How to Get Free Perfume Samples? 11 Proven Methods

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Wondering how to get free perfume samples? You’ll want to check out these 11 methods.

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Are you in love with perfume? Do you love getting free perfume samples?

Did you know, if you are the ultimate frugal person, trying new samples for free is the most economical?

You are probably wondering where to get free cologne samples or perfume samples, this is where I tell you, you came to the right place.

We’ve compiled a great list of sites that you can get these samples from both online and offline places.

Buckle up, we are going on a beautiful smelling journey!

How to Get Free Perfume Samples

If you are looking for free perfume samples, you will want to check out these 11 methods.

Keep in mind, all these methods may require you to sign-up or complete surveys as well.

1. Ulta

Calling all Ulta lovers! If you love Ulta as much as I do, you will be happy to hear that you can add a free sample when you order online.

Say what?!

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You read that right, when you shop online at Ulta, you can add a free sample to your order.

The sample can be either skincare, fragrance, or even a variety sample. This is great, if you’ve been meaning to try a few things

You will want to visit here to view the free samples.

Bonus: If you are NOT subscribed to their mailing list, you will want to subscribe NOW! You will receive a free copy to their catalog every month and with that, you may receive a few free samples as well.

2. Become a Beauty Product Tester

A great way to get some perfume samples or even beauty samples for that matter is to become a beauty product tester.

There are companies out there that will provide you with free products you can test out for your honest feedback.

These companies are looking for consumer feedback to see what they need to change, what you liked, what you disliked, and where they should go from there.

Here’s a great list of beauty product panels, you will want to try and get into.

  • Vogue Influencer Network
  • Oprah Magazine DevOtee Panel
  • L’Oréal Consumer Testing
  • Condé Nast Style Society
  • Allure Beauty Enthusiast
  • People Style Watch Style Hunters
  • Elle Inner Circle
  • Mary Claire Velvet Rope Club
  • Good Housekeeping Advisory Panel
  • Team Redbook
  • Influenster
  • Vocalpoint
  • Glamspotters
  • BzzAgent
  • SheSpeaks
  • Smiley360
  • PinchMe
  • House Party
  • HomeSchool
  • Swaggable
  • The Pink Panel
  • InStyle Trendsetter

3. Subscribe to All You

Alright, ladies, you will want to subscribe to the hit magazine, All You.

They even have a portion on their website where they will give out a free sample every day.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they do not give out ONLY perfume samples, but occasionally they do. But who would complain, if it’s free, am I right?

4. Sephora’s Free Beauty Samples

Calling all Sephora lovers! This one’s for you! If you are an avid Sephora shopper, you will love their free beauty samples.

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You will want to know that Sephora will NOT only have perfume samples, but they will offer other beauty samples as well.

You can choose up to three samples online. You will want to keep in mind that their selection of samples changes throughout the year.

5. Perfume Manufacturer’s Site

Have a love for a certain perfume, why not visit their website?

Many brands have a sample section on their website, where you can ask for free samples of their products. It’s always worth a sneak peek, if you ask me.

If they do not have a sample section, send them an email and tell them how much you love their products. At times, they end up sending you good coupons or even samples of new products that will be coming out.

6. Free Perfume Tester Bottles by Mail

I love getting free things in the mail. It always makes my day.

You can also get free perfume tester bottles in the mail as well. You will want to contact companies explain to them how you love their brand and ask if you can try more products or for samples.

Typically, they will ask for your mailing address and you should get free samples in the mail in a few short weeks.

7. Scope Out Freebie Sites

If you are a frugal person like me, you will know that you can land some great freebies by scouring through these freebie websites.

If you are new to this, here are some great sites, I recommend you check out on a daily to weekly basis.

8. Check on Social Media

When it comes to finding anything good, you will want to check on social media. There are around one billion people on Facebook, so companies have started advertising their freebies on their social media page to gain consumers attention.

9. Product Review Sites

There are sites out there that will send you products for your honest reviews. These sites don’t always just send perfume samples, but you can get many other samples as well.

A few top product review sites are:

  • BzzAgent
  • Swaggable
  • Tomoson

10. Department Stores

If you are an in-person shopper, head out to your local department stores. They occasionally have free samples behind the counter they can give you.

You will have to ask about these. Not many people know that they have them.

11. Magazines

Of course, this is not the era for magazines, but if you get many beauty magazines your chances are very HIGH that you will get perfume samples inside them.

Most magazines these days have samples of a variety of products inside them. This is a perfect way to score some great little freebies.

If you do not want to buy the magazines, here are two top places you can get some for free.

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Final Thoughts

If you are looking for anything free, it’s always best to use these methods. You will always want to keep in mind that not all these methods will always result in getting perfume samples every time. Most of these methods have other samples as well. But as I like to say free is free!

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