dream, whether you wish to stay in the US, or travel overseas and experience the culture of another country. Many of these sites have jobs available in countries all over the world.

#4. The Caretaker Gazette

The Caretaker Gazette has a variety of jobs, both paid, and unpaid.

You will find that many of the jobs here are more than just sitting for a home. They also include caring for livestock and keeping the properties maintained.

What I love most about The Caretaker Gazette is that once you purchase your subscription, you will start receiving bi-monthly emails for new, advertised house sitting opportunities, and caretaking jobs.

This website is also great because each of the listings are very detailed, and you know exactly just what you are getting into, and whether or not compensation is included in the job.

#5. Nomador

Are you looking to house sit internationally? You are in luck! Nomador is an international house sitting website that allows you to find jobs in numerous countries, all over the world.

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Like many house sitting websites, Nomador does have a membership that you can register for, however, it is not absolutely necessary.

While they do offer a free, limited membership, the $89 dollar per year membership will certainly increase your odds of being hired.

The free membership only allows you to apply for three jobs. You will not be able to apply to all postings, as some are strictly for subscribed members. Also, when homeowners see a list of possible house sitters, it is the yearly subscribers that they will see first, not those who have chosen the free “discovery option.” However, the free membership is a wonderful way to give the website a try, without handing over $89 to a site you are unfamiliar with.

#6. Luxury House Sitting

Luxury House Sitting has one of the cheaper memberships that you can subscribe to. At only $25 for an entire year, it is very affordable.

Their website is incredibly user-friendly and super easy to navigate.

The house sitting jobs are both local, and international, and you can apply to as many as you would like. So before your current house sitting gig is over, jump on to see where you can possibly travel to next!

I love that each listing shows you how many other people have already applied, as well as the fact you can also communicate with homeowners, through Luxury House Sitting’s very own messaging system.

#7. TrustedHouseSitters

TrustedHouseSitters is a great place to find house sitting jobs, in the US, as well as many other countries.

This site requires you to have a paid membership, that comes with a hefty price of $119 per year. While it is one of the more costly fees that is out there, it is a favorite among many house sitters, and homeowners, alike.

TrustedHouseSitters is a non paid site, meaning that you will not get paid to house and pet sit. However, you are basically getting free rent for the duration of your stay, so why not enjoy a nice little getaway in a new destination?

Plus, there is a free vet hotline included in your membership. So if you happen to notice that the sweet little furball, that you are also caring for, doesn’t seem to be feeling right, or has swallowed something it shouldn’t have, veterinary advice is just on the other end of the phone.

#8. MindMyHouse

Even cheaper yet, is MindMyHouse. The yearly subscription for your membership at Mind My House is only $20! This is about as cheap as it gets!

Here you will have the opportunity to apply to sit for a variety of beautiful homes, all over the world. Many of them involve caring for house pets and/or barn animals, but there are also plenty of homes that require the bare minimum care.

#9. Housecarers.com

Housecarers.com is another website that lets you basically test drive their site, before committing to a full membership.

With your free guest membership, you will be able to browse the site for available house sitting jobs, as well as receive email notifications. Brief summaries are available on each listing, however, if you want full access, as well as the ability to apply for any of the homes, you will need to have a full membership.

Full paid memberships will only cost you a mere $50, for a whole year’s membership. With this membership you will be able to communicate with homeowners through Housecarers.com’s own personal messaging system, or directly, after providing your contact information. You can then respond to any messages. You will also have a library of up to 14 different references linked to your profile, to help increase your odds of getting accepted by future homeowners.

#10. House sitters America

Lastly, is House Sitters America. This is one of my absolute favorite house sitting websites to use.

Many do not enjoy going through the hassle of getting a passport. For some, it’s just the stress of whether or not you will make it through airport security, and to your terminal in time that is just too much to have to deal with.

If this sounds like you, not to worry! There are plenty of great house sitting jobs all around the US. House Sitters America is one of the best sites to check out for jobs that don’t require a trip overseas. In fact, I often browse the site when I am in need of a getaway, just to see where life wants to take me.

You can find jobs in both, large and small cities. So whether you are looking to relax out in the country, find a home on the coast, with beautiful views and sounds of the ocean waves, or simply experience the hustle and bustle of city life, you are sure to find just what you are looking for.

While compensation isn’t guaranteed to be found with many of the listings, you will at least be able to enjoy free rent in exchange for house sitting.

Tips for helping you land house sitting jobs

Now that you have a pretty good list of places to get you started on your new side gig, how about some tips, to make house sitting become more of a reality?

  • Start out small, by house sitting locally for family, friends, and neighbors, while they travel. Gather a list of references, and use word of mouth, to get your name out there
  • List all skills in your profile. This includes anything that could come in handy while house sitting. Speaking multiple languages, minor plumbing experience, and gardening knowledge may be something that will strike a home owner’s attention, and set you apart from the rest. Don’t be afraid to list what makes you the best candidate!
  • Apply for as many homes as you can, that are local to you. Even consider traveling a short distance over the weekend, just to get some experience under your belt. Short jobs or lengthy jobs, they all count.Plus, people love reading reviews before choosing a house sitter, and the more good references you have, the more likely you are to get the homes in desirable cities.
  • Always be honest, should an incident occur, while you are in someone else’s home. Lying about something, or hoping that you can brush it under the rug is never a good thing.
  • Be reliable. People who are looking for house sitters usually already have their travel plans mapped out, and are depending on you to follow through. Don’t let them down.
  • Be trustworthy. Need I say more?
  • Be flexible. Sometimes things come up, and you will need to be flexible. Perhaps your stay needs to be extended an extra night or two. Maybe the homeowners forgot about a minor detail that they need your help with. Whatever it is, the ability to be flexible can often land you a future job.

These are all things that people are looking for in a good house sitter. If you think you have all of these qualities, and then some, why not start applying today?

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