Need Free Stuff? 40+ Amazon Review Sites (2020 Version)

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Love free or discounted items? You will want to check out these 40 Amazon review sites. If you are like me, then you have a love for Amazon.

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You love Amazon for their great prices, fast shipping, and not having to put on a pair of pants and be with the people. Am I right?

What if I told you that you no longer must take out your credit card and that you can get items for FREE in return for some honest reviews?


Now, I’ve got your full undivided attention. What I said was not a lie nor a scam either. Let’s start getting into the fun stuff, shall we?

Update on Amazon Review Sites

I know this post was published in 2020, but I do want to say that the following companies follow Amazons latest policy change.

Their use to be so many more review companies out there prior to this policy change, but alas many of them shut down or had to change their ways to be compliant to the policy.

You will want to keep that in mind when reading this article.

How to Get Free Products to Review?

If you are new to this getting free products game, you are probably wondering how is sustainable for the sellers.

Well, let’s talk about that.

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Amazon sellers want to some reviews on their new products. That’s where you come in. They will contact companies like the ones we are going to be talking about today into advertising their products for free or heavily discounted for them.

You will get the product in exchange for your honest review.

It’s literally as easy as that. You get the product; you submit your review and you get to keep the product. Nothing else.

The reason behind this is because people tend to buy products that already have reviews. Products that don’t have reviews will typically get skipped over.

What About Shipping Costs?

This is where Amazon Prime will come in handy. If you are like me, you already have your prime membership. It’s a complete lifesaver.

But you will have to factor in the shipping costs. They will NOT cover shipping costs, unfortunately.

If the item is over $35 then you will have free shipping. For those that have Amazon Prime, you will have free shipping if it is fulfilled by Amazon.

However, you will want to keep the shipping costs in mind when doing this.

Who are the Best Amazon Review Sites to Work with?

This happens to be the age-old question. Who are the best Amazon review sites to work with? We are going to personally start with my top 5 favorite ones that I believe are the best ones out there currently.

1. Vipon

Vipon was formerly known as AMZ Review Trader. It was one of the largest platforms when it came to get free Amazon products.

You could get up to 50% off stuff from Amazon. While it now doesn’t provide free items anymore, it still provides heavily discounted items.

2. Snagshout

Snagshout is another very popular platform in the Amazon review community.

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The only drawback from Snagshout is their one product policy. This means that you can only order one product at a time to test and review. You cannot have multiple items. You will need to wait for a team member from Snagshout to verify your review, which can take a little bit.

3. Giveaway Service

At Giveaway Service, they have numerous products you can choose from. They even have some products that are a high dollar ($60 and up).

You can even find at times that they have completely FREE products as well.

4. LootHoot

LootHoot is home to discounted and free Amazon Products.

You can find great deals between 40% to 100% off! How cool is that?

All you need to do is create an account and you will be set to snag some of the best deals. You will be getting a coupon code for the product you choose. When you get the product all you need to do is test it out and then review it.

5. Testzon

Testzon is also home to the free and discounted Amazon products. All you need to do is choose a product that you want. The seller will have to approve of you for you to receive the product. Once you get your approval, you will be able to purchase the product and test it out.

However, Testzon doesn’t require you to review the product, but you certainly can if you want.

Where Can I Find Other Review Sites?

That’s not all the review sites for Amazon. That’s not even close all that is out there. There are still many more if you are interested.

6. Amazing Deals Group

When signing up to Amazing Deals Group, you will get a DealCoin. This coin is what you can exchange for your first product. When you successfully review a product, you’ll get another DealCoin and you can start over the process.

7. Amazon Review Club

Amazon Review Club allows you to create your account for free. After you sign up, you can check out what products they currently have by pressing the deals button.

8. Deals for Reviews

Deals for Reviews is another great website. They allow you to snatch these deals without you having to copy and paste a discount code, which is so convenient if I say so myself.

9. Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club has a variety of products you can choose from. The selection process is painless and easy. However, you will want to keep in mind that featured products sell out quickly.

10. Giveaway Nation

Giveaway Nation is a little bit different than the rest. You will sign up using your email and they will email you when they have products available.

11. Home Product Testing

Home Product Testing is the home of free or heavily discounted products. You will have to request the item from the seller and the seller will then have to approve.

12. iReviewHome

iReviewHome is another great platform to get free or heavily discounted Amazon products.

13. Jungle Launch

Jungle Launch has a great business concept. It’s a place that consolidates many Amazon sellers in their effort to gain visibility on their products.

This in return allows you to get free or heavily discounted products.

14. KabelDirekt Product Tester

KabelDirekt Product Tester is another company that wants your honest reviews and they will send you out free products.

15. Social Nature

At Social Nature, you will tell them what products you are interested in. In return, they will send you free samples and some killer coupons. All you must do is share your experience.

16. The Trust Review Network

The Trust Review Network pays attention to the general public feedback when it comes to products. They will send you products for free.

17. The VIP Power Club

When you sign up to the VIP Power Club, you will get mailed coupons for new products that will be available on Amazon.

18. Tomoson

Tomoson refers to their consumers as influencers. You will receive free products in return for leaving your honest review.

19. UberZon Club

On UberZon Club, you find deals as low as $1. You can take as many review jobs as you want.

20. Blue Ribbons Review

Blue Ribbons Review is another great Amazon review site. They will give you either free or heavily discounted products in return for your honest review.

You will need to create a profile and submit your request to review any of the products that interest you.

21. Product Testing Group

Product Testing Group is another platform where it brings buyers and sellers.

You can get free or heavily discounted products for your honest review. Signing up to the site is simple and fast.

22. I Love to Review

I Love to Review is home to not so good products. If you don’t mind low-quality products, sign up!

23. Jump Send

Jump Send is another great company. It’s worth checking out.

You won’t get free stuff, but you can snatch up some great deals though. This is a great platform if you are looking to save money on a variety of Amazon products.

24. AmzRC

AmzRC will give you some awesome deals on a variety of Amazon products. They may not be free, but they are still worthy to check in with also.


At, you will get an amazing discount. You can get products up to 99% off. They may not be completely free, but still worth to check out.

26. Dealgogogo

Dealgogogo doesn’t offer free products, but you can also find some killer discounts from them though. Still worth to sign up for.

27. Dollar Review Club

Dollar Review Club is another great Amazon review site with discounted and free products. You can create an account, log on, find products you want and review them.

28. BestOneReview

BestOneReview is home to free and discounted products from Amazon. However, with them, you are not obligated to leave a review, but you can if you want.

29. AMZ.One Deals Club

AMZ.One Deals Club has free and discounted Amazon products. You can request the product, but you do not have to review it if you do not want to.

30. LAB Collection at GMYLE

GYMLE is probably going to be the most exciting company on this list. They handle accessories for products like the iPhone, tablets, and MacBooks.

This company will offer you a chance to try out various products for free or heavily discounted. At times, you can try out pre-released products as well.

31. Review.Directory

Review.Directory will provide you with free products to review. You will need a blog to document your experience.

32. Brand Awareness Club

Brand Awareness Club is another great platform to get free or heavily discounted Amazon products.

33. Premier Deals Club

You can get your discounted Amazon products at Premier Deals Club. Most products are typically 20% to 60% off.

You are not obligated to leave a review on Amazon. However, you will be required to post about the product on Facebook.

34. Rank Booster

At Rank Booster you can choose a variety of products. Most products are heavily discounted, but you can occasionally find free products as well.

Is There More Amazon Review Sites?

Of course, there is more! He’s a few more. Keep in mind all of these are essentially the same type of models. They provide free or heavily discounted products.

  • AMZ Blitz
  • DealHustl
  • Giveaway Service
  • Launch List Formula
  • Lucky 21
  • OnWeGo
  • VivaRate

Other Ways to Get Amazon Freebies

Besides these awesome Amazon review sites, there are other ways you can get free or discounted Amazon products.

35. Join Rewards Websites

Many reward sites allow you to cash out for Amazon gift cards, which in return can get you free or heavily discounted products. Some of the best of the best sites are the following:

36. Survey Sites

Rewards sites are not the only type of sites that give out Amazon gift cards. You can also snatch up some Amazon gift cards from survey sites like the following:

Read More: Questions for Cash: 50 Survey Sites That Pays you in Cash

37. Sell Yourself to Sellers

If you have a well-known account on Amazon, you can try asking sellers for free products. What I mean by well-known account, your account is under 200,000 in the review section. This means you’ve been an avid reviewer.

38. Amazon Vine

If you are one the of lucky few, you may get invited to Amazon Vine. Amazon Vine is Amazon’s only associated review program. All other review programs are not under Amazon.

However, Amazon Vine is completely invited only. You can check out their guidelines on how you can achieve to get an invite.

Pro-Tip: There is NO hack to get into the program as some people think.

Tips for Being an Awesome Amazon Reviewer

Now that you have all the sites to keep you busy reviewing, you are probably wondering how you can be the best reviewer out there, right?

It’s easy to have killer reviews every time. You will need to follow these few steps.

Sign Up for Multiple Sites

In order to broaden your chance to get many products, it’s best to sign up for multiple sites at a time. You will be able to always have products coming to you in the mail that way.

Have a Dedicated Email Address?

When you decide to get into reviewing, you will want to have a dedicated email address. This will you to not clog up your normal email, but you will always be able to see if/when new deals come out. You don’t want to miss any killer deals now!

Write Descriptive Reviews

When writing your reviews, you want to be as descriptive as possible. You don’t want to leave anything out.

You will want to put yourself in the readers’ shoes to figure out what you want from a review.

Be Honest

The best possible thing when you are reviewing is, to be honest. Don’t lie. A non-honest review won’t do the seller any good. They are looking for honest reviews only.

If you don’t like the product or it didn’t live up to your expectations, mention that.

Join Prime

Prime will save you a ton of money on shipping costs. You may not ever reach the $35 to get free shipping.

Prime will end up being cheaper than paying a few dollars here and there for shipping.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for free or heavily discounted items, I highly recommend trying out some of these Amazon review sites.

Keep in mind that all sites have different deals and different guidelines. You will also want to try and sign up to multiple sites to maximize your deal exposure.

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