Cardboard Boxes Recycling for Money Worth It? 13 Websites Included

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Wondering if cardboard boxes recycling for money worth it? We tell you everything you need to know and supply you with a game plan.Did you recently move? Do you love to order stuff off Amazon and other online companies? If so, you’ve probably got quite the collection of cardboard boxes. Instead of it taking up your living room, garage, or other room in your home, it’s time to clear the mess and make some money.

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All you will need to do is collect your boxes together and then you can resell them.

Here’s everything you need to know to resell your used cardboard boxes. We’ve done most of the hard work for you to make this process a bit easier on yourself.

I Don’t Have Any Boxes, Where Can I Locate Some?

If you are not like us and don’t have an Amazon Prime addiction, then you will need to collect boxes. You will want to have a decent number of boxes to make this side hustle worthwhile.

So, here is where you can locate some boxes.

Look Around Your Home

Hate to break it to you, but if you do any sort of shopping, you may find boxes in and around your house.

Keep in mind that these boxes do not need to be pretty, they just need to have a good structure to them and not be damaged.

Ask Your Friends & Family

Next up is to ask your friends and family members. You will be surprised at how many people will have boxes from previous purchases laying around the house just waiting to get broken down and taken out with the recycling.

Scout Out Craigslist

People all the time are moving. Once people move, they are ready to unpack and get rid of those darn moving boxes. People will go on Craigslist to give away these boxes for free. Be on the lookout for these posts this will be a gold mine for you.

U-Haul Box Exchange

The U-Haul box exchange is another great site to scout out. Granted this forum is all about exchanging boxes with one another, but there are times where people will come on this forum to give away their unneeded boxes. This is another thing you will want to look out for.

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Freecycle is a site like Craigslist, but everything on the site is completely free. You will want to see if anyone is getting rid of boxes.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores will also be a gold mine for you. They are always stocking and need to get rid of boxes. You will want to contact the manager to have them save you boxes that are NOT broken down.

Most managers will accommodate you and this will make the rest of your job easy.

Liquor Stores

Same thing with liquor stores. They have some of the best sturdy boxes in the business. You will want to contact a manager to see if they can save you some of the boxes.


Starbucks is another great location to ask for them to save you the boxes.

What many people do not know is that most of the stuff in Starbucks comes in boxes. They tend to get a few shipments in a week, so they will always have boxes.

Book Stores

You will also want to target your local bookstores. Sometimes they may even have boxes in the back as well ready for you to take. It cannot hurt to ask the manager when they get shipments in and if you can take the boxes off their hands.

Where to Sell Cardboard Boxes?

Now that we’ve told you how you can locate boxes, you are probably wondering who buys moving boxes and how much do recycling centers pay for cardboard boxes. These are both great questions and you are about to just see how much money you can truly make.

Here are the top 5 places to sell your cardboard boxes.

  • (UK only)

Cardboard Boxes Recycling for Money Worth It?

This question is going to be completely up to you and your circumstances.

These five sites that we’ve listed so far typically pay anywhere from $0.50 up to $1.50 per box. This means if you have only a few boxes, it wouldn’t be worth your time, but if you’ve collected a large quantity of boxes, this will be something you want to get into.

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What About Cardboard Recycling Centers That Pay Near Me?

Of course, you will want to also check with your local recycling centers. If you don’t know where your local recycling centers are located, you can use and Here is where they will show you all recycling centers that are near you.

However, you should keep in mind that the money you will make from recycling centers will NOT be as much money as you would get from using one of the five sites above.

Wait, There’s More Places!

Yes, you’ve read that right. The above 5 places are places that will pay you the most money and the most well-known, but that doesn’t mean that is all we are going to give you here. We have a few more places you may want to check out. These places are the following.

  • Box smart
  • Duffy Box
  • Quincy Recycle
  • Rebox

Recycle Cardboard Classifieds

If you are striking out on these few more sites, then it’s time to start looking up cardboard classified companies. These companies specialize in providing you to people who are looking to purchase the cardboard boxes. You will want to check these classified sites.

  • Recycler Finder
  • Recycler’s World
  • RecycleINMe
  • Padnos

Final Verdict

Selling your cardboard boxes can be profitable. Especially, if you can get your hands on many boxes in a short amount of time.

Whether you have a shopping problem or not, you will want to see if recycling cardboard boxes is for you. There is no dirty work involved, the profits are great, and you have nothing to lose.

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