Top Greeting Card Companies Online To Write & Design For in 2020

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Want to work for the top greeting card companies online? There are companies that need writers and artists for greeting cards. This is your guide to finding and applying for these jobs. I have been in the writing world for over 8 years, and I never thought about submitting my work for greeting cards.

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Isn’t this so genius?

I was trying to help a friend come up with ideas for freelance writing. She is smart and witty, so it only made sense that she would submit to greeting cards.

There are top greeting companies online that will hire normal average everyday people to write for them.

Maybe you have been looking for a freelance writing job for a while, but couldn’t settle on a niche. THIS could be your niche.

How to Apply to Greeting Card Companies

I think it’s safe to say that most greeting card companies accept submissions at some point. Creativity comes in many forms. And the best way to get your hands on the best artwork out there is to accept submissions from artists and writers.

Artists and writers only have so much creativity. But when you’re accepting work from all walks of life, you’re going to get a really nice selection to choose from.

Simply find a company you want to apply for and follow their submission guidelines. It’s super important to follow the guidelines because they get so many submissions a day/week/year.

They’re only going to look at submissions from people who followed the directions, so keep this in mind.

Easy or Hard?

Some would say that writing for a greeting card company is easy. But, oh-the-pressure! You have to come up with new materials, which can be really hard.

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Since you aren’t writing a lot, and just short sentences, you really have to be funny, smart, witty, and really good! Greeting card writing isn’t for everyone.

If you don’t think you’re good at regular writing, then you may consider giving greeting card writing a try. Many people who don’t think they will be good at it are.

Just make sure you use proper grammar, spelling, and so forth. There is nothing worse than bad grammar on a submission.

Here is a nice list of the top greeting card companies online to write for.

Top Greeting Card Companies Online to Write For

If you don’t possess any artistic talent for drawing or taking pictures, then you need to know about greeting card writer jobs.

I didn’t even know how many places accepted writing submissions, the list is pretty amazing.

Don’t just settle for applying for one greeting card company though, make sure you apply for as many as you can handle.

~ Snafu Designs – A fun business that accepts writing work and submissions is Snafu Designs. You can even email at [email protected]. I have heard a lot of great things about this company!

~ Shoebox Cards – Put in the work and you can start making money from writing submissions for greeting cards. Keep an eye out for when they will start accepting submissions, they aren’t always accepting them.

~ P.S. Greetings – If you have the time to send in your submissions by mail, then go for it! It is not 100% clear how you send in the submissions by mail. But you can always contact them via their website for more information.

~ Paper Magic Group – Another greeting card company that accepts submissions is Paper Magic Group. I mean, with a name like this, you have to be awesome.

~ Calypso Cards – If you plan on submitting just writing to a greeting card company, Calypso Cards may be for you. What’s stopping you from applying?

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List of Greeting Card Companies That Accepting Freelance Artwork or Photography

Being an artist is a gift that you just can’t take for granted. In fact, not everyone can create artwork from their brains.

If you’re looking to make a living from your artwork, then you should consider selling to greeting card companies.

These companies are looking for genuine artwork that they don’t have to “fight” with others for! Submissions are the best way to do this.

~ Up With Paper  – New talent is highly sought after with Up With Paper. Simply go here to apply to work with this company. Spreading your talent wings is a huge part of working for a greeting card company.

~ Recycled Paper Greetings – Another greeting card company that accepts submissions. You can even put in 10 submissions at a time. Click here to submit your talent and good luck.

~ Smart Alex – If you have original artwork lying around, put it to work with Smart Alex. They only open up their submissions every now and again, so stay tuned.

~ American Greetings – One of the most popular companies for artwork submission for greeting cards is American Greetings.

~ Card Gnome – I love the name of this company for so many reasons! Card Gnome accepts card designs. In fact, you can gain a royalty for every card design sold.

~ Artists to Watch – This company accepts submissions from artists, which is awesome. While they do all of their own in-house writing, you can apply to submit a digital piece of artwork.

~ Crown Point Graphics – Looking for another company that will accept your artwork for greeting cards? Although there is no guarantee, Crown Point Graphics is always looking to buy or license new art.

 ~ Gina B. Designs – This is one of my favorite places that access submissions for artwork. They’re specifically looking for designs with excellent use of color. If you think you have what it takes, make sure you submit your artwork here.

~ Great Arrow – Another great company that you could submit your artwork to is Great Arrow. Make sure you read the guidelines for submission as they have some of the best greeting cards on the market.

~ It Takes Two – Are you an artist? It Takes Two accepts artist submissions, so make sure you apply. This is a great way to spread your artist wings and learn something new.

~ R.S.V.P Sellers – Looking to sell your artwork to a greeting card company? You may find success with R.S.V.P. Sellers. Click here to see the submission guidelines.

~ Photo Planet – Let’s talk about Photo Planet for a minute. They are always looking for the next great image. Do you have what it takes? Submit your artwork here.

~ NobleWorks Greetings- Don’t pass up the opportunity to apply for NobleWorks as an artist. You may make the cover of their greeting cards.

~ Leanin Tree – Art submissions are needed, so if you have the talent and what it takes, make sure you apply to Leanin Tree.

~ Palm Press – Another favorite of mine is Palm Press. They are always accepting submissions for artwork. If you think you’re talented enough, why not go ahead and apply?

~ Galison – Are you great at artwork and design? You may find success with applying to Galison.

You can check out the submission process right here.

~ Brush Dance Apply here if you have amazing artwork that you’d like to share. I think that this sounds like one of the better companies out there to submit to!

More Greeting Card Companies That Accept Artwork & Writing Submissions

Some greeting card companies rather accept one of the other. However, there are some companies that accept both.

I wanted to share some of the greeting card companies in which you can get double the chance at getting your submissions accepted.

Greeting cards accept freelance writers, which is so awesome! The best part of freelancing is all the different opportunities out there.

If one opportunity doesn’t work out, there is always another one waiting for you.

Check out these greeting card writer jobs!

~ Avanti Press – Make sure you take the time to apply for Avanti Press! They’re a well-known greeting card company that accepts submissions, so don’t miss out.

~ Blue Mountain Arts – For those of you who may be better at poetry typewriting, check out Blue Mountain Arts and send submissions to [email protected].

~ Koehler Companies – When you have artwork and writing talents, this is the place for you to submit your geniusness. They don’t just accept anyone’s work so do a great job, so that you have a better chance of being accepted.

~ Oatmeal Studios – This company is unique in the fact that it accepts written and artistic submissions. They are quite popular in the greeting card industry! Check them out and see if you have what it takes.

Yes, there aren’t a lot of companies that accept both. But I like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone when I can!

Sell Your Own Greeting Card Services

While you can apply to all of these companies and submit your artwork and writing, there is another way.

You can sell your own greeting card services. Here are some ideas for selling your copy or artwork on your own.

~ Start a website – Yes! If you really want to branch out with your talent, then consider starting your own website.

People will contact you because this is your niche.

  • Greeting card companies always need new talent, so if you know how to market to them, they will come-a-crawling.
  • You’re in charge of your own artwork and copy and get to decide who you sell it to.

~ Sell on Fiverr – I think my favorite thing about Fiverr is that you can literally sell anything on here. You can sell your artwork or your greeting card ideas.

It’s affordable for clients, plus if gives you a really nice platform for selling your talents. Some perks of Fiverr.

  • It’s cheap to sign up.
  • You have a nice clientele base already.
  • You work when you want to.
  • You can grow your business at a rapid pace.

~ Sign up for Upwork – Another favorite place of mine to sell artwork and copy is Upwork. This company caters to freelancers.

All you have to do is search for clients who may be looking to buy what you’re offering.

Trust me, there is always a client out there trying to buy something, especially artwork and greeting card copy.

Upwork is the #1 platform for freelancers and those who are seeking freelancers. Who knows, you could end up working for the top greeting card companies online.

How Much Does Designing Greeting Cards for a Living Pay?

I know one of the big questions you have here is how much do they pay? Well, a greeting card company will pay anything from a royalty to however bad they want your work.

This is why I say following the submission guidelines and putting in your best work is so important.

The companies listed here will pay anything from $25 to $300 per submission, which means you can make a pretty good living being a freelance card designer.

There are card publishers looking for artists, but they can’t find you if you don’t apply.

Apply, Apply, Apply

My best advice to you for becoming a freelance card designer or a freelance card copywriter is to apply, apply, apply.

You may be rejected the first 3 times, but you’re eventually going to get accepted. Take the time to perfect your craft!

Only submit work you’d be proud of and don’t cut corners. The only way to land one of these jobs to apply!

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July 29, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Olivia, where do I find copyright laws that apply to greeting card verbage? Do I even need to worry about that? What about using stock pictures to illustrate my text? Legal?? I have lots of ideas, but am a perfectionist and find that I am spending way too much time looking for the perfect graphics to illustrate my text.