Get Paid to Use Your Phone! 55+ Android and iPhone Apps That Pay You Money

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Do you want to make some extra cash with your smartphone? Check out these 55+ Android and iPhone apps that pay you money!These days, it is pretty easy to come up with some quick and easy ways to make a little extra cash.

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In fact, you can even get paid to have a smartphone!

So what are you waiting for? Download these apps, and get to earning fast, easy money, today!

Android and iPhone apps that pay you money

No matter what kind of smartphone you have, there are tons of apps available, that will make you money! Most of the following apps are available on both Androids and iPhones, however a select few are only available on one of the other.

Best apps that pay you to work out

Do you want to get paid to lose weight and workout? Well, look no further! The following apps are a great way to help you make some extra money, while also motivating you to get healthy and stay on track!


Challenge yourself to lose weight, and win money after following through!

#2. DietBet

DietBet is an app that allows you to make a game out of losing weight, with a group of others, and betting on yourself!

If you happen to meet your weight loss goal by the end of your 4 week, or 6 month game, then you and the other winners from your group will split the winnings! .

#3. GymPact

This fitness app is to help you stay motivated to use your gym membership. You will basically make a pact to visit the gym, or fitness center so many times a week. If you stay on track with your exercise, and meet your pact, you will get paid anywhere from $.50-$.75 per workout. However, if you don’t remain committed, you may end up paying out!

Apps to review apps

So that sounds kind of weird, huh? Well, app developers love getting input on their apps, and what better way, than to get it from users, like yourself? The following apps will let you test out or watch clips of various other apps, while getting paid.

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#4. AppKarma

#5. AppTrailers

#6. FeaturePoints

#7. FreeMyApps

Apps that pay you to shop

Make your shopping trips more exciting, by making money while you shop! You can even earn gift cards to pay for your next shopping trip, with many of these apps.

#8. BerryCart

Do you prefer to buy on the best, and all natural foods? If so, check out the BerryCart app. Simply take a photo of your receipt after purchasing you feel good foods, and then earn money that be can cashed out through PayPal, or turned into gift cards.

#9. Checkout51

Simply scan your receipt after making a purchase, to earn cashback on certain items on your Checkout51 app. Once you have met the $20 minimum, you can then transfer your funds over to your PayPal account.

#10. CrayPay

The CrayPay app will send you a digital gift card to use on your current purchase, for up to 10%. There are over 60,000 locations in which they will pick up a portion of your receipt.

#11. Ebates

Earn rebates and cash back through Ebates. Whether you are in store, or shopping online, you are sure to make some money back from your purchases.

#12. Fetch Rewards

The Fetch Rewards app allows you to earn rewards for shopping anywhere. Just scan your receipt, and start accumulating points. Then cash them in for gift cards from hundreds of different retailers.

#13. iBotta

iBotta allows you to link your loyalty cards, and collect rebates on various purchases at some of your favorite stores! You can even shop online through their app, and earn extra money that way. Cash out your earnings through PayPal, or turn them into gift cards.

#14. Punchcard

Earn mpoints and punches on your Punchcard app, by making purchases at various retailers, gas stations and restaurants. Turn your points into gift cards, or use them to enter into sweepstakes for all sorts of prizes.

#15. Receipt Hog

Do you like shopping at the local mom and pop store that isn’t on most shopping apps? Don’t worry! You can get paid for taking pictures of your receipts from any store, with the Receipt Hog app.

#16. ReceiptPal

Turn your receipts into points and rewards with the ReceiptPal app. Even e-receipts! Cash out at any time, and choose from a number of various gift cards to be rewarded with.

#17. SavingStar

Link your loyalty cards to earn real cashback during your shopping trips. That’s right! Once you meet the $20 threshold, you can cash out through PayPal.

#18. Shopkick

You don’t even have to buy anything to earn Shopkick kick points and gift cards. In fact, simply walking into certain stores, or scanning barcodes can earn you kicks. Though you can also earn them for spending money at partnered stores. 

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Apps that pay you to do various tasks

The following apps are full of ever changing tasks to accomplish. Download them all, and do as many tasks as you can, to make the most money!

#19. Observa

Heading out to Target or Best Buy? Be sure to have the Observa app downloaded to see what kind of tasks are currently available! Then get paid through PayPal within 2 days of completion.

#20. Shopalong

The shopalong app will pay you to do various tasks during your shopping trips. Snap a few photos, answer a few questions, or even submit your receipt to start earning rewards.

#21. Job Spotter

Help others find jobs by submitting photos of local help wanted signs. Each approved photo will earn you points that you can use towards a gift card.

#22. Gigwalker

Become a Gigwalker and get paid anywhere from $3-$100 per local gig. Tasks can be found on a map, so that you can choose the gigs that are most convenient for you.

#23. Mobee

Want to earn some gift cards? Earn points for each mission you complete on the Mobee app, and then trade them in for gift cards to a number of popular retailers or restaurants.

#24. Rewardable

The microjobs on the Rewardable app can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes, and pay up to $20 each!

#25. EasyShift

Browse the map of nearby stores to find daily tasks to accomplish. Take photos, answer questions, and before you know if you’ll be racking up the bills in your PayPal account.

Apps that pay you to take photos

Do you find yourself frequently filling up your phone’s photo albums with all sorts of random pictures throughout the day? If so, there are apps that will pay you to shoot random photos. Check these out!

#26. Bylined

Bylined can connect you with top brands who want to pay you for your photos! This app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

#27. IconZoomer

IconZoomer has various photo taking assignments listed on the app. Choose whichever ones you want to do, snap your shot, and send it in. Earn credits for each photo, that can be turned into PayPal cash!

#28. Foap

If you have some amazing photos on your phone, don’t hog them to yourself. Add them to your portfolio in the Foap app, where others can purchase them. You’ll split your earnings 50/50 with Foap.

#29. Snapwire

Brands are frequently looking for photographers, to take creative shots. These shots help advertise their products. Well, Snapwire can help you be that photographer! Check out the app to learn more about getting paid for your photos.

#30. Stylinity

Stylinity works with over 180 retailers to help you advertise their clothing. Take photos of outfits, and add links to where your clothing can be purchased. Receive up to 20% of the sale price, when someone uses your link, and make additional money from referrals!

Apps that pay you to complete surveys

Filling out surveys is a great way to earn some extra cash during your downtime. Whether waiting for the kiddos to get out of school, or your favorite show to come back on tv, you can take surveys any day of the week, day or night!

#31. 1Q

Get paid $.50 for each question? Yes, please! Get paid instantly, via PayPal, or donate your earnings to charity.

#32. Google Opinion Rewards

With the Google Opinion rewards you can earn PayPal cash simply for answering questions about a recent hotel stay or merchant satisfaction. Just download, and wait for the surveys to come to you!

#33. iPoll

Get paid to participate in surveys with the iPoll. Cash out through PayPal, or turn your earnings into a gift card.

#34. i-Say

The i-Say app will send you a notification anytime a survey is ready for you! The more you complete, the more you earn!

#35. InboxDollars Surveys

Receive cash rewards from InboxDollars surveys, immediately after each survey is completed!

#36. Panel App

Location based surveys can help you earn points on the Panel app, which can then be turned into gift cards and other rewards.

#37. Quick Thoughts

Complete up to 5 surveys per day with the Quick Thoughts app.

#38. has a variety of projects and surveys that you can choose from. They update them daily, and pay via PayPal.

#39. Surveys On The Go

Be sure to opt into all the available categories on your Surveys On The Go app, to be eligible to fill out as many as possible. Cash out through PayPal, once you have met the $10 threshold.

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#40. The Panel Station

Each survey you complete for the Panel Station can earn you anywhere from 500-5000 panel points, which can then be traded in for gift vouchers.

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Apps that pay you to watch tv

How do you feel about getting paid to watch tv ads and movie trailers? Making quick money really doesn’t get much easier than this!

#41. SwagBucks TV

That’s right, Swagbucks will pay you to watch videos on their app! Watch as many movie trailers and videos as your heart desires, then cash in your SwagBucks for various gift cards!

#42. Perk TV LIVE!

Earn points for watching streaming videos and TV shows, by letting the Perk TV LIVE! App listen to your actual television, to check you in. Then turn your points into cash, gift cards, or prizes!

Get paid to unlock your phone

Did you know that there are apps that will pay you simply for touching the lock screen on your phone, and unlocking it? I didn’t until just recently! Check out these sites that will allow you to do so.

#43. Fronto

The Fronto app places advertisements on your phone’s lock screen. You will then earn points, regardless of whether or not you engage. Though if you do engage, you will generally earn extra points. When you are ready, cash out via PayPal, or trade your points in for a gift card/

#44. Slidejoy

Instead of having your own personal photo on your lock screen Slidejoy will place an advertisement on it. You will get paid simply for having the ad on your screen, whether you choose to swipe left to engage in it, or swipe right to open up your phone.

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Apps to sell your stuff

Okay, so the following apps don’t exactly pay you to play games, complete random tasks, or even answer questions. They can, however, help you offload some of your unused items for cash. Check out these apps where you can sell your stuff, for some fast cash.

#45. Mercari

You can sell more than just clothing and accessories on the Mercari app. List all of your items for free, then get paid through your checking account, less a 10% selling fee.

#46 Poshmark

Poshmark is a great place to sell new and used adult and childrens’ clothing and accessories, as well as new/sealed makeup products. Poshmark will even provide you with a prepaid priority shipping label for your goods.

#47. Tradesy

Closet overflowing with designer handbags, shoes, clothing, and other goods? Clear it out, and sell your trendy items on Tradesy. Get paid via PayPal, but keep in mind you will incur a small transfer fee, and Tradesy does take a commission on your sales.

#48. Vinted

Sell your gently used clothing and accessories on the Vinted app. It is free to download, and free to list! Once your items have made it to the buyer, you can then have the funds transfered to your bank account.

#49. Letgo

Looking to sell your goods locally? With the Letgo app, it is super easy, and free!

#50. OfferUp

Offerup is another app that will allow you to sell a variety of your gently used items to local buyers.

Additional money making apps

The following apps are some of my favorites, because you aren’t just limited to doing one thing. Instead, you can choose from a variety of ways to earn points for money or gift cards. It could be as simple as searching the web through the app, making purchases, playing games, or shopping.

#51. Cash Pirate

#52. Perk

#53. EarningStation

#54. CheckPoints

#55. GrabPoints

#56. CuriousCat

#57. Qmee

#58. FieldAgent

#59. Nielsen Mobile Panel

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