Top 8 Ways to Make Money as a Real-Life Advertisement

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Need money? Love advertisements? Boy, do we have a great job for you! You’ll want to check out how to get paid to advertise for companies. The advertising industry is huge and is always growing.

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No matter where you go, you will always see magazines, ads on television, newspapers, radio, billboards, and websites.

How to Get Paid to Advertise for Companies

If you would like to get on profiting from these things, you came to the right place.

You will be able to profit two different ways.

  • You could profit on offline ads.
  • You could make money by putting ads on your website online.

In this post, we will walk you through the different ways that you will be able to make money advertising for various companies; online and offline.

Put Advertisements on Your Car

Yes, you can make some money for putting an advertisement on your car.

A thing to know is that you will be signing up with a car wrapping company. The car wrapping company will then assign you with an ad that they will wrap on your car.

Payment will be dependent on your vehicle, how far you drive, and your daily route. Typically, people can earn between $100 up to $1000 a month just for driving their car.

Get a Tattoo

Before you say it’s not true, you can’t get a tattoo and make money, you’ve been living under a rock.

Companies know you are tired of seeing the same old ads day in and day out. That’s why they are stepping up their game and getting much more creative.

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Take Karolyne Smith for example, she got paid $10,000 just for tattooing right on her forehead.

Of course, if you are not that dedicated, you can always go down the temporary tattoo route.

Brave Enough?

If you are brave enough, you will want to check out LeaseYourBody website. This is where you can get paid to advertise just about anything by applying a temporary tattoo to a body part.

If you are a girl, you will tend to get paid more than if you are a guy (sorry fellas!), and what tattoo you decide to go with, you can earn anywhere from a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars for this adventure.

Get Paid to Wear Clothes

Another, non-permanent way that companies are getting creative with their advertising is the t-shirt business.

Yes, you’ve probably even noticed some of these ads without realizing they were ads.

Companies will pay you to rock their t-shirt around town. How cool is that?

How do You Make Money Wearing T-Shirts?

The main company you will want to try and get on with is You will want to know that they do not hire often, but it is the absolute best company to get on with. However, it is the absolute best company to get on with.

Advertise on Facebook & Twitter

Another easy way to earn money is to get paid to post ads on your social media sites.

You’ve always have heard about you could get paid for a lovely active fan page. You’ve probably thought that was a scam, we are here to tell you, it is not a scam. It is real life. You can get paid.

You will want to work with a company such as Wingsplay. Wingsplay is a company that is completely free to sign up with.

Once you create your account, you will see a list of videos. Now, these videos are are promotional videos for a variety of services or products.

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You can go through the list and you are more than welcome to select to post whatever you may like. You are not tied to any certain service or product.

You will then share to either your Twitter or your Facebook. What’s neat about Wingsplay is that you will earn money when every someone watches the video.

For instance, you will want a high engagement rate on your Twitter or Facebook page to make this venture worthwhile.

If you have a great engagement rate on either platform, this is a great way to make passive income.

Make Money Blogging

Ah, blogging!

You’ve probably heard that there are MANY ways to earn money while blogging. This is true. There are so many ways companies will pay you to advertise them on your blog.

For the sake of this post, since there are so many ways you can advertise companies on your blog, we will only be going over the high-earning methods.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts will probably make you a great amount of money, if you know where to find them.

Sponsored posts are where you will draft up a post that will have information about the company sponsoring the post.

The post can be very simple post about the services that are offered by the company, or the post can be a review on a product.

There are many companies that will send out a free product for you to review for your opinion. You will write a post about the product, take photos, test out the product, and in return you will be paid for your time.

Affiliate Links

Next up, affiliate links.

Affiliate links will probably be the bread and butter of your blog. Affiliate links is links to either a service or product that you will embed in your blog posts.

Then when people click on your link and purchases the product or service, you will earn a small commission.

The key to being very successful at affiliate links is to have a decent amount of traffic to your blog already. The more traffic you have, the higher chance that someone is going to click on your link and make a purchase.

Pro-Tip: No one wants spammy content. Use your affiliate links wisely. You should only put down an affiliate link if you’ve already used the product.


The last profitable way to earn money from your blog is straight up ads. Yes, you heard that right, ads on your blog.

There are many ad companies, but if you are just starting out, you will want to go with Google Adsense.

You can create your very own ad blocks by using Google Adsense. This will allow you to fit these ads within the parameters of your site.

If that mumble jumble not for you, then you can find a widget, if you are hosting on WordPress to do it for you.

While you will earn money for impressions, most of the money will come when people click on your ads.

If you are already an established blogger, you will want to pass up Google Adsense and use one of these better ad companies.

  • Propeller Ads
  • Gourmet Ads
  • Popads
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Revenuehits
  • Bidvertiser
  • Adbuff
  • Hilltop Ads

Influencer Networks

This will kind of go hand in hand with advertising on Twitter and Facebook.

But influencer networks are great, if you have a great blog and/or social media following. If you don’t have a big or even a decent size following, you may have some issues getting accepted into these influencer networks.

But influencer networks, will advertise you to brands. This is a great little pool of people that are chosen by brands to do a variety of different things for them.

Of course, every influencer network will be different and it’s always best to sign up to a few of them at a time to gain the best exposure.

Most brands will pay you in cash for your time. However, there will be brands that will only offer you a free product to test out with no cash payments. You will want to keep an eye out on those ones.

Want to join an influencer network? Here are some great ones to start out on:

Step into PR

Another great way to earn money for advertising for companies to get your feet wet with the public relations industry.

This will typically go along with blogging. For starters many PR reps will contact you to offer free products or even sponsored post opportunities.

This is where you get to pick and choose which brands you want to work with. You typically have a little bit more leeway with this than working with influencer networks.

But overall, you will get paid to handle your business the way you want to do it. If you do it well, you may just end up getting repeat customers too.

Become a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing will probably be one of the best opportunities on this list. Granted, it will take a bit to get started, but it is 100% worth it.

Freelance writing will allow you to not only work for companies completing them

  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Website
  • Articles
  • Blog Posts

But, it’s also the best way to make the most money in a short amount of time. Not only could you be working with prestige companies, but you will also be gaining SEO techniques too.

Final Thoughts

The advertising industry is not going anywhere. Companies will always need people like you to help spread the word about their products.

It doesn’t matter what you are into, you are bound to find an advertising gig that you will be happy with whether it’s wrapping your car, tattooing your body, or just posting promotional content on your social media.

Whatever it may be, just know that it’s all about of the advertising industry.

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