Top 10 Best Paid Online Focus Group Companies You Need in 2020

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Love surveys? You will then love focus groups. You will want to check out these 10 best paid online focus group companies.

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Are you an avid survey taker? Do you get happy about a high payout survey? Well, you are going to love paid focus groups! You can make much more than a traditional survey.

Don’t know what focus groups are and how it’ll make you some serious coin? Have no fear, keep on reading. We will let you know what it is, how you will get paid, and what companies you must join in 2020!

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is just like the name implies a group or a panel of sorts that is essentially an in-person survey. Instead of answering question after question, it’s a more discussion style type of event.

There are businesses that pay a pretty penny for this information. They want to know what you as a consumer think of their products.

You will soon see when you start getting into more and more focus groups that many market research companies even have online focus groups, which allows them to gather information from a bigger pool of consumers.

What is the Pay Like?

When you look at what a focus group pays you, you may think, “Dang, I could be making a couple thousand a week, if I solely do them 40 hours every week.”

You will not be able to get a 40-hour week with focus groups. There are not that many opportunities available to fill all that time.

However, if you are disciplined and invited to join a few focus groups online, you can make a few thousand a month, but that is still very hard to do. You will need to know how to get exclusive invites and get invited to nearly everyone.

However, this leads us into how you find the focus groups.

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How do You Find Focus Groups Online & Offline?

Ah, finding a focus group online will be a bit easier to manage than finding them offline. Further down the post, you will see the top paid research online companies you should be signing up for.

As for finding focus groups near me, you will have to dig and dig to find some in your area. If you live in a metropolitan area, you will have a little bit of an easier time since a lot of marketing research companies will be targeting those areas.

Best Paid Online Focus Groups Companies

Enough of the technical stuff, you didn’t technically come here for that. You came here for the best paid online focus group companies to sign up for in 2020.


Toluna has been around for over a decade. They are one of the top best online focus groups. You may already see them advertising, if you did your own quick search.

Toluna is not just a focus group company they also dabble in surveys too. You can do both when you sign up. I will say from experience, you will not want to ignore the surveys, or the focus group offers. Do them all to maximize your earnings.

Pro-Tip: The surveys in Toluna seem to average anywhere from $10 to $30. You will typically get invited to a focus group AFTER you take a relevant survey, so like I said, don’t ignore the surveys.

Ipsos I-Say

Right behind Toluna is Ipsos I-Say. Ipsos I-Say was founded before the internet in 1975. They have billions of revenues every year.

Ipsos I-Say bought out Synovate, which added 50% more to their annual revenue. This brought them to the top of the market research companies.

Ipsos I-Say also have surveys too. They don’t pay as much, but they are also worth doing. These surveys just like Toluna will help you get qualified for their focus groups, so taking any and all surveys that you can will help your chances of being invited to a focus group opportunity.

Ipsos I-Say pays around $120 an hour for their focus groups. Yes, you read that right. That’s nothing to sneeze at, so take those surveys!

My Survey (LifePoints)

My Survey is another great well-known survey network that also dabbles in product testing, focus groups, and much more. In 2014 alone, the company paid out over $32 million to their users.

My Survey has a TON of focus group offers. If you are highly active, you may be invited to a few focus groups invites each year.

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My Survey typically pays with gift certificates or pre-paid credit cards.

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VIP Voice

VIP Voice is another great market research company. NPD Group owns VIP Voice. VIP Voice opened in 1967.

NPD Group works with a variety of the Fortune Top 500 companies, which is great for VIP Voice.

VIP Voice hands out over 12 million paid surveys each year. They also do have focus groups too. Their surveys are not the best paying, but their focus groups pay better. You can be expected to get paid around $25 to $100 for their focus groups.

Survey Junkie

Ah, good old Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is another great site. They are mainly advertised as a survey site, hence their name, but that’s not all what’s under their belt.

While they do hold surveys anywhere from $2 up to $75, they also have several focus groups too. With Survey Junkie, you can expect to earn up to $120 per hour with online focus groups.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online has been around since 1997. What’s nifty and cool about the Harris Poll Online company is that they work with many of the Fortune Top 100 list.

Harris Poll Online is not only a survey site like many people are led to believe, but they also offer focus groups too.

Harris Poll Online does not only have online focus groups. They also offer over the phone focus groups, and in-person focus groups. You will want to keep in mind the pay will vary between group to group. But you can expect to be paid a minimum of $50 per study.

Just like Focus Forward, you will want to fully fill out your profile. If you fit what the market research is looking for, you may be getting up to 10 invites per week.


MintVine has been around since 2012. It is a newer company on the list. It currently has over 5 million members. They are one of the slowly catching up to the bigger companies.

They do have paid surveys also. They typically take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete. You will get paid between $2 to $3 for completing them.

But the focus group invites are what you are after. If you are invited to a focus group, you will be making anywhere from $10 up to $50 per hour. You can then transfer your money to your PayPal account, or you can get paid through Amazon gift cards.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward is not as popular as the rest of the other companies in this list, but it’s still a great company to get on with.

They do specialize in focus groups. They also do have surveys too. It’s easy to get on with focus groups through them too.

But what’s different with Focus Forward is that you don’t have to take survey after survey to get on with a focus group. However, they do have some surveys that pay out around $5 each.

For a standard online focus group, you can expect to make $50 to $200. They do have offline focus groups that can range anywhere from $250 up to $1,000.

Pro-Tip: When creating your account at Focus Forward, you will want to give all the information as you can to them. This will help trigger some invites to focus groups, rather than NOT giving them enough information.

Engage in Depth

Engage in Depth is another company that you might not have heard of. They are a focus group company that promotes that you can earn up to $100 per focus group study.

They also advertise their focus groups are headache-free. What’s cool about Engage in Depth is that you don’t have to deal with the point system like some of the other companies. You will get all new invites straight to your email. You will know how much you’ll make when you accept the offer.

Brand Institute

Brand Institute opened their doors back in 1993. You may or may not have heard them. They are a market research company. But they disguise themselves as a brand identity consultancy service, which throws a lot of people off.

While they do have focus groups, they are typically operated by Online Global Recruiting. This company dabbles in many medical base surveys.

With Brand Institute, you will be not be filling questionnaire after questionnaire. If you are accepted into their program, or your day job is a medical care professional, you can expect that you will be making some serious cash.

Final Thoughts on Focus Group Online Jobs That Pay Cash

If you love filling out surveys, you will love being a part of these focus groups. I do highly recommend you sign up to a variety of these sites to maximize your chances of being invited to many focus groups.

Keep in mind, that you will not always get focus groups and this money shouldn’t be counted on. You may get a few focus groups at once and then the next few months may be dry. You will not become rich off this like many people think, but it is fun thing to do in your spare time.

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