23 FREE Redbox Codes That Always Work (Gaming Codes Included)

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Need free Redbox codes that always work? We have 23 codes in total that you won’t want to miss. Are you a frugal person? Do you hate when you must rent a movie and it breaks your budget?

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You no longer must worry about movie night costing you an arm and a leg anymore.

I am about to let you in on many ways that you can score FREE Redbox promo codes. I am about to make movie night great again.

What is a Redbox Code?

A Redbox code is like any other promo codes you may get for other companies. It allows you to either get a good deal on a rental or you will get a free Redbox rental.

As you might have imagined there are red boxes all over now. You can find them inside Walgreens and outside many other establishments, so these free rental codes will come in handy, if you ask me.

How to Use Free Redbox Codes?

To use these free rental codes, you will need to follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. Locate your local Redbox
  2. When visiting the Redbox, enter the code in when checking out
  3. You can decide, if you want to keep the rental longer than a day or not.

12 Ways to Get Redbox Free Movie Codes for Life

Of course, you want free movie codes for life, am I right? Here’s 12 simple ways to achieve that.

1. Redbox App

Did you know that Redbox has an app? You can get their app on your Apple and Android devices.

After you install the app on your device, you can now start getting exclusive deals, discount and promo codes that either good for a free rental or a certain amount off.

The app is more than just a code giver, you can order and pick up your movies as well as watch various movie trailers.

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2. Redbox Code When You Reserve Online

Not many people know that you can get a free Redbox code when you do an online reservation. The only downside to this is, is you will have to pay for your first movie rental.

But, here’s how to do the online reservation.

  • You will need to create an account, if you don’t already have one
  • Reserve the movie you want
  • Go to the Redbox and pick up your rental
  • When you drop off your rental, Redbox will apply your free movie code

3. Location Specific Rental Codes

When it comes to Redbox there are certain locations that have their own location-specific rental codes.

You will want to keep an eye out next time you shop where there is a Redbox. You can find these codes in the stores of where the box is located.

4. Code Sharing Sites

Just like freebie sites there are also code sharing sites. These sites allow you to find codes that may or may not work in your area, but it’s always worth a shot.

Two of the best sites are Thrifty Moment and Inside Redbox.

Keep in mind that even when you get a free rental, you will still need to use your credit card so they can bill you, if you decide to keep the movie longer than the night free.

5. Sign-Up for Redbox Perks

If you are an avid Redbox movie watcher, your best option is to join the Redbox Perks program by Redbox.

This program is a rewards program. You will have many benefits such as free rentals on your Redbox Perks anniversary and your birthday.

That is not all the benefits!

The best benefit of all is that you can earn points on every movie or game that you rent as well. Once you have 100 points, you can cash them out for a free movie rental.

This is a must-have, if you love renting movies.

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6. Redbox Text Club Member

If you don’t care that Redbox will text you, then you will certainly want to sign up for the Redbox Text Club.

When you join this club, every month you will have a free movie rental and you will be privy about special offers and even member-only freebies.

7. Follow on Social Media

If you love Redbox so much, it’s time to follow them on Facebook. You will have access to many free codes, as well as numerous discounts and deals.

Redbox themselves gives out plenty of free codes through their Facebook page.

8. Redbox Email Newsletter

When signing up to Redbox newsletter, you will get a free rental. Only do this if you don’t mind receiving a few emails from Redbox.

9. Get Social with Redbox

Get social with Redbox. Redbox loves to see what your game night or even your movie night looks like.

Post photos to Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #HowDoYouRedbox for your chance to win a special surprise.

10. Entertainment Book

Many schools sell the Entertainment Book. These books are great because they are loaded with coupons.

Depending on your area, you may find some exclusive Redbox offers.

11. Ask Your Family & Friends

See if they got any codes in their email that they are not using. There are times they will send out codes to certain group of people and they might be to you, but to your mom or dad might have some.

12. BOGO Offers

There’s a glitch with the BOGO offers. They will let you put one rental in your card and it’s nearly the same as getting a free rental. You will want to try it to see if it works for you.

21 Free Redbox Codes That Always Work

Of course, you came here for codes you can get now, because date night is in a few hours. Have no fear, we have MANY codes you can use for all your date nights to come.

  • H99976F2: Needs to be used either in the app or online. Good for one free rental
  • FREEBIE: Text the word freebie to 727272 to get a coupon
  • PUSH: Text the word pushes to 727272 for a free rental.
  • APPNOW: Text the word appnow to 727272 for a free rental when you use the app
  • MOVIENIGHT: Text the word movienight to 727272 to get a bogo coupon
  • MOVIE TIME: Text the word movie time to 727272 to get a free rental weekly
  • REDBOX: text the word redbox to 727272 to get a free rental (new customers only)
  • MOVIE: Text the word movie to 727272 to get a free rental
  • EMAIL: Text the word email to 727272 to get a free email
  • DVDATWAG: Only works at kiosks in Walgreens. Good for one free rental
  • REDBOXHEB: Only works at kiosks in HEB. Good for one free rental
  • DVDATMAC: Only works at kiosks in McDonald’s. Good for one free rental
  • DVDKROG: Only works at kiosks in Kroger. Good for one free rental
  • DVDATWEG: Only works at kiosks in Wegman. Good for one free rental
  • DRIVEIN: Only works at kiosks in Sonic. Good for one free rental
  • DVDNIGHT: Good for one free rental
  • RENTONME: Good for one free rental
  • BREAKROOM: Good for one free rental
  • WALGREENS: Only good at kiosk in Walgreens. Good for one free rental
  • DVDONME: Good for one free rental. New customers only
  • MPW32BK29DB7: Good for one free rental

+ 2 Redbox Free Game Codes

But when it comes to game codes, there are not that many. These are VERY hard to come by. You will want to sign up for their app and newsletter. Occasionally they will send out game codes also, but they won’t be as plentiful as DVD rentals.

  • GAMEKIDS: Text the word gamekids to 727272 to get a free game rental
  • GAMENIGHT: Text the word gamenight to 727272 to get a free game rental

Final Tips & Thoughts

I do want to leave you on one final tip.

These codes while they are great, they go by your credit card number. If you have more than one credit or debit card, you can use majority of these codes over again.

This can maximize your free movie rentals greatly.

The more cards you have the more rentals, you will get.

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