75 of the Best Summer Jobs for Teens. Totally not joking!

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Do you know of a teen in need of work this summer? Look no further! Here’s a huge list of the 75 best summer jobs for teens. You will be glad you looked!Cold winter days are finally behind us. The sweet smell of spring is in the air, and life couldn’t be looking much better right now! Before long, school will be ending, and summer break will be upon us.

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While many kiddos are looking forward to the pool parties, picnics on the beach, cookouts, and campfires, there is one age group that may (or may not) have something else to look forward to. Teenagers and jobs!

Pending how you look at it, a job can be miserable, when you are trapped inside on those gorgeous summer days. However, on the other hand, the money made over break can certainly start up a pretty nice savings for a teen’s bank account.

If you are a teen in need of a job, or know of a teenager who will be looking for work this summer, look no further! I have compiled a huge list of summer jobs, for teens.

There is no better time to start looking, than now, so take a peek!

Best summer jobs for teens

When it comes to jobs for teens, there are tons of options. The following are some of the best first-time jobs, for those looking to start out at minimum wage.

#1. Foodservice jobs

Many restaurants require teens to be 18 or older to wait, however until then, there are also host(ess) jobs, where you can lead folks to their seats.

Or perhaps consider getting a job at a local fast food joint. You will likely get some free meals out of it, too. Score!

#2. Gas station clerk

This is a pretty simple job for high schoolers. As long as you can pass the math test, you’re good to go! You may even get to stock the few shelves of candy, chips, and other random items.

#3. Retail clerk

When it comes to grocery store jobs, they are great, because most stores are flexible with teen’s hours. Bag groceries, push shopping carts, fill and face the shelves. It’s the perfect first job for any teen!

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#4. Cinema employee

Want a discount on your movie tickets and popcorn? Get a job at your local movie theater!

#5. Receptionist

If you don’t mind speaking on a real telephone, think about checking out local businesses, to see if they are in need of a receptionist. Think hair salons, and other small businesses.

#6. Clerical work

This one may go hand in hand with a receptionist, but there are many local businesses who may need help filing paperwork, or entering simple data into a computer.

Outdoor jobs

If you are dreading a summer job because you don’t want to be trapped inside all day, don’t worry. There are plenty of outdoor jobs for you to take on.

#7. Lifeguard

You can still spend your summer on the beach, if you know CPR, and are fully focused on those around you. Check out the American Red Cross for your lifeguard certification.

#8. Camp counselor

If you love working with kids, becoming a camp counselor may be the perfect summer job!

#9. Sports referee

Some places may be volunteer-based, where others may pay their refs to referee soccer games, or umpire baseball games.

#10. Dog poo picker upper

While this may not be the most pleasant job, it is one that many are more than willing to pay you to do. Grab a close pin for your nose, and get to scooping!

#11. Lawn care

From mowing lawns, to pulling weeds, planting flowers, and trimming shrubs, there are tons of lawn care, and landscaping opportunities all around you.

#12. Zoo employee

Some zoos have summer positions available that may include janitorial duties around the zoo, or even hosting and cleaning up birthday parties.

#13. Farm stand employee

Do you have local farmers who have stands set up on the side of the road? Oftentimes they need people to man the stands, while they are off tending to their crops, and other tasks.

#14. Food truck employee

Many food trucks you see at the local fair are run by families, however, that doesn’t mean you cannot ask if they need an extra set of hands for the week!

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#15. Summer farm help

Farmers often use high schoolers in the summer to help tend to their crops. Whether they need someone to de-tassle corn, or help harvest green beans and other crops, teenagers are often perfect for the job.

#16. Paper route

If you want a job that you can do first thing in the morning, and have the rest of the day to yourself, look for a local paper route! You’ll be up early, but then you can take a nap afterward, and carry on with your day!

High paying jobs for teenagers

As you know, jobs for teens don’t often pay well. However, there are some high paying jobs out there, that even teens can do. Many of these jobs will require a bit of skill. Check them out!

#17. Dancer

Just how great of a dancer are you? Put your ballet skills to use, and see if your local theater has any shows coming up, that you can audition for.

#18. Pit Musician

Local theaters oftentimes hire teens to play musical instruments in the pit, during summer shows.

#19. Party Prince(ss)

Can you pass as a Disney prince, or princess, with the right outfit, and hairdo? If so, consider making appearances at birthday parties! Set a reasonable price, and create a business card that parents can pass around.

#20. YouTuber

Okay, so you may not start earning the big bucks, but there is always potential, as a YouTuber. Think about what kiddos like to watch, or make your own Minecraft music videos.

There are tons of job opportunities for teens. Many of them are pretty obvious gigs that most teens can come up with their own. However, some of them are not so obvious.

#21. Solo musician

Are you an amazing pianist, or cellist? Many places pay big money for an hour or two worth of fine, solo, background music. Check out local hotels with event centers, or art shows.

#22. Detail cars

You may not have the cleanest car, as a teen, however, if someone is paying you to clean a car, inside and out, that may be another story! Who knows, maybe it will motivate you to clean out your own car. Or maybe not.

#23. Church organist

All those years of organ lessons may finally pay off! Consider asking local churches if they are in need of an organist, full time, or part-time. Even if it is just to fill in for a week.

#24. Magician

This is another gig that has great potential, for kids’ birthday parties! Grab your deck of playing cards, and a super long hanky, it’s going to be an exciting summer!

#25. Actor/Actress

Do you participate in theater, during the school year? You may be able to land some real acting gigs at your local theater, this summer!

Online jobs for teens

There probably is not a single teen out there who doesn’t already know their way around a chromebook, or smartphone.

Kids’ lives these days seem to function around the internet, whether they are glued to YouTube videos, playing online games, or simply doing schoolwork. Why not put those computers (or smartphones) to better use, and start earning some money with them? Here are some great online jobs for high school students.

#26. Download Money Making Apps

So this isn’t exactly a job, but it is an easy way to earn some extra cash, during the many hours of downtime. There are tons of money making apps out there. Simply download them, and start earning away. Think InboxDollars, where you can get paid for watching videos, or iBotta, where you can earn rebates, while grocery shopping.

#27. Take surveys

Okay, so this one also isn’t a full time, or even part-time job. But by signing up with a survey site, there is a possibility to earn some extra money from time to time. Just be aware of the required age on some sites. Lifepoints is a great survey site that only requires you to be at least 14 years old, in order to participate.

#28. Website developer

Not everyone can develop websites. But if you happen to have the right skills, you can get an early start this summer. What a great time to gain some experience, and start your own network!

#29. Tumblr themes designer

Know a little bit about graphic design? Why not try your hand at creating various themes for Tumblr?

You must be 18 in order to have an account, but parents are able to sign the contract, if they approve. And what parent wouldn’t?! It’s a great way to put a teen’s talents to work, and earn a little money from them!

#30. Stream your video games

Are you looking forward to summer, because you’ll have some extra video gaming time? Why not make some cash, while tending to your gaming addiction? Head on over to Twitch, and live stream your gaming. You can make money by allowing ads to play during your videos.

#31. Apps creator

I’m sure you have thought of at least one or two ideas for a good app, that could be of use to many. Turn those thoughts into cash, and create your own apps. Then sell them on Google Play or iTunes, to make some cash.

#32. Freelance writer

If you have a way with words, check out Upwork.com to find freelance writing gigs.

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Typical summer jobs

The following jobs are pretty typical for teens, however, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be mentioned. In case you forgot, here are some pretty easy gigs to land. Though they do come with great responsibility!

#33. Babysitter

Babysitting is a great summertime gig, because someone needs to stay home with the kiddos, while the parents are at work. And date nights are easier for parents, because they don’t have to worry about being home early, so that you can get to bed early, yourself. Check out the American Red Cross for babysitter basics classes.

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#34. House cleaner

Were you a pro at getting chores done by the age of 8? If so, you’ll likely make a good house cleaner, for a busy parent. Offer to wash baseboards and windows. Dust ceiling fans, and vents.

#35. Tutor

Are you a math whiz, or do you have a knack for grammar and spelling? Put your brain to work, and help tutor someone who is struggling in school.

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#36. Teach swim lessons

What better time of year, to teach swim lessons, than summertime? The American Red Cross has some great swimming and water safety classes to take.

#37. Dog sitter

Do you have a neighbor that is taking their family on a week-long vacation this summer? Offer to watch and care for their pets, so they don’t have to board them.

#38. House Sitter

Why not offer to watch the whole house, instead of just the family pet, when your neighbors go away? This may involve watering plants, getting the mail, and turning the lights on and off.

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#39. Mascot

If you happen to have a local baseball stadium nearby, apply to be one of their mascots for the upcoming season! You’ll get access to all, or most of the games, and get to dance around in a goofy suit.

#40. Play in a Band

Gather a group of friends, and create your own garage band. Pending the genre you play, you may end up being able to get gigs at restaurants, and even wedding receptions.

#41. Teach music lessons

Some parents want their kiddos to excel with musical instruments, but they don’t want to fork over big money for a professional music teacher. Offer to teach others your musical talents.

#42. Disney Actor

Disney hires seasonal help over the summer. You don’t even have to live in Florida, as they have housing for those that are just there temporarily. However, you do have to be at least 18 years old.

Miscellaneous summer jobs

Here’s a quick list of some other miscellaneous jobs that teens can do.

  • #43. Proofreader
  • #44. Photographer
  • #45. Sell crafts
  • #46. Library assistant
  • #47. Equestrian riding instructor
  • #48. Sell refurbished goods
  • #49. Podcaster
  • #50. Blogger
  • #51. Golf caddy
  • #52. Dance teacher
  • #53. Barista
  • #54. Transcriptionist
  • #55. Painting
  • #56. Little league coach
  • #57. Hotel housekeeper
  • #58. Cake baker
  • #59. Dog Walker
  • #60. Personal assistant
  • #61. Reseller (think eBay)
  • #62. Dog Bather
  • #63. Dishwasher
  • #64. Daycare assistant
  • #65. Pool cleaner
  • #66. Interior design assistant
  • #67. Logo Designer
  • #68. Translator
  • #69. Video game tester
  • #70. Virtual assistant
  • #71. Concession stand worker
  • #72. Model
  • #73. Uber driver (18 and older)
  • #74. Construction worker (generally 18 and older)
  • #75. Pizza delivery driver (generally 18 and older)

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