49 Barter or Swap Websites That Help You Sell or Trade Your Stuff

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Sometimes, selling stuff isn’t the best option. Instead, you can use what you have to get what you need without spending your money. The following guide lists 40 barter and swap websites that’ll help you work your way toward getting what you need or want without spending a dime.You probably have a lot of stuff in your home that doesn’t get used much or may even be in a pile to sell whenever you get around to it.

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But have you thought about using that stuff to your advantage to get what you want or need?

I’m talking about swapping or bartering the things you have to get things other people have.

It’s an easy way to get what you want and need without spending money for them.

For example, you have a dress you bought for a wedding but probably won’t wear again.

Maybe you want a different dress to wear for an upcoming special occasion.

You can use a website to find someone to swap dresses with! You don’t have to spend a dime to exchange a dress and get a different one that’s brand new to you.

Sounds great, right?

The sites below can help you do just that – but with just about anything you have available (even your home!).

The Best General Barter or Swap Websites

These sites will help you barter or trade for just about anything.

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Whether you want to barter for car, furniture, clothing, toys, you name it – these places will probably have it.

Barter Bay

This site is available to people in the USA and Canada and it has an app you can also use to find stuff you need and exchange what you have.

You’ll also earn coins for stuff you do on the site, like posting items and referring your friends, which you can exchange for gift cards.

Visit Barter Bay

Barter Bucks Banc

This place has tons of categories for you to find exactly what you need for your exchange.

Type in your zip code to make sure you’re searching in your area.

Visit Barter Bucks Banc

Barter Only

Barter Only is available in select cities to help you find other swappers who are willing to trade your stuff for theirs.

Visit Barter Only


You can find and exchange both goods and services on this site.

There’s even a section for trading or bartering for real estate.

Visit BarterQuest

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Use Bunz to find just about anything you could want and swappers who are interested in what you have.

You’ll need to register for a free account to get started.

Visit Bunz


Freecycle is a place where you don’t just have to swap stuff you have – you might even get what you need or want for free.

You’ll need to search for a Freecycle community in your area or ask to start one yourself.

Then, browse the listings to see what’s available.

Visit Freecycle


Gumtree is a site that’s similar to Craigslist in that it provides online classifieds in a range of categories.

Its Swap Shop is a section of the site that’s dedicated to helping people barter instead of sell.

Visit Gumtree


Use the Letgo app to either sell stuff you don’t want or find other buyers who are interesting in swapping items.

It’s free to use and you can message potential buyers/swappers to iron out the details of your exchange.

Visit Letgo


Listia is a bit different than other sites on this list in that you won’t swap directly with people.

Instead, once you “sell” something on the site, you’ll get Listia credits, which you can then use to buy other stuff people list there.

Visit Listia


This is like the Tinder of swapping stuff.

Use the MatchTrade app to swipe right or left, depending on if something interests you or not.

If you get a match, you can speak with the other owner to work out the details of your trade.

Visit MatchTrade


Add your items to Swappiness and search the site for things you want.

Make some offers and trade away!

Visit Swappiness


This UK site has sections for both swapping and selling.

Visit Swapz


This is a bartering app that lets you quickly add some listings, browse for other items, and message other swappers to get what you need.

Visit TradeMade


This site uses blockchain technology to help you make trades with other fellow users.

Visit TradeStuff


Zilok is more of a rental place than an exchange site, but you may be able to find people here who want to trade items to rent.

Visit Zilok


Don’t forget Craigslist!

This place is mostly for selling items, kind of like an online garage sale, but it’s also perfect for finding free stuff and items to trade.

Make sure when you create a listing, you put “FOR TRADE” or something similar in the title so that people know it’s not up for sale.

Visit Craigslist

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is also a great way to find people near you to swap with.

You create free listings here and you can share them with your friends or groups on Facebook, so plenty of people can see them.

Visit Facebook Marketplace

Swap Websites for Books, Games, and Media

When you have books, CDs, video games, and other like items to get rid of, don’t just sell them; try to find a new home for them somewhere else while getting what you want in return.


BookMooch is perfect for bookworms who read frequently but don’t want tons of books they’ve already read piling up in their home.

Instead, trade yours with other users!

Visit BookMooch

Game Trading Zone

You can trade video games, gaming accessories, movies, and other stuff on this site that can save you tons of money on all your gaming goods.

Visit Game Trading Zone


Here’s an online book swapping club that’ll help you refresh your library when you need some more good reads.

Visit PaperbackSwap

Play N Swap

Find some of today’s hottest games or some of the best games from decades past on this swapping site that’s perfect for gamers.

Visit Play N Swap

Read It Swap It

Read a book, swap a book!

This free service lets you find other book lovers who want to trade their collections with you.

Visit Read It Swap It

Swap A CD

If your music collection is in need of a refresher, this site can probably help you find what you’re looking for.

Every time you ship a CD, you’re allowed to request one.

Visit Swap A CD

Swap A DVD

This is the sister site of Swap A CD.

Choose a movie once you send one of yours to someone else.

You’ll just need to pay $0.49 to cover shipping costs.

Visit Swap A DVD

Title Trader

Trade books, video games, CDs, and DVDs on this easy-to-use site.

Visit Title Trader

Clothes-Swapping Websites

Turn your old clothing into a new wardrobe with these sites and apps that are designed to find new homes for used threads.


Sell clothing with this app or work out trades with other sellers.

Depop can be both for casual and full-time sellers.

Visit Depop


The Poshmark app has become a full-time business for some fashionistas, but you can also use it more casually.

Use the app to list your clothing, sell it, and use that money to buy other stuff on the app.

Visit Poshmark


Refashioner is a selling and trading site for vintage clothing that mean something to people.

It’s a good place to go if you want to make sure your clothes are going to someone who’s going to love them as much as you do.

Visit Refashioner


Show others your clothing and wait for offers to come your way for trading on Rehash.

Visit Rehash


When you send in your clothes to Swap.com, you’ll receive store credit that you can use to buy other stuff on the site.

Or, let your clothing sit in your account and wait for others to offer a trade!

Visit Swap.com


ThredUp sends you cash or store credit when you send in your clothes so you can afford more for your closet.

You’ll get more money if you choose store credit.

Visit ThredUp


Sell or trade items from your closet that you no longer want or need on Vinted, and ship them to your buyers using the online platform.

Visit Vinted

House-Swapping Websites for Moving or Traveling

Whether you want to swap spaces for traveling somewhere new or you’re looking to move, these sites can help you find a new place to call your own.


You can use Airbnb to swap spaces if you’re looking to travel somewhere else for a while.

Set up your listing and barter with those who are interested in trading spaces.

Visit Airbnb

Couch Surfing

Need somewhere to stay when traveling?

Try Couch Surfing to find a home or room wherever you’re going, and offer up your space to someone else.

Visit Couch Surfing


This interesting site is all about trading homes, land, and business real estate.

It won’t be the right thing for everyone, but it could be one way to get a new home if you’re looking to move.

Visit GoSwap

Home Exchange

Use Home Exchange to find your next vacation spot without having to spend tons of money on a hotel or rental.

Just trade your home instead!

Visit Home Exchange


This is another site that lets you find other travelers to share your home with as you take up temporary residence in theirs on your trip.

Visit Intervac

Love Home Swap

Stop spending money on room and board while traveling by using this site, which helps you find people who are traveling to your area and are willing to trade.

Visit Love Home Swap

Barter for Services with These Websites

Don’t let your skills go to waste.

These sites help you find people who need your skills and services in exchange for some of theirs.

Babysitter Exchange

It’s always good to have a babysitter handy when you need one, which is why you can use Babysitter Exchange to find them.

Offer up your time and exchange for babysitting services from others.

Visit Babysitter Exchange


This site is specifically for business owners who have services they can help each other with.

Visit BizX


Simbi has a “symbiotic economy,” meaning that people here help each other get what they need with their skills.

You can offer your services in exchange for getting what you need.

Visit Simbi

Skills Barter

As the name suggests, Skills Barter helps you swap skills with other people to get services you need.

It’s free to use.

Visit Skills Barter


Post what you can offer on SwapRight and see if anyone is willing to trade you for their services, like auto repair or childcare.

Visit SwapRight


Timebanking is the act of performing a service for someone and “banking” time with someone else for performing that service.

You can find a local Timebank exchange near you by using this website.

Visit Timebank.org

Other Swap or Barter Websites

Not all of these sites fit well into one of the categories above, but they’re still awesome places to find what you need:

Liquid Space

Do you need a workspace for your business or just to get out of the home once in a while when you work from home?

You can use Liquid Space to find what you need, and maybe even trade a space in your home.

Visit Liquid Space

Shared Earth

This site helps farmers and other people with land trade their spaces to get just the right piece of land for whatever they need.

Visit Shared Earth


Got some sports equipment you don’t need, or trying to find some gear for your child’s new sport?

Use this site to find people in your area who are able to trade.

Visit SwapMeSports


Don’t let used toys go in the trash.

Trade them instead with ToyCycle.

There’s also a consignment service you can use to get stuff sold fast if you’re looking to clear out your home.

Visit ToyCycle


This ridesharing platform helps you locate other riders to carpool with.

You may be able to swap carpooling time with them to help each other out.

Visit Zimride

Conclusion: Sell or Trade Stuff Online

Swapping or bartering is perfect for you when you have physical items or skills that can come in handy for other people.

The old saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and these sites prove that it’s true.

Just because you don’t want or need something anymore doesn’t mean you can’t find a home for it somewhere else while getting what you need in return.

Do you know of other swapping and bartering sites?

Let me know in the comments.

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